Title: A Kiss Tells All… Or Does It?

Rating: T (just to be safe)

Summary: There is a party going on hosted by Whitney. Somehow, Frida, Em/Nikki, Lulu, and Christopher all end up going. McKayla Donofrio is also there and has her eye on Christopher. What happens when McKayla decides to make her movie and Em/Nikki sees it?

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This occurs in Being Nikki around pages 149-150. It occurs after the speech Christopher gives about how Stark's legacy is murder, yet before Steven goes with Nikki to Christopher's house. I don't have an EXACT time, but it occurs around that time. Just imagine that there was an extra scene in there.

Em's POV

I don't know how I got dragged into this! I'm stuck going to Whitney's Friday Night Birthday Bash, and I really don't understand why.

I mean, I'm Nikki Howard (well, technically). And yet, I'm still being forced to go to some party to keep an eye on Frida. What about the fact that this is my first night off in practically forever, especially with this whole Stark Angels show. Stark has been working me nonstop, making me practice my walk and how to stand and how to make the diamond bra look just right. As if a bra that cost 10 million dollars needs any help looking 'fabulous'.

So, my first night off and I'm being dragged to the party of one of the people I despise most in the world--aside from Robert Stark, of course. Well, and McKayla Donofrio. I mean, who does she think she is looking at Christopher that way? Christopher decides to cut his hair and go all "super villain" and now everyone has their eyes on him. It's pathetic. But anyway, my point is, why am I being dragged to a party at Whitney's house?!

I'll tell you why. Because Frida wants to be part of the Walking Dead so badly that she'll do anything. She begged my parents to go, but of course, they said absolutely not. They were not about to let her go to a party that didn't even have parents there. So Frida recommended me to go with her, as a sort of chaperone. Of course, my parents said that wasn't possible, because I couldn't just go to places with Frida, because it would be too obvious. I wasn't supposed to be Em, I was supposed to be Nikki. And Nikki Howard didn't go to parties to chaperone someone who wasn't –-technically—her sister. So I almost got out of it.

But nooooooo. Frida had to watch everything Whitney did. So Frida happened to notice that Whitney invited me to the party as well. And she happened to inform our parents that if "Nikki Howard" went, it would look like she just went because she was invited by one of the most popular girls in school.

My parents thought that was a good enough idea, so they once again asked me to go. But I told them that I was tired and needed to rest, due to all of my duties as Nikki, of course. So they told Frida that she would just have to stay home. By now, I really really thought I had gotten out of it.

But, of course, Frida is Frida, and she doesn't give up once she sets her mind on something. So I'm sitting on Nikki's couch—or well, my couch, I guess—talking to Lulu about how McKayla has been watching Christopher too closely for my taste and getting advice from Lulu about the situation when her phone rings. I glance over her shoulder to see that the screen says Frida.

Before I could tell her not to answer, she had already flipped the phone open. I heard parts of the conversation, enough to know I didn't like it.

"Hey, Frida," Lulu said, answering.

"Hey, Lulu!" Frida exclaimed, excited. Last time we saw Frida, Lulu gave her the number to her personal cell so that they could "chat" if Frida ever wanted to. I think Frida nearly had a panic attack.

"So Lulu……" I heard Frida start. "There's this really awesome party tonight I was thinking about going to……"

"Oohh, really?" Lulu said, raising her eyebrows.

This was definitely not looking good.

"Yeah, really. But see, my parents won't let me go unless I go with someone older that I know. So I was thinking, you know, that you and Nikki might want to come. I hear there will be tons of cute boys…….."

Frida was playing so low.

"Definitely, Frida. We'd love to go, especially for you," Lulu said, smiling.

I groaned and dropped my head into my hands. I was going to kill Frida for this one!

"Ok, we'll see you there at 7:30," Lulu said, hanging up, turning towards me. "Party time!" she squealed. "What am I going to wear?"

"Lulu, please tell me you did not just tell Frida we would go to a party with her."

"Of course I did!" she exclaimed. "Hello, it's a party! You love parties!"

"Lulu, this is a highschool party!"

"And, so what? Aren't you the one who was so interested in going to high school in the first place?"

She was right. I hated when she was right.

"Well, yeah, but this is different….." I tried to explain.

"Nope, not really. Come on, we're going!" Lulu said, jumping up and heading towards the closet.

And that is how I ended up in this position. I am currently in the limo with Lulu on the way to Whitney's party. And the worst part is, we're in the limo. We must look ridiculous. This was definitely the worst possible way to get rid of any extra and unnecessary attention. But of course, Lulu absolutely could not walk that far in her heels. Although I don't blame her, I still wasn't used to the shoes that Nikki's body was required to wear constantly. Like right now.

Lulu had dressed me up in a short, red satin halter dress by Max Azria (.) with my matching red Jimmy Choos (.) –which were still slightly hard to walk in, even after all of my Stark training.

Lulu herself was wearing a Black One shoulder Jessica McClintock dress (.) with her Black Burberry Heels (/ebay/Burberry%20High%20Heel%20Jewel%20Black%20Shoes%)

We look very glam. I would say we look a little too glam to be going to a party at Whitney's house, but Lulu insists that a girl should always look her best.

When we finally got there, Lulu practically had to drag me out of the limo.

"Come on, Nikki. Frida says there will be some cute guys. I know how you love cute guys."

Ah, yes. I was well aware of how Nikki's body loved cute guys, especially when their mouths touched hers. It was definitely Nikki's biggest weakness. But that didn't mean I wanted to be with any of those guys.

The only lips I wanted on mine—or well, Nikki's I guess—was Christopher's.

Regardless, I got up and followed her into Whitney's house. The house was decorated extravagantly. I mean, it was no where near as extravagant as the one Lulu was currently planning for our place, but still. Definitely extravagant for a high school party. The lights were dimmed to almost complete darkness, and the only thing keeping the place lit up was the thousands of twinkling lights stranded across the walls. There was a chocolate fountain –which Whitney would never be caught eating, because it had wayyyy too many calories for her—and a 5-tiered cake sitting next to it. It looked more like a cake for a wedding than a birthday. There was even an ice sculpture of Whitney herself. Umm, that was just way too weird. Who does that? (Well, besides Whitney, of course.)

Anyway, after coming back to my senses, I remembered what Lulu had said.

"Lulu, you know the only cute guy I want is Christopher. And there's no way he'd ever be caught dead at a party like……"

I trailed off, because there, at Whitney's party, standing in the corner, was the topic of conversation, as well the one person who nearly consumed all of my thoughts: Christopher.

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