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Crazy are the people walking through my head
One of thems got a gun to shoot the other one
And yet together they were friends at school
If all were there when we first took the pill
Then maybe then maybe then maybe then maybe
Miracles will happen as we speak

Chapter One------Crazy

Harrison was shading. Happily shading. This was his first ever class besides his inclusion math class that Edward wasn't with him. Art 1. His teacher was a tall, thin pleasant man that loved his subject and teaching it to others. His large glasses occasionally slipped down his face as he taught in a very animated fashion. Harrison giggled at the display. It reminded him of Trelawney.

All he was lacking were the scarves and the smell of cooking sherry. He was just getting up to give his drawing to Mr. Seymour, a wonderful picture of his Teddy chewing on the end of a quill, when he saw movement out of the corner of his eye. Harrison turned to the window to see who could possibly be outside. What he saw made him lose his grip on the pencil box, sending it crashing to the floor. Outside, standing against a tree had been a very familiar freckled red headed girl. As he stared at her, she smirked.

"! Are you well?" called, hurrying over to the stunned teen.

In the instant that he had been distracted by his teacher and reached down to help pick up the spilled box, Ginevra Weasley had disappeared as if she had never been there at all. His heart nearly stopped and he hurriedly gathered the pencils.

"I don't think I am well. May I please be excused?" He asked in a slightly panicking voice.

Mr. Seymour frowned but nodded. Harrison rushed off to the office.

~ o ~

Edward had frowned when he had the front office page him and had brought him home as he had asked. His fiancé hadn't asked him what was wrong until they were both safe in the silver Volvo but Harrison had begged off explanation and plead with him to just get him home as fast as possible. He had to tell Severus! He had to warn him that they had found them! The instant that the car was stopped, he rushed out of the car and into the house, not even waiting for his mate to get out. He ran to the living room where his guardian was sitting with a book.

"Harrison?" He asked, closing it once he saw him and taking the frightened teen in his arms.

"Severus! They found us! I saw her! I saw Ginny at my school!" Harrison cried, clinging to his robe like a child to their mother's apron.

Edward strode through the door, his frown deepening. He hadn't smelled any other magic besides his mate's own. There could have possibly been anyone else there. Harrison was hallucinating now? He and Severus shared a look between them.

"Harrison why don't you go up to our room and lay down for a bit while Severus and I talk?" Edward said calmly.

Harrison swung startled emerald eyes to him. His expression was one of disbelief.

"Didn't you hear me?! They're here! The Order is in Forks!!"

He wasn't sure why he was so afraid of the Order. Weren't they supposed to be the good guys? He couldn't stop the overwhelming panic that took him at the thought that they were near though. And why weren't they more worried?!

The Order could swoop down on them at any minute! They could hurt Edward or the others! He saw Ginny! She was here in white Order robes! Severus said nothing but instead went over to look through Harrison's medicines, mumbling to himself. The teen's eyes filled with tears and he ran up the stairs, not willing to admit that his feelings were hurt at their disbelief.

~ o ~

Severus watched his ward run up the stairs and sighed. This was a rather unfortunate turn of events. Was the pressure of his upcoming marriage wearing on him? What could have caused this?

"He's relapsing? Why? How?" Edward asked him in a whisper.

He could only shake his head, uncertain.

"It could be the wedding. The stress from it could be straining his already fragile mental state. It's likely a combination of things. The wedding, school, his nightmares…"

Yes, Harrison's nightmares had persisted, becoming all the more graphic as they went. Harrison often woke gasping for breath, his body over stimulated and under rested. Sleep deprivation was a constant worry. He was beginning to worry that taking his charge out of school just so he could get some sleep during the day may be the best thing, but the teen loved going to school. He loved to learn and being cage din the house constantly wasn't much better for him. By the end of the night, all of the Cullens knew that Harrison was relapsing and the teen had refused to come out of their room. They sat downstairs and tried to think of ways to help the distressed Harrison to no avail.

~ o ~

Harrison sat against the bed sadly. He knew that everyone thought he was hallucinating and he had begun to doubt even his own eyes. Had he been hallucinating? He had been so sure that she was there though! But maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him…Maybe it was only someone who looked like Ginny and the robes could have just as easily been a white dress. None of the others had sensed anything. Maybe they were right…They were all much smarter and older than him. He was steadily starting to see that there really was something different about him.

None of his classmates had to take lots of medicines. He felt so strange during class when they were telling about their backgrounds and stories of their childhoods and it came to be his turn and he had no answer. He had just remained silent, everyone's eyes on him. What was…wrong with him? He knew that there was something and he knew that Severus and Edward knew what it was. He knew that he had been sick for a long time but how deep did it truly go?