Black Nebula

Chapter 1

I stood in the meadow, frightened. Laurent stood there licking his lips as he pounced towards me. I held up my arms in protest, but naturally they weren't much of a defense against a vampire. I felt his teeth sink into my left arm, my blood rushed into his mouth. Without Edward, there wasn't anything that I could think of living for. I stopped fighting and let death come to me. Everything started going black when I heard Laurent stop feeding.

I barely managed to whisper, "What," before I noticed six wolves entering the meadow. No, they couldn't be wolves, they were as big as horses. The one wolf looked at me and bowed his head, I could have sworn he shed a tear. Oh great, not only was I going to be killed by a vampire, my remains were going to be eaten by freakishly large wolves. But the wolves, all of them, strutted past me and focused on Laurent. I tried crawling as far from the meadow as I could get, but the pain was starting to become unbearable.

I found a tree stump that was leaning against another tree, low to the ground. I crawled in the hollowed log not daring to make a sound. I laid there in what felt like a fiery blaze though and I was amazed that my surroundings weren't burning as well. The internal fire started from Laurent's bite and quickly spread throughout my body. I was completely immobile from the pain now. In the far distance I heard screams of pain and death, and I silently hoped that the wolves caught Laurent. But then I thought, what if it was one of the wolves that was being killed. Even though the wolves probably would have eaten me, they still saved my life, in a twisted sort of way.

My heartbeat was steady, but it too was burning with every beat. I tried thinking through the pain, since I had often heard that captives often thought of their happy place when they were being tortured. My happy place. I allowed my mind to think through my memories, what made me happy? Edward. I remembered how happy and alive I felt when I was with him. I really was happy then. He was too perfect for me and yet, he wanted me. But he doesn't want me anymore. He made it very clear when he left me in the forest. I died that day. If it wasn't for the pain, I might have chuckled at the irony that my heart and now my body both died on the ground in the forest. Okay time to get out of my happy place.

I stayed in the log, thinking of Charlie. I was sad that we were finally getting close, and I was going to have to leave him for good. I remembered the time when I left Forks to get away from James, my father was heartbroken. In my fear, the only way I knew that he could let me go was to tell him the very hurtful things that my mom told him when she left. It hurt the both of us, but at the time it was the only way I could think of to protect Charlie. What would I do this time? What could I possibly tell him?

The pain still seared through my body, but I wouldn't even dare open my eyes to see how much time went by. I noticed small little changes in my body with the time passing. For instance, I could hear farther in every direction. There were two hikers in the area. Their blood flowed freely in the veins and I could smell them. They smelled delicious, but I knew if I was going to do this, I was going to be vegetarians like them. I was thinking 'them' because they left me. I didn't care that Edward told them to. They left me! If Edward had a problem, he should have left. But no, they all left me, and if they hadn't I would have still been weak, fragile, human, Bella. None of this would have happened. But what was I going to do now that it had?

My heart sped up like a horse in a race. It galloped until poof, it lost its breathe. I slowly backed out of my hiding spot. I had no idea how long I was hiding there but I felt glad for my temporary home. It was as if I was a hermit crab, chuckle the thought. I glanced around the forest and noticed colors that I'd never seen before. I was amazed at the sound the wind made as it blew past the leaves. I immediately crouched down as the scent of something filled my lungs. I listened and heard some bushes rustling to the west and I took off. The speed at which I ran was so exhilarating. I had often ridden on his back while he ran, but to realize that I was the one doing the running, it just blew my mind. I leaped in the air and landed on a branch. The mountain lion didn't even notice I had taken perch on his branch, until he felt my teeth sink into its neck. The blood flowed into my mouth and I felt satisfied once I drained him dry. I dragged the carcass back to my log and stuffed the body in there.

After saying goodbye to the meadow, our meadow, I ran back to where I had left my truck and drove over to Charlie's house. I sniffed around to make sure no one was home, before slipping into my bedroom window. I walked down the steps to the family room and turned on the television. I searched for the news and saw that I was only gone for two days. I quickly racked my brain for a story I could tell Charlie that explained where I had been for those two days. I was coming up with nothing. The only thing I could think of was I heard from Alice and I really wanted to see her, so I just drove. But before I went to see them, I decided that the pain was too unbearable but coming back to Forks was unthinkable. I only came home to grab my things and that I'd keep in touch and let him know where I'd settled. I guess that seemed plausible, so I wrote it all down on a piece of paper and left it on his gun rack.

I ran back upstairs and packed some clothes, CDs, and my copy of Wuthering Heights. I looked around my bedroom and hoped I was doing the right thing for Charlie. Making sure I had everything I needed, I jumped out of my bedroom window.

I hopped in my truck and started driving. My classic truck that was once just enough for me, was painfully slow now. I had to dump it quick. Once I reached the city limits, I dug my ATM card out of my book bag and walked up to the ATM at the first bank I saw. I knew my account should be around $3200 dollars. Before moving to Forks, I had saved some money to buy a car, but since Charlie took care of that, I was able to keep the money in my account. Along with the little bit of money I had earned working at Newton's, I had a pretty decent balance. Or so I thought. When I looked at the screen, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. The $3200 was in there alright, but there was an extra $20,000 in my account. I removed my card from the machine and reached in my pocket for my cell phone. I didn't even noticed I had 64 missed calls. I called the 800 number on the back of my card, and after waiting for five minutes, I finally got through to an operator.

"Hi my name is Isabella Swan, I was wondering about the balance in my account?"

"Okay, I'll be glad to help you with that. What's the account number?" I verified my account number, date of birth, and my phone password. "Okay your balance is $23,201.56."

"Yeah, I don't always reconcile my checkbook, but I'm pretty sure that there is an extra twenty thousand dollars in my account that shouldn't be there."

"Oh, well, let me look into that for you." My new hearing let me hear her typing away at her computer. "Ahh here it is, three weeks ago, it shows there was a deposit of twenty thousand dollars into your account. It looks like a wire transfer from another bank."

"What other bank? I only have business with your bank."

"Well, Miss Swan, it looks like there was a telephone number that was attached to the wire transfer. If you'd hold for a bit longer, I can try to see if I can talk to someone over there. Okay, sit tight."

After another six minutes of listening to the dry elevator music that I was forced to listen to, the operator came back on the line. "Miss Swan?"

"Yes, I'm here."

"Okay the money is a scholarship prize that you apparently won from the Pacific Northwest Trust. It's a very prestigious award, only one female student is chosen a year."

"But it's twenty thousand that I haven't earned. I mean I never even filled out an application for this scholarship. I'm not going to take. Is there a way that you can send it back?" I knew exactly where the money came from and it wasn't fair. Edward choose this not me, and now he thought it was okay to buy me? No.

"Well, it's actually more than that. You'll receive five thousand dollars every month for the rest of your college career. The man I spoke with, Mr. Randall, said there was no way to return the money."

"Okay thank you." I instantly changed my mind about the money, I needed to run, and running meant money.

I went back to the machine and withdrew all of my money. I found a used car dealership and purchased a black Nissan Altima, it was definitely faster than my truck. Since I didn't speak car, I simply handed the dealer twelve thousand dollars for the keys. I was feeling good for my purchase since I talked him down from seventeen thousand. Maybe it was cause I was handing him the cash rather than financing. I transferred my bags from my old truck to my cute little car, and started driving.

I didn't know where to go. I honestly considered driving up to Denali, but I knew that Irina and Laurent were close. She might resent me being there, and besides, I had no way of knowing if any of the Cullen's were there. If I didn't settle on my own, I would have to join a coven, and I knew of only two: The Denali's or the Volturi.

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