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Come and take me, Love you save me

Like nobody else, Now I can be myself

With you, With you,

I can let my hair down, I can say anything crazy

I know you'll catch me right before I hit the ground

With nothing but a T-shirt on, I never felt so beautiful

Baby as I do now (Baby as I do now)

Now that I'm with you

Chapter Seven, Epilogue- With You

Four Years Later

Edward sat on the grass in his favorite meadow, reading the bouncing form a story, barely containing his grin.

"- And they lived happily ever after. The end!"

The small body launched itself into his lap, giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. He had never felt so blissful in all his life. Everything was finally going right.

"Read me another one! Please, please, please!" The boy squealed, his emerald eyes wide with happiness.

"I dunno…" He said slyly with a teasing grin.

"Awww, Daddy! Come on! Pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee!" Little Tobias plead, casting pouty eyes to Harrison as he walked up bearing blueberry cobbler and ice cream.

He clapped happily and ran up to his Papa happily. Harrison handed him his bowl with a grin. He had grown into a beautiful young man once he had recovered. He would always be tall but he was lithe and almost fey-like in appearance. Since he had been turned three years ago, he stood out in a crowd like a diamond in a sack of coal, gorgeous even by vampire standards. Who knew that a dream like that was hiding beneath the scared, waif-like, timid Harrison that he used to be?

Edward couldn't help but stare as Harrison let their son drag him over to the picnic blanket They were lounging on. As soon as Tobias was engrossed in his dessert, Harrison kneeled down to cover Edward's body with his own. He gave him a loving smile and a passion filled, heady kiss that would have had, if they had been in proper settings, him dragging his husband off to bed faster than you could say 'Quiddich'.

They had found a surrogate mother, a teenage witch with an unplanned pregnancy and adopted her at the time unborn child. They had performed a blood adoption on the eighth day after their new child was born and named him Tobias, after Severus, the man who had cared for Harrison when no one else would. Just like their little Tobi. No one else would take care of him. The girl, Susannah, would have aborted him out of lack of options and her parents had refused to let her back home until she "dealt with it".

Edward had secretly feared that Harrison would name their child Teddy, after the child he lost, but instead, he had honored the man he adored instead. Severus was named his unofficial grandfather since he had been more of a parent to Harrison than anyone. The man had been speechless at their decision but had grinned so big that it looked unnatural on his usually solemn stoic face.

"So Carlisle says we're going to have to leave here soon. Where should we go do you think?" Harrison asked lightly, running his fingers through his husband's hair despite the "icky" face their son was making at them.

Edward smiled.

"How about Ireland? Plenty of space for Tobi to run around. Lots of new things for Severus to brew with. It would be lovely."

"Mmmm. Sprawling green fields. Wild moors…You had me sold at 'plenty of space'." Harrison laughed, nuzzling his husband's neck affectionately. He turned a wicked grin on his child immediately, "Tooobbbiiii…guess where Auntie Alice says we can go next week?"

"Ummm…the library? The park? Oh, I know! The mall!" All met with a negative much to his confusion.

"Disney World!"

His exclamation ended with a ball of excitable three year old vaulted at them in a sugar-induced happy tackle.