Hello all!! Hope you're doing well!! This story started off as a one-shot but slowly evolved into a multi-chapter before I could stop it O.o Anyway, this is supposed to be the boy's first solo hunt (no parental guidance :P) so of course things are going to go horribly wrong lol. Hope you all like it!! :D

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"Sam, move!!"

Sam managed to dodge to the side just as a very large, very heavy wooden desk slammed into the wall right where he had been standing. He remained crouched for a second, breathing hard from the near head-on collision. Large chunks of wood littered the floor around him, the destroyed desk creaking and groaning softly as it tried to maintain support of its weight. Finally, the center of the desk, which had been completely cracked, buckled under the strain and collapsed to a heap on the floor. Splinters showered all around Sam and wood dust clung to his clothes and hair.

Okay, so apparently their first solo hunt wasn't going too well. The spirit seemed much more violent than they had originally anticipated and was doing just about everything in her power to make the Winchesters a permanent part of the house she was slowly destroying. She had managed to break nearly every window in the house, over tuned the tables, and was moving onto to heavier and deadlier objects. Sam sighed heavily; this was going to be a long night.

Dean appeared at his side a second later, crouching beside him and grabbing him by the shoulders. When the desk had hit the wall, Dean had just enough time to see Sam go down and hade no idea whether he'd been hit or not. Upon seeing the younger man uninjured, he let out a sigh and shook his head. "You okay?" He asked anyway, brushing some wood shavings from Sam's t-shirt.

"Yeah." He stood slowly and brushed off his pants, looking up the stairs to where the spirit had last appeared. The woman's name had been Julia Murdoch and she had been murdered by her fiancé a little over fifteen years ago. Her body had never been discovered, in spite of the fact that the back yard had been completely over turned by the police in their initial investigation. Her fiancé managed to evade the police and disappeared somewhere in South America so justice was never served for Julia. Understandably, she was still very angry and tended to take out her rage on any male living in the house. The last couple had left abruptly, not even bothering to pack their belongings before leaving. The woman's husband had been pushed down the stairs and then beaten unconscious with a fire poker. They left that night, no boxes, no clothes, noting but what they had on them. So now the entire house was filled with projectile weapons and heavy objects that could be flipped or thrown at will.

"Stay close, alright?" Dean said, stepping in front of Sam protectively and holding his flashlight up so it shined across the staircase. This was the first hunt they had done alone; sure, their father was in the same state but he was about one hundred miles east of them, working on a possible werewolf case. He had entrusted Sam into Dean's care, trusting that his seventeen-year-old could handle just about anything that was thrown at him. He didn't know it would take on a literal meaning.

"Get out!!" A woman's voice screamed from somewhere up above them and Julia appeared at the top of the staircase, her eyes dark and threatening. Her long, blond hair hung around her shoulder loosely and the front of her nightgown was completely soaked in blood. A jagged, gaping hole had ripped through the silky fabric right where her heart should have been.

"Julia," Dean started, leveling his flashlight on her and watching as she shimmered briefly in the light. "We just want to help, alright? My brother and I have been doing this for a long time now, we know how to help you."

A dark look flashed across Julia's transparent face and she glared down at Dean. "I said get out!!" She screamed again, slamming a hand on the banister and causing it to crack in the middle. For a spirit, she was remarkably strong but with that much hatred built up, it only seemed natural she'd be able to project her energy a little more forcefully. Julia could push and throw things easily but she had to build up the energy for it so after each outburst she would vanish for about five or ten minutes before she was able to attack again.

Dean chanced a look behind him to make sure Sam was still there. "You still have the salt shells in your pocket?" He asked in a whisper, unsure whether or not Julia could hear them from where she was.

Sam nodded, digging into the pocket of his jacket and clutching two plastic shotgun shells. He knew that if they could get close enough, the salt may disband Julia long enough for them to find her body and do the necessary ritual so she could move on. The only problem was getting close; most spirits they'd dealt with in the past couldn't pick up and throw a desk across the room.

"She seems to be strongest near the stairs." Sam muttered behind Dean, nodding to where she had been standing a few minutes beforehand. Each strong attack had come from either on top of the stairs or the landing that opened up to the living room. The others had been significantly weaker, everything down stairs had seemed like a walk in the park compared to what happened when she was on the upper floor. That meant there was good chance her body had been hidden inside the house, possibly under the floorboards or in the wall somewhere.

Dean nodded in agreement and looked back up the staircase. "We need to get up there." He said, knowing full well that would be a lot easier said than done. Going into the spirit's 'comfort zone' as it was sometimes known was like walking into a wolf's den with a steak tied around your neck.

The window's rattled upstairs, those that weren't broken were surely doomed by now. The air felt noticeably colder the closer the got to the stairs and the banister that curved up the length of the stairs felt like it was covered in condensation.

"Okay, here's the plan." Dean said, glancing over his at Sam once more. "Next time she attacks, we make a run for it upstairs and try to corner her. If we can catch her before she has another bitch fit, we may be able to disband her for a while." Sam nodded as he heard the plan and waited for Dean's signal.

They didn't need to wait long. A few seconds later, Julia appeared again, her face twisted in a mix of rage and sadness. "Get out!!" She screamed, all the picture frames hanging along the stairs shattering and falling to the ground. She screamed again but it was lost in a tremor that shook the entire house to its foundation. Then, just as quickly as it happened, Julia disappeared in a shimmer of grey light.

"Go!" Dean whispered, racing up the stairs with Sam right behind him. The floorboards creaked and groaned, shuddering with Julia's pent up rage. They reached the flat and pressed against the wall, not too eager to be thrown through the banister if they could help it. Dean had a shotgun pressed against his hip and Sam had a pistol hidden within the folds of his jacket. Neither would be much use against a being that essentially had no solid form but it offered a sense of protection either way. The air felt heavy and thick with the smell of ozone. Everything was silent for several minutes; no movement, no screaming, nothing.

Sam shifted toward the bedroom door, peeking inside. The room had been completely destroyed, the mattress flipped and the comforter shredded. Glass littered the floor from shattered picture frames and the walls looked like Wolverine had been let loose inside. Still, this didn't appear to be the place where Julia had been killed; the hallway and the staircase still seemed to be her favorite place to be.

There was a sudden snap from the top of the staircase, like the very atmosphere had been ripped open at that moment. Julia appeared once more, her eyes blazing with murderous fury. "Get out!!" She screamed again, a heavy ceramic vase lifting itself from a nearby table and flying across the room.

Sam realized instantly that he wouldn't be able to get out of the way in time. The vase was coming too far, too fast and there was no way he'd be able to avoid a direct hit. Taking a breath, Sam braced himself as the vase collided head-on, knocking him to the ground in a heap.

Hehe, there ya go!! First chapter!! :D Poor Julia, I feel really bad for her but she is kinda bitchy in this O.o I can't blame her though, I think I'd be pretty put out if I had been murdered by my fiance too. Hope you liked it!!