Summary: Logan might never remember, but someone will never forget.

Better Left Forgotten

Once upon a time, almost a lifetime ago, an angry man on a mission of revenge saved a island full of kids. Now he's saved the world more than once. The only difference between then and now is that then he could remember why he was against the world.

Then he thought that his whole world had been stolen from him. He'd come for vengeance and ended up saving a bunch of kids that the world had forgotten about.

Scott had been scared and blind, his eyes bound to protect those around him just as much as to keep him from escaping. He'd been curled away from the strange noises, praying that the scientists wouldn't come back with the sharp needles and leather straps when he heard excited shouting and the clang of the doors slamming open. He heard the screaming of metal on metal as the cage locks broke and snapped. He had heard his cage door open, he had felt his way to the door and felt the rush of people running past him.

He must have looked afraid and lost and suddenly he felt cool hands on his own, guiding him from his cell and pulling him into the flow of people. He heard a rough voice giving orders and telling someone to get the imprisoned mutants out.

Scott couldn't see the man, but he caught the name. Logan was a rough sounding man, but when he spoke to the woman he was with, his voice was softer. And then he was gone.

When Scott met him again he had changed, he was still gruff, but now worry lines and cold eyes accompanied the rough voice. When Scott realized who the cocky jackass he'd dragged in was he'd been torn between thanking him and slugging him. But Logan didn't remember who he was, let alone what he'd done at Three-Mile Island.

There were times, when Logan was really being charming, that Scott wondered if he'd ever been a decent individual. He couldn't believe that he'd ever had a woman that had made him softer. But then he met Marie, and he knew.

They'd been together when Scott and Storm had found them, Scott didn't know how they'd met, or what the story was. But there were times when he saw them together, and he knew.

The few times that they could be overheard, Scott recognized the voice Logan used when he spoke to Marie. The same softer tone, the semi-relaxed posture, and maybe, just a little bit of warmth in his eyes.

Logan saved him, Scott remembers that, even if he doesn't. But it's not up to him to return the favor.