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Kenpachi stumbled over and placed the flat-coated retriever pup onto the huge bed, forcing himself away from his pet with a wet smack to tear at the only obstacles separating them from feeling skin on skin contact. He growled lowly when he couldn't unbutton his rumpled shirt (he always hated dressing so formally for work) due to the adrenaline rushing through his system and simply ripped it in half away from his well-muscled chest. It's not like he couldn't afford another one. Hanatarou admired the sight, a dark blush still on his cheeks. His Master was definitely chiseled and very well-built with a sturdy frame and scarred bronze skin, his body well proportioned to his towering height.

While the boy was distracted, articles of clothing flew in every direction in the larger man's haste to undress them both and get to the good stuff. Soon they were finally naked, and Kenpachi threw himself onto his pup, swooping down to taste those sweet lips again. His longish tongue went in for the kill and brutally plundered the soft, luscious mouth while his big, calloused hands scooped the hybrid into his unyielding embrace, skimming and groping the soft, pliant flesh everywhere on his pet's backside.

Hanatarou moaned softly and curled his thin arms around his Master's wide shoulders, his small hands playing with the menacing spikes of gelled hair on the man's large head and making the bells at the ends jingle musically as he submitted into the kiss, gently sucking on the tongue dominating his mouth. He moaned in surprise when those huge hands cupped his bum and massaged, gasping as a dry finger crept into the middle and rubbed at his entrance teasingly. The canine broke their kiss and arched at the touch, nuzzling his Master's cheek with his own, "K-Kenpachi-sama…" he whispered, tilting his head to the side submissively to let the giant man bite at his bared neck with his sharp teeth.

A deep rumble thundered from Kenpachi's chest before he quickly hauled them into a sitting position with the pup straddling his hard lap. That finger of his went away for a moment before returning slick with lube he'd gotten a hold of seemingly out of nowhere. Hanatarou yelped at the throbbing pain when the man suddenly got the urge to sink his teeth down at the junction of his slender neck to mark him, hard enough to bleed, and pushed a thick finger into him at the same time.

He whined, shifting his hips uncomfortably as Kenpachi continued to rumble, lapping away at the blood soothingly and moving his finger in and out at a steady pace until the pup loosened a little. "Gotta stretch you right, pup. Relax," came the growled response and another finger was pushed in, scissoring and widening the no longer virgin hole. Hanatarou nodded his head shakily, loosening as much as he was able, but what he and Kenpachi didn't know was that as his body temperature began to rise, he was starting to naturally produce wetness to help ease the fingers in as well.

"Ooh…"The pup began panting raggedly when the older man licked and harshly sucked his nipples into rosy buds, squirming still as sweat dripping from his brow as another finger was added, and then another. "Ah! Master, f-full…" he whimpered softly.

Kenpachi bared his teeth in a snarl, pulling out his hand out of his quivering pup impatiently, making him cry out, and pushed him out of his lap. He's been prepped enough, time for the main event. "On yer hands and knees, Hana," Kenpachi grunted, barely able to hold himself back when Hanatarou shakily got into the desired position.

"L-Like this?" was the hybrid's murmured question, lowering his chest to the bed, his hands beside his head, bum in the air with his legs spread open, and looked back at the bigger man with half-lidded, lust clouded eyes. Kenpachi lick his chops at the delectable sight, a wide, predatory grin on his face which caused a delighted shiver to ripple through Hanatarou, the canine's feathery black tail wagging gently.

"Yeah, just like that," the bigger man rumbled and grabbed a hold of the boy's slim hips. He hunkered down and without warning, thrust his tongue into Hanatarou's ass.

"Naaahh!" Hanatarou gasped, writhing against the sheets as the large slippery thing flicked and wiggled against his inner walls, his blue eyes widening when the tongue reached his prostate, nudging it persistently. "Master!"

"I already told ya. I gotta make sure yer stretched right," Kenpachi muttered, lapping at his entrance a few more times before pulling away. "You taste good, pup," he husked in his deep, gravelly voice. His enormous mass moved to hover over his pet's petit body, rubbing his huge erection against the seam of those soft cheeks. Hanatarou blushed heavily. His Alpha really was well-proportioned all over.

"A-aaahh!" he yelped loudly as Kenpachi began pushing in, his girth stretching the hybrid open painfully slow. The bigger man clenched his jaw in pleasure at the tight feel, having difficulty going slow as Hanatarou kept squeezing around him. "Fuck, relax, I said."

"I-I can't…help it, Master. F-Forgive me," the pup gasped, fisting the sheets in his paws while another inch slipped passed. Kenpachi bared his teeth, restraint wearing thin; he was not a man known for his patience. He looked down and noticed he was about half way in; best to get the worst of the pain over with all at once than to drag it out like this.

"Brace yerself, Hana."

"E-Eh?" Hanatarou uttered in confusion and did as he was told just before his Master mercilessly thrust himself the entire rest of the way into his small body. The pup's resonating scream echoed shrilly around their room several moments after the actual cry ended. Tears fell from those big blue eyes as Hanatarou sobbed, burying his face into the pillows.

