Title: Rings
Fandom: Golden Sun
Pairing: slight Felix/Piers
Rating: PG~
Summary: As Felix's bag is perpetually full, he has a habit of giving things to Piers. Felix/Piers.
A/N: Repost, sorta. I posted this earlier as a part of a chapterfic but decided I didn't like the title and figured I'd just post them as shortfic.

Felix was used to finding things when the enemies had been wiped out. Nuts, oil drops and elixirs were all the norm but this time there was a single glint that he stooped down to inspect. It was small and golden with a diamond inset in the middle.

Felix's bag was stuffed to the point where if a he tried to put even a slender feather in there, it would probably burst spilling his contents across the ground.

He passed it to Piers without a word. And Piers held it in his palm for a second before pocketing it. A second long enough for Kraden to catch sight.

"Oh? A ring? Hand it here, I might be able to identify it," Kraden said.

Kraden squinted and turned the ring every which way. He inspected it under the light, with several mutters of Oh, I see, I seee, hmmm.

"What kind of ring is it?" Jenna piped up. "A Unicorn ring? Does it heal?"

"Oh dear me," Kraden said. He pushed up his glasses. "It's an engagement ring. You give it to the person you mean to marry. It seems that Felix has just proposed marriage."

Piers blanched and Felix's expression suddenly grew very blank. Even more so than usual.

Sheba smirked. "So, when's the wedding? Are you going to be a June bride, Piers? We could put flowers in your hair"

It didn't take long before Jenna joined in on the fun as well. "If I'm your sister-in-law does that mean I get to do your hair for the big day? You better choose me as your maid of honor, you know!"

"I wonder if he should go strapless or for puffy sleeves, what do you think, Jenna?"

"I think empire waist with ruffles would suit him best!"

Kraden chuckled. "Well, we did save him. I never took Piers to be Felix's damsel, though, perhaps I was wrong—"

Felix didn't answer, his expression was quite unreadable, though a person attentive to details might have made note of the twitching in his jaw and how his ears had turned red – the only sign that he ever showed that he blushed, a reason why he adopted long hair in the first place.

"Aren't you going to help me out here?" Piers hissed.. "They're ganging up on me."

"Trouble in paradise?" Sheba said. "Don't tell me the honeymoon's over already."

"Save the arguments for the bedroom," Felix said at last. He turned without waiting for a response.

Both girls erupted into a chorus of giggles and shrieks and even Kraden had to laugh. For indeed Piers' face had never been more flushed in his life.