Title: Escorting the Princess

Author/Artist/Iconist: Dark Hooded Eriol the Magician

Fandom: Code Geass

Claim: Lelouch vi Britannia/Euphemia li Britannia

Prompt Set: Indigo

Prompt: 2. Ballroom Dancing

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Not mine!

Attending ballroom dancing lessons was compulsory and required. At five-years-old, Lelouch vi Britannia, the 11th Prince of the Holy Empire of Britannia, was not exempted. Wearing a violet dress shirt, slacks and shiny black shoes he stood at the edge of the ballroom uncertainly. His black hair was combed back to show his long-lashed amethyst-coloured eyes by his mother's gentle hands.

The guard thumped the floor with his staff before announcing the arrival of the young princesses, Cornelia and Euphemia li Britannia, into the ballroom.

His eyes did not miss the smile of pleasure their instructor showered upon his young charges. The pretty siblings curtsied before him. It wasn't long before blue eyes met his.

Lelouch smiled as Euphie excused herself gracefully to approach him. She wore a beautiful dream of a gown with a fantastic color. Her pink hair was tied up in an elegant chignon while a diamond glittered on her throat. "Lelouch!" she sang happily. "You came!"

"Euphie," he nodded. She was his next favourite half-sister after Nunnally.

"Do you like my new dress? It's my new favorite color…" Euphie explained sweetly. Her brows knitted together as she thought very hard. "I-Indigo, I think. I really like it because the colour is like Onee-sama's hair…"

Lelouch smiled. It was characteristic of Euphie to make decisions based on the things she liked or fancied. She did not think much about the costs or reasons. She only did what she wanted.

Their dancing instructor called their attention. She turned to him with a mischievous grin. "I don't think I want Schneizel-oniisama to be my escort tonight…"

"I will be your escort," Lelouch volunteered with a smooth bow. "A lady must not be lonely."

"Thank you, Lelouch." Euphemia tilted her head with a small grin. "I want you to always do that for me in the future."

Blushing, the shy little prince could only nod.

He took her arm and led her towards the center of the ballroom floor. Music filled the air and their hearts. She was light as a feather in his arms. Her smiles, laughter and small talk made him lightheaded. Lelouch loved how her fancy indigo-colored dress swirled and settled around her.

Years later, he will only remember the color of her dress and the smile on her lips. He was supposed to be her escort and he failed her. The sweet-sad memory brought only tears into his violet-coloured eyes.


A/N: Written for 7rainbowprompts with Lelouch/Euphie in mind. The themes come from the Indigo set. As usual, I'm still waiting for the claim to become official so everything is done purely for your enjoyment.