Knowing it had to be done yet still feeling guilty, Kenpachi rained kisses onto his trembling pet's back, running his big hands up and down his sides soothingly. "Shhh, shhh," he hushed, drawing his sniffling little puppy into his muscular arms and sat up. Hanatarou whimpered, still impaled on his Alpha's big, fat cock, the large phallus shifting slightly inside his anus which was probably torn somewhat now from the brutal entry. He wriggled in his Master's embrace a little, leaving Kenpachi tense and breathing harshly at the sensation, but the pup froze and moaned in surprise when the older man's penis touched his spot, "O-Oh!" A low growl was all the warning he got before his pale legs were grabbed and spread wide, and his Master bucked his hips up. "AAAH-!!!" he shrieked and shook violently, breathless when Kenpachi bumped his prostate again head on. He soon found himself bouncing helplessly in time to his Alpha's ruthless pace, gasping every time that little spot was abused. "Mmnnaahh…K-Kenpachi-sama…too deep…!"

His large mate snarled, so highly aroused by the sight and noises of a hot and bothered Hanatarou, the wet squishy sounds of their flesh slapping together only driving him further insane with lust and the desire to claim the pup officially as his own. "Mine!"

"Ah, yes, yours," Hanatarou gasped, tilting his head to bare his neck again and let Kenpachi snuffle and lick at the permanent mating mark he'd left earlier. He moaned and turned his head to nuzzle against his Master's face before his lips were quickly captured in an oddly slow and tender kiss, vastly contrasting against the fast, brutal pounding his hole was taking. His small hand came up to wrap behind his Alpha's head while a large, slightly pointed tongue stuffed itself into his mouth causing saliva to dribble down his chin from the sloppy, messy kiss. Hanatarou's tongue retreated and allowed the more aggressive one in, gently suckling and massaging it with his own.

Faster and harder Kenpachi went, causing the hybrid to break their kiss with a strangled cry as growls thundered out of the dominant male. Kenpachi knew that they were close, and with that prompting thought, a large hand left one of Hanatarou's legs hanging off of his own and grasped the pup's aching erection in a strong, tight grip, forced more moans and whimpers from his little pet while he stroked him roughly. The hybrid's other hand was placed on top of his and the smaller male ran a gentle thumb over his Master's rough skin as he was pushed off the edge.

"Kenpachi-sama! U-ungh~Kenpachi-sama! I'm g-gonna-!" Hanatarou wailed as he arched in his orgasm and came all over his chest and stomach, going limp shortly after. He shook and shivered in the aftermath as Kenpachi gritted his teeth, slamming into his pup's hypersensitive body a little while longer before grunting Hana's name deeply as he climaxed, shooting his load deep inside. "Mmh," Hanatarou moaned at the feeling, his head resting on Kenpachi's shoulder as he attempted to catch his breath.

"Heh, that was pretty good," Kenpachi smirked, nipping at his pet's furry, floppy ear playfully with his sharp teeth.

"Y-Yes…" Hanatarou panted, whining softly when the larger man pulled out and laid them on the bed with him curled up on his mate's broad chest. Several moments later when his breathing evened out, Kenpachi realized that Hanatarou was still shaking and breathing heavily.

Concerned, the larger man shifted them to sit up against the headboard and tilted his pet's flushed face up, "What's wrong, pup? Was I too rough with ya?" he asked, a big hand going down to give Hanatarou's entrance a feel, making him squirm. He brought the hand up to see his spunk with some pink mixed in but nothing too serious. "You bled a little, but it should've healed already."

"N-No…" Hanatarou murmured, shaking his little pretty head, "I-It's not-ah…t-that…" he weakly clung onto wide, muscled shoulders and pulled himself up a little. Kenpachi stared as his pet licked at his face reverently and began grinding his hips lightly against his own, and not only that, the boy was then biting his lower lip sexily as he rubbed Kenpachi's renewed, awakening erection against his entrance. The giant then noticed that his pup was still hard. Painfully so, in fact. Half-lidded blue pools, filled with a soft, seductive look, gazed up at him in dazed lust, "Master…I-I feel…I feel strange," Hanatarou moaned softly.

What was wrong with him? Hana was acting like a bitch in he-wait…Kenpachi blinked. "Well…shit," he mumbled in slight surprise before Hanatarou took his angular face in both hands and pulled him into a shy yet incredibly hot kiss, which he couldn't really complain about. Nope, nosiree.

The only thing that was bothering him was…'Who the hell's gonna keep Yachiru busy for a week?' It was more like who the hell was capable of keeping Yachiru busy for a week, but the thought quickly flew out of his head when Hana grabbed his dick and sunk back down onto him with a sweet moan of pleasure.

…Hell, he'll figure it out later when he didn't have a needy, whimpering pup pawing at him to be taken cared of.



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