Do you think love can beat all odds?

Can bring peace and hope to our hearts?

Do you think love can make us all forget?

Forget all the past and everything that have happened?

Do you think love can light a whole new path?

A path that can lead us all to happiness?

Then how I wish, with all my heart…

That love will come and conquer us all…

Welcome to the world of Sentinel! A world where love and peace don't exist, a world where two nations dwell and fight each other for one thing: the Seyon Stone. It is a stone full of centuries of magic bestowed upon it by great magicians, with the intention of using it in maintaining everything around them. A magic that is so strong that only the "key" can use its great power. It is said that this stone, by the wish of the "key", can unleash its true power and destroy one nation or it can bring back the peace and love that the world had known and cherishes before.

Yes, a very long time ago, these two nations are one and they live peacefully together. The world is abundant of food and water, and all the people are happy and full of joy, love and hope. This is all thanks to the powers of the stone. But, because of the greed that exists in the heart on one of the protectors of the stone, he had convinced and created a group to keep the stone just for themselves. He took those who follow him and banished those who have disagreed with him. The people that he had banished moved to the other side of the world where there only exist few food and water. Thus, the two nations were created. The name of the nation that has the stone is called the Dwar Empire and the name of the banished nation is called the Zie nation.

Many years have passed and the people of the Zie are slowly losing their hope of restoring their lives. Then one day, the Kinomoto family had gathered all the Zies to plan for their revenge.

"How can we extract our revenge?" asked one of the people of Zie. "We have no power to match with the Seyon stone of Dwar!"

"Yes, how can us…" agreed the others.

"Didn't you remember the prophecy?" questioned the head of the Kinomoto family to the people. "It is said that 3 centuries after the betrayal, the "key" of the stone will be born to the lines of those banished and revenge will take place."

"We know all about it, but the question is, how can we know if it is the "key" or not?"

"You've really forgotten all about it, eh?" the wife of the head of the Kinomoto family said silently. "Then let me refresh the prophecy to all of you.

"Three centuries after the betrayal, two babies will be born on the exact date that it happened. One of the babies holds the key that can unleash and use the Seyon stone's power. The other baby, who is called the "slayer", holds the power that can destroy both the "key" and the stone. These babies are the chosen ones. They can either bring back the peace in this world or they can reduce this world to ashes. We can know if they are the chosen ones if we see the mark of the Seyon stone on their right shoulder.

"The prophecy also said that the "key" will be born among the banished and the "slayer" among the traitors."

"But 3 centuries! How can we wait that long for the "key"?" shouted one of the people of Zie.

"Hush!" silenced the head of the Kinomoto family. "Three centuries are long, yes. But we must have to have patience, my people."



The piercing cry of a baby echoed in the silence of the night.

"Oh my! It's a girl!" cried the first woman. "And a very pretty one, too."

"Let me see, Mizuki," whispered the mother.

"Wait there, my lady," replied Mizuki as she went to a basin to wash the blood on the baby.

"There, there," Mizuki cooed. "You'll be clean real-"

"What's wrong, Mizuki?" asked the mother.

"Your baby has the mark, Nadeshiko. She is the destined "key"!"

"IS she really?" asked Nadeshiko, then, "Oh! Mizuki! Help me! It hurts again! Mizuki!" Then she fainted.

"My lady!"

Another cry matched the sound made by the first baby. Nadeshiko had borne a twin. When Mizuki took the other baby to wash the blood off, she also saw a mark on her right shoulder.

"Two baby girls, a twin, both have the mark! How can this be?" Mizuki asked herself.

"It can't be," she said at last. "I need to hide this other baby. The prophecy can't be wrong. I need to take this younger one away."

So after Mizuki tends Nadeshiko and the babies and cleared everything up, she immediately left the house and went to live in the city below, with the common people with every intention of hiding the truth of what she found out that night to her grave.


The piercing cry of a baby matched with the noise in the room.

"It's a boy, my dove," Yuuko said to her husband. "And look! He's the chosen one, the "slayer"!"

"Yes, Yuuko," said Clow. "And I'm so proud."

"I'll name him Syaoran," Yuuko announced.

"It's perfect for a chosen one and fit for a prince," replied Clow. "We'll name him Syaoran."


"A very pleasant day, everyone! After 3 centuries, we are now all gathered again, just like our ancestors before. But today, it is for a different occasion. Today is the day that our savior is born! Our "key"! The one who can bring back our power that had been robbed from us a long time ago."


"Are you nervous, my love?" asked Fujitaka to his wife.

"A little," she replied, holding the baby close to her heart. "I'm so proud that the All Powerful Ones have chosen our baby to be the "key"."

"Yes, Nadeshiko," Fujitaka said after a moments thought. "We need to be proud and grateful"


"Well Zies, let us now welcome the "key" of the Seyon Stone, the heroine of the Zie."

The crowd gave a very loud applause as the couple, Fujitaka and Nadeshiko Kinomoto climbed the stage carrying the baby.

"Yes! Let us rejoice, everyone! For the time has come for the Zies to take revenge!"

And the crowd applauded more loudly and shouted with joy with all their might.

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