A/N: Well, amazing as it is, I have another Underworld story to present to you all (I know, I really should finish So Dark This Night first, and I will finish it, just give me...a lot of time ^^;). This was inspired by the release of Rise of the Lycans, and my interest with how Viktor travelled to Budapest and rebuilt his coven. It was also brought on by a little bit of late-night wondering, thinking "what would happen if Edward and Catherine met Viktor?"

Before I go any further, let me explain: Edward and Catherine are characters created by me and SpeedDemon315, and used in a roleplay forum. Edward Orenstein, her character, is a demon-vampire hybrid who was murdered by his half-brother at the request of his stepmother, and brought back to life by a necromancer known as the Reaper of All Souls, also know as Thanatos Itzal Wakahisa. Those of you who have read either my Van Helsing fanfic Intrusive Dusk or SpeedDemon's fanfic Ace In the Hole will recognize that name. Catherine Van Helsing, whom all readers of my Van Helsing fanfics should be familiar with, is, in the roleplay universe, the world's first fallen angel-vampire hybrid. Being as anti-hybrid as he is, I wondered how it would go over if they met Viktor. This lead to story developing, which lead to me using more boring class time to start writing.

After talking to SpeedDemon (and getting this wonderful title from her, thanks a million!), we realized that our stories could be companion stories, with mine as the prequel and her's as the sequel. So don't forget to check out her story Ace In the Hole!

Now that I've explained what is needed, let's get this show on the road!

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"Sometimes I get a strange feeling

Like nothing I know matters to me

A terrible truth someone's concealing

Unveils its cloak of mystery

Like a fairy tale

I was walking in a fantasy land

Say what you want of me

I know you will not understand."

-"I Remember a Day" by Magica

Chapter One: The Master's Favorite

Steel clanged against more steel as the two blades collided, the sound ringing in the vast hall. Selene spun on her heel, ducking to avoid the sword that threatened to take off her head. The other fighter, an experienced Death Dealer known as Jarek, gave an approving nod.

"Excellent move," he complimented, lunging forward to strike her with the sword once more. She dodged the blow, but stumbled, throwing off her footing. Jarek took advantage of the opening that came with that mistake, slapping the blade lightly against her shins. The brief sting of pain that coursed through her legs threw her off even more, tripping her up. She came down hard on her back, her elbows and palms slapping against the cold stones. Stefan leveled his sword at her throat, signaling that he had won yet another round.

Not again, Selene thought to herself in disappointment. At this rate, I'll never become a Death Dealer. I'll never properly avenge my family. What will they think?

What will Lord Viktor think?

"Come now, don't be like that," Jarek commented, kneeling down beside her, seeing the disappointment on her face. "You're getting better, little one. Much better."

Selene looked to her trainer, surprise in her expression. "You really think so?" she asked hesitantly, wondering if he was going to suddenly take it all back and mock her about her lack of skills.

"I do," Jarek assured her. "Your blocking is better now than it has been. You're learning to anticipate my moves before I execute them, and that's possibly the most important thing you can know. However, mind your footing. You're still getting tripped up, and Lord Viktor will hardly thank me if I return you to him covered in scratches and bruises."

Selene nodded, the ever-eager student, and carefully made a mental reminder to watch her footing. Jarek stood, offering his hand to her. "Our lesson is concluded for a day."

The young woman took his hand, though she nearly toppled over again after he pulled her to her feet with on quick yank. Having only been a vampire for two months, she was still not yet adjusted to how unnaturally strong she and her newfound brethren were.

"I shall see you again tomorrow, Selene."

She nodded one final time, then picked up her cloak and left the hall, pausing outside the door to unwind her hair from the braid she'd woven it into. She knew Viktor expected her presence every day after her training, and she would not arrive in the presence of such a powerful, commanding man looking like some disheveled street urchin.

Viktor. Just the thought of the powerful Elder sent a feeling of warm comfort through Selene's cool blood. In the short span on time she had known him, he had become like a father to her, her mentor, her sire. He had been right when he had told her that she was safe, that cold, rainy night only two months ago. That night Selene remembered oh, so well…

Everything could only be judged as a horror show in Selene's eyes. She peered out into the hallway, pausing for a moment, contemplating whether or not to do or say anything. She had heard the screams from her mother's room, and Cecilia's room. She highly doubted they were still alive.

But what about Father? She asked herself. What about Eva and Lydia? Do they still live?

