Harry Potter stood in the front of the Room of Requirements. There were 24 people watching him, anxiously waiting for an answer.

48 pairs of eyes staring him down.

"Well…who here hasn't gone?" Harry asked.

Everyone looked around.

"All of you have been on an elevator with Snape?" Harry asked exasperatedly.

Everyone nodded.

"We could send someone again," Hermione piped up.

"Well, everyone, since everyone has gone, I am afraid that this brings us to the end of S.A.E. group," Harry said.

Everyone sighed sadly.

"But now I'd like to acknowledge some people," Harry said.

"The thing that confused Snape most goes Dumbledore, for his ingenious invention of LOLSeverus," Harry said.

Dumbledore did a victory dance.

"But the thing that annoyed Snape most goes to Slughorn, for his ingenious idea of calling Snape Snapette," Harry said.

Slughorn did some leg lifts.

"I'd like to thank you all for participating in Snape's Annoying Elevator group," Harry said, "I'm sure Snapette will never forget-"
Snape burst in.

"Never forget what?" he asked.

"Well Severus Snapette, this is our group, called the S.A.E. group, where we go on the elevator to annoy you!" Dumbledore yelled.

"What?!" Snape yelled.

"Yes! The 24 strange encounters you had were all made by us, on purpose! We'd come to meet twice a week: the first meeting discussing who would go and what they would say and do, and the second discussing that and picking a new person!" Dumbledore said.

"You mean…you mean…all those annoyances were on PURPOSE?!" Snape yelled, his eyebrow twitching.

"Yes!" everyone yelled.

"Are you serious?!" Snape yelled.

"Then who-"
"The credit for this group goes to Harry, who decided we could all use a little fun in our lives, considering that Voldy is on the rise," Dumbledore said.

And Snape took the stairs home that night.

But everybody else took his Elevator, in honor of the adventures they had had there.

Aww...I'm sad...it's over. But be aware, the sequel will come back and Snapette will definitely have more adventures!