I know, I know. It took me awhile to remember that I had forgotten to put up a standard disclaimer, well, here it is.

Standard Disclaimer- Sailor Moon is not mine. Naoko refuses to sell it. But, any characters that I make up are mine (hahahaha *cough cough*) So ask before u use.


The clock says midnight; a blonde girl and her two dogs are quietly watching television. The girl stands up and slowly walks into the bathroom. She opens the curtains to the shower and "Grrrrrrrr.' A huge monster with yellow scales and slimy green fingernails steps out. The girl screams but she knows no one can save her she waits for her grizzly death.

"Annnnnd cut!" "That's a wrap." The actress Kayrah Tallenburry stands up and walks from the movie set. "Yo Tom, great costume." "Thanks we thought you'd like it." "I do. Hey director is that a wrap for the day?" "Yes it is Kayrah." "Good then I'm going home, good night every one." "See you tomorrow." Replied the crew.