Terrified shrieks and cries echoed out, coming from the room that belonged to Eva and Lydia, Selene's twin nieces. She placed a hand over her mouth to stifle a gasp of terror as the cries faded away, leaving only the horrible sounds of some beast drinking deep the blood of her dear nieces.

Everything around her seemed to blur as Selene took off towards the stables, praying desperately that her father had survived, and they could escape this wretched nightmare together, that she was not left alone in the midst of this blood massacre. But that small, fragile hope was crushed when she burst into the barn and spotted a figure lying in the middle of the barn, prone, lifeless. Her breath caught in her mouth, forcing itself out as a choked sob.

"No…Father…" she whispered, her voice clogged with tears. She hurried to his side, falling to her knees when she reached him. Unable to hold back tears as she stared at the familiar, loving face of her father, frozen in shock and spattered with blood, Selene broke down and wept openly over the corpse of her father.

The door, which she'd hastily barred, burst open, and she closed her eyes, expecting to be met with the pain of a savage beast tearing her asunder. And yet…it never came. Instead, a gentle hand, clad in armor, came down upon her shoulder, a gesture of comfort.

Confused, she opened her eyes, looking up to see whose was upon her shoulder. She found a pair of startlingly-blue eyes staring up at her from slits in a Corinthian-style helmet. The helmet was suddenly removed, revealing the face of an older gentleman, perhaps in his fifties, but still rife with vitality. Gray hair, which may have once been somewhat blonde, fell down over his armor-clad shoulders. Lips turned upwards at her in a kind smile.

"They've gone," he told her gently.

She moved to stand, her gestures hesitant, wary of the stranger. His hand moved from her shoulder to her hand, clasping it gently as he helped her to her feet. His eyes, now noticeably darker than they had been previously, rested on her face, noting the tears still trickling down her visage.

"There, there, my child," he cooed, pulling her into his arms, to the safety of his embrace. "You're safe now."

She closed her eyes, clinging to the unknown man, her savior, as a scared child would cling to their mother. At last, she thought to herself. Someone to wake me from this living nightmare.

Nearby murmurs caught Selene's attention, shaking her from her reverie. Looking around, she spotted a handful of servant girls nearby, giggling amongst themselves as they cleaned Viktor's luxurious manor in preparation for the arrival of a few guest, who were due to show up as soon as the sun set, later on that very day. Though they looked to be having a good time in each other's company, Selene did not envy the girls their task; she knew that she, too, would have been saddled with such mundane, banal tasks had Viktor not taken her under his wing as his protégé, the daughter he never had.

Looking out one of the narrow windows, she saw the first subtle traces of dawn in the sky. She knew that Viktor would be retiring for the day soon, but he still expected to see her before he did. Quickly running her fingers through her hair in lieu of a proper brushing, Selene scurried towards her sire's study, which was a few floors up, far removed from the trifles of the ordinary members of the coven. She took the stairs quickly, practically trembling with excitement, ready to relay Jarek's words of praise to Viktor.

She was only mere feet from her sire's study when someone stepped into the corridor, purposefully blocking her way. A pair of dark eyes, glimmering with lust, stared down at her from a pale face framed by thick, black hair. His lips twisted into a smirk as he looked down at her; she frowned.

"Kraven, please move."

The dark-haired vampire continued to consider her ever as he took a deep drink from the goblet in his hand. "Why should I?"

"Viktor wants to see me."

He frowned, almost disapprovingly. "Viktor wants to see you every night."

"And thus, I go to him to see him every night. He is the Elder, Kraven, and if he wishes to see me every night, I shall go to him every night."

Kraven rolled his eyes out of impatience. "Are you always so obedient, so meek?"

"He merely wishes to know how I am adjusting to being here," Selene defended, her inner frustration with Kraven beginning to seep onto her face. Ever since she had left her shattered past behind her and moved into Ordoghaz to live amongst the coven two months ago, Kraven had persistently hounded her, trying time and time again to lure her into his bed. What he didn't know seem to realize was that the new vampire could hardly stand him; Selene thought him to be little more than a preening, showy peacock, despite his status as a distinguished Death Dealer (said status being reached by him having slain the lycan leader, Lucian, shortly before Selene was inducted into the coven).

