My Strawberry Kitten

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Being a big shot CEO, one would think Grimmjow Jaegerjaques would be riding in the fast lane 24/7. This wasn't exactly the case. At least, not all the time anyway. In fact, Mr. Jaegerjaques enjoyed walking to and from work every day. It's fuckin' 15 minutes, why not, he had said when questioned, which had surprised many. Sure he had luxury cars like his Jaguar and his Lexus Roadster, and he could afford a chauffer to drive him around in a stretch limo for the rest of his days with just his chump change, but why waste the gas and the money?

Besides, he was getting his exercise, which was hard to come by with his hectic daily schedule. And it wasn't like he couldn't take care of himself when he was walking home alone at night. Who would be stupid enough to mess with a tall 6-foot-something, well-muscled, blue haired man dressed in a costly white Armani suit with a leopard print shirt underneath, his sleeves rolled up to display his ridiculously expensive jewelry? Especially one who looked like he was part of the yakuza when he wasn't busy being a business tyrant? No one, that's who, and if they were, they'd be put in the hospital at the very least, and that'd happen on one of his good days. You don't even want to know what happens on one of his bad days…

Anyway, at the moment, the business tycoon was wandering around town taking the long way home. His secretary, Neliel, had chased him out of his office once again for working too hard. Now, Grimmjow wasn't scared of anything, but a stubborn Nel was something he'd rather avoid at all costs. 'I swear, that damn woman's a bull or ram or something,' he silently grumbled to himself, shoving his hands into the pockets of his expensive white Armani pants. Nel was also the only person who could get away with it, too; anyone else would have been fired faster than he or she could say 'Sexta Espada', his company's name.

So with plenty of time to spare, the CEO was browsing through the shops of downtown at a leisurely pace, half-lidded blue eyes skimming the window displays nonchalantly. That is until something, or rather someone, suddenly caught his attention from across the street, stopping him short. There, in the window of a pet shop, was the most alluring creature he'd had ever seen.

It was a neko hybrid, an orange tabby to be precise, who was male and had short, spiky tangerine hair. Grimmjow could see he had muscle to him even at this distance, but still somehow maintained a lithe build. He was sleeping; his young, beautiful face smoothed over and relaxed, and was bare except for a pair of orange shorts with what looked like little strawberries printed on them. 'Heh…cute…' Grimmjow smirked. The hybrid appeared to be in his teens, though he looked for the all the world like an innocent, slumbering child. A striped tail flicked every once in a while as he slept curled up on his futon, undisturbed. Well, that is until Grimmjow moved for a closer look, blocking the warm, setting sun.

Sleepy honey brown eyes fluttered open, and the neko wondered where the sunlight went. He looked up, and was startled to find a wickedly handsome face observing him through the window. The man had a shock of sky blue hair, styled to perfection, and the most piercing azure orbs with teal markings tattooed in the corner of his eyes. They made him look like one of the hybrid's own kind, but more…predatory, like a panther, and added to the fatal attractiveness the older male exuded.

The neko pushed himself up, and tilted his head to the side when the man sat in a crouch so they were face to face. After a few moments of staring, he slowly reached a clawed hand up and pressed it, palm out, onto the glass. He watched as the man gave him a sexy grin and mimicked his movements, bringing a hand up and pressing it against the glass right where his laid, and he took notice of the fact that the other's hand was larger than his own.

Then, the man stood and took a step back. Ichigo let out a sad mew, his ears drooping. For some reason, he didn't want this handsome, exotic stranger to leave. Grimmjow's chest tightened at the sight of the crestfallen kitty, but sent him a saucy wink. He spotted triangular ears perk up curiously before he disappeared from the neko's view into the pet shop.

A bell chimed when Grimmjow opened the door, and a blonde man in a striped hat and sandals waved to him from behind his fan at the counter. "Hello and welcome to Urahara's pet shop! I am Kisuke Urahara. How may I assist you today~?" he said.

Grimmjow raised a brow at the quirky man, "Yes, I'm interested in the neko hybrid by the window," he said in his low, gravelly voice. The business tyrant nodded his blue head towards where said neko was.

"Oh, Ichigo?" Grimmjow smirked at the name, remembering the neko's shorts, "Yes, he's very popular. But unfortunately, every time someone wants to take him home, he refuses them. Politely, of course," Urahara said sadly from behind his fan. The CEO narrowed his eyes, not liking the idea of being denied anything.

"And why is that?"

"Ah, well you see in my shop, like many others, the hybrids here have a choice whether or not they want to be adopted by certain people, being sentient creatures and part human and all. They get to choose who they'd like for an owner. Ichigo simply isn't interested in the people who wanted him in the past, and hasn't found the right person he wants as a master. I was afraid he would never find his Chosen. But, enough of that! Let me go fetch him and see how he reacts to you~!" Urahara fluttered over to where Ichigo was kept, humming as he went. 'His Chosen, huh?' Grimmjow mused.

Moments later, the shop keeper came back with a shy Ichigo clutching to his outer robes, trailing behind him. This was certainly intriguing. Normally, Ichigo would be walking confidently beside him in total ease, with his usual scowl even. Maybe this sexy, exotic blue haired devil is the one who would complete Ichigo and make him happy! At last! Urahara had no time to ponder this now though. So with a cheery grin, "Here he is~! Go on, Ichigo. Say hello," Urahara urged, giving the hybrid a little push.

The neko hesitantly took a step forward, and bowed respectfully. "Hello," he said in a soft, smooth lilt, keeping his head down. Instinctively, Ichigo knew this man was vastly different from the previous people who had wanted him in the past. There was just something about him that made the neko act out of character, wanting to serve him and willingly…submit. Could he be his Chosen one?

Grimmjow hooked a finger under the boy's chin and lifted his face up to meet beautiful tea colored eyes. "Hey, Kitten," he said in a husky murmur, and smirked gleefully as he watched the boy's face flush a delicate, inviting pink at the pet name. What a pretty kitty Ichigo was. He cupped a blushing cheek, thumbing the soft, flawless skin as the other hand gently scratched the neko's chin.

In response, Ichigo unconsciously let out a purr, nudging his head into the pleasant touches and stepping closer. Yes, he had to be his Chosen because no one's ever made Ichigo feel like this before. The CEO subtly snaked his arms around him, pulling him into his chest. One strong, capable hand stroked Ichigo's back soothingly, making him simply melt into muscular arms. "So, what do you say, Ichigo?" the man husked throatily into one orange fuzzy ear, "Wanna come home with me? With big, bad Grimmjow?"

Ichigo let out a quiet mew, tucking his head under his Chosen's jaw as his hands came up to cling to his cool, silk leopard print shirt.

"I'll take that as a yes," Grimmjow stated, holding Ichigo close. His hand ghosted over the neko's fine ass and he smiled lewdly when Ichigo squeaked in surprise. Urahara hid his equally perverted smile behind his fan in the background.


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