Title: Anemone
Fandom: Golden Sun
Character/Pairing: Hama, Ivan
Rating: G
Summary: She remembered how Ivan was such a quiet baby. gen, precanon Ivan & Hama sibling fic
A/N: 100_women 096. Memories. The title comes from the original Greek meaning of the word 'windflower'


She remembered how Ivan was such a quiet baby. Days after being born Hama assumed the role as more than simply a sister, more a second mother. She rocked him to sleep and cradled him and when he looked up at her his eyes were searching and intelligent, even for one so young. Their mother had always been a fragile woman, and Ivan seemed to have inherited her delicacy. He was the kind of child who even at a young age would watch quietly, which was a blessing to an inexperienced young girl suddenly ripped from childhood and given the task of surrogate motherhood. He was so good, he put other children to shame with their shrieking and tantrums.

Most of all he loved to be held. He'd never cry when he was being bounced on her hip or when she told him tales of ancient heroes and hints of things to come. His eyes would be rapt as she told and she could swear that he understood what she said.

The wind sang his lullaby and he never had a fear of storms. In the worst rainstorm in decades, Ivan laughed as the thunder crashed down and raised his tiny hands to grab the light. He was afraid of big dogs but not strangers and not tempests, no matter how furious or violent.

Day by day Hama watched her mother fade, a silhouette turning shadow the lines blurring. Hama could do little but call the local healer woman, who attended to her day by day with herbs. Some days her mother grew warmer, and a bit of color flushed her cheeks but those were rare occurrences.

And even then she could see glimpses of the future and her own mother dying from sadness. She had a premonition before the prophecy was official of their family being fated – that one day Ivan would have to leave and that the last shreds of them would fall away.

But she couldn't bear to warn Ivan and she knew the shades of what was to come, of travelers and of sorrow–

Hama knew that she should stop thinking of Ivan as merely her brother for he was everyone's now. She couldn't allow selfishness to hold on and protect her brother from the sadness and the loneliness that she sensed in both their lives.

But when he looked up at her with those calm, curious eyes she couldn't help but take his hand and hold on a little longer.