Kraven grinned licentiously at her, as if aroused by her frustration. "Methinks Viktor won't miss you for one paltry night…"

"Then you'd be think wrong, Kraven," another male interjected. Peering around Kraven, Selene was nearly overjoyed to see Viktor, stately as ever in his black robes, standing outside the door to his study. His eyes narrowed slightly at Kraven. "You weren't troubling young Selene, were you?"

The male Death Dealer bowed his head respectfully, his expression composed but his eyes brimming with irritation for the Elder. "No, milord."

"Good. Selene, please come here. Kraven, you may take your leave."

Kraven slinked off like a pup that'd been reprimanded, and Selene hurried to Viktor, bowing her head respectfully. A strong finger under her chin made her lift her head, so she was looking into her sire's dark eyes.

"There's no need to stand on ceremony as such, my child," he assured her softly. "These delightful conversations of ours are casual, not of official business." He stepped aside, gently ushering her into his study. "Please, do come in."

She did as he requested, entering the room, which she had always found beautiful. A vast desk, fashioned out of rich mahogany wood, was the centerpiece of the room; a wingback chair, covered with smooth, polished leather was Viktor's chair of choice for behind his desk, while couches, as well as a divan, all upholstered with rich, beautiful, and surely expensive fabrics, were pushed against the walls. Thick black drapes hung from the windows, opened slightly so a sliver of the night sky could be seen. The Elder took a seat on one of the couches, bidding his fledgling to sit on the same couch.

"Did you enjoy your training, my child?" he asked, his term of endearment evoking a small smile from Selene.

"Indeed, I did, milord. Jarek is a wonderful mentor. He says I am improving."

"Wonderful," he praised, allowing himself a small smile. "You shall make a fine Death Dealer, Selene."

She could no longer blush, as she could when she was mortal, but Selene's blood still rushed at her sire's praise, and her eyes seemed to sparkle. "Thank you, milord, you are too kind."

"Has Kraven been giving you much trouble?"

"I am afraid I find myself constantly hounded by his never-ending infatuations. It can be rather tiresome, milord."

This time, Viktor permitted himself a small chuckle. "Well, if it is troublesome, then I shall end our time together a little earlier tonight. We have guests arriving this evening, my child, and I wish you wide awake, so as to better greet our guests."

She nodded, standing. "Yes-good day, milord."

He stood as well, leaning in and giving her forehead the smallest of affectionate kisses. As he did, Selene swore she saw something, some flicker of emotion-an emotion that appeared to be pain-flickering in his eyes. But the next thing she knew, he was composed as always, and gently ushering her towards the door. "Good day, Selene."

She crossed the threshold, her mind trying to make sense of that look of pain in his eyes. Was he ill in any way? Did showing fatherly affection towards her pain him in some way, bring back memories from the past he'd never once spoken about? Had it even been there at all, or was she merely seeing things?

"Is something bothering you?" Viktor asked, a touch of concern in his voice. Selene looked up at him, wondering if she should inquire about that glint of possibly-imagined pain.

No-I shan't poke my nose into business that is solemnly Lord Viktor's business.

"No, milord," she lied, somewhat astonished by how truthful it sounded. "I shall see you this evening. Pleasant dreams, milord."

A/N: All right, I should clarify somethings before I get a bunch of nasty-grams. Yes, I know that both Selene and Viktor seem grossly out of character. There is a point and purpose to this, however.

I believe that, shortly after she was turned, Selene was still as she had been in life, which was most likely a happy, vibrant young woman with the normal human feelings, including the capacity to love. The reason she was so cold and callous six centuries later, at the start of Underworld, is because somewhere along the line, something happened that shattered her completely, and thus she rebuilt her cool, detatched exterior to keep herself from being hurt again. This is the story of how I believe that happened.

Viktor, I did not write him as a kind man because I believe he is kind. Truth be told, I hate his guts and wish to submit him to a Hell that consists of him being forced to watch all episodes of Potter Puppet Pals and Charlie the Unicorn for all eternity whilst SpeedDemon315 and I scream curses in all the languages we know into his ears. However, for this chapter, I wrote him as Selene would see him: A kind, caring man, a mentor and a father figure to her. Boy, is she in for a rude awakening in about six hundred years...

All right, now that I've cleared that up and hopefully spared myself the nasty-grams, I tell you now that I hope you enjoyed, and don't forget to read SpeedDemon's Ace In the Hole (or she shall send Jacob out on you, and he's the last person you want assaulting you, he's a nasty S.O.B.)