Chapter 15

The scouts stood on a cliff facing the ocean, the wind blowing in their hair, and through their skirts. Kayrah, Serena, Lara, Sierra, and Darien were infront of the others. Serena turned to Kayrah and said, "I thought you couldn't break the rules." "You can't," replied Kayrah, "but you can bend them," Kayrah smiled maliciously and started walking toward the rest of the scouts, leaving a speechless Serena behind her. "Oh! Look!" shouted Lara, who was pointing toward the sunrise, "isn't it beautiful?" she asked, everyone nodded. "It's the dawn," said Serena, a tone of awe in her voice. Kayrah nodded and looked at the bright colors covering the sky. "Yes it is the dawn," she started, "the dawn of new peace," she smiled and closed her eyes, smelling the sea mist. The scouts just stood there, looking at the sun rise again, starting another day.


Everyone met at the local airport. Kayrah, Lara, Sierra, and everyone were taking off and going home. They had at least waited until the school year was over to go home. "Do you have to go?" Serena asked Kayrah, Serena was, of course, on the verge of tears. Kayrah nodded, "I, we, all love it here, but we must go back. No matter what, we are friends, and nothing will ever change it, you have my phone numbers, addresses, and email address, so we can still talk." "I guess so," said Serena, crestfallen. "Before we go," said Lara, interrupting them, "we wanted to give you something." Lara and Karen took off their backpacks and opened them, taking out several small packages. Kayrah's eyes widened in surprise. Karen and Lara handed them out to everyone keeping one for each of them. "Open them," Lara said. Everyone opened them at once. Out of the boxes they pulled out watches, each band was colored the color off that particular scout; the watch face had the engravings of all the planets on them. "Oh my gosh, they're wonderful," said Kayrah, who was putting it on, like the rest of the scouts, Lara and Karen beamed. "They're not just watches," said Karen, every one looked at her confused. She giggled mysteriously, "they're communicators to," she said. "Look," she demonstrated, popping the top, showing a small computer, she typed into it, suddenly Serena's wrist stated to ring like an alarm. She looked confused, then everyone started to laugh, and she started to laugh too. Kayrah looked into her box and pulled out an instruction booklet. Then her plane started to board. The new scouts took their bags and walked onto the plane. "Goodbye everyone," thought Serena as she saw the plane take off into the sky.

Kit and Kat thrown a bundle of roses into the lake, tears in their eyes. "One for each person who died," said Kat, Kit nodded. They started to walk away. "At least the monster is dead," said Kit. "I'm not sure," said Kat, "I'm just not sure." As they walked past some bushes a low growl was heard, and a pair of yellow eyes glowed from behind them. The End (for now)