"Sakura, don't!" Syaoran shouted, standing inches behind her. "Don't leave me. I can't live without you. Please."

"But Syaoran," Sakura cried, refusing to turn and face him. "I need to do this, for everyone."

"But…" he voice broke, then, "I love you so much, Sakura!"

At those words, tears fell from Sakura's eyes. "I also love you, Syaoran. But, if I'll not make this wish, then the horror will continue until this whole world of Sentinel will turn into ash."

Syaoran didn't argue anymore. He knows he can't do anything. Those people down there needed her more that he did. Sentinel needed her love more than anything else.

He sighed. He can do no more but, "Can I hug you one last time, Sakura?"

"Syaoran…" Sakura cried as she run towards his outstretched arms and buried her face on his chest.

"I'll miss you, Sakura."

"I'll miss you too, Syaoran."

"Well Sakura, tell me your wish now," Chie said patiently.

Hana was standing a few meters away from them, watching them, feeling sorry for them. Even though she's mad at Sakura, she's still her sister, her best friend through all these years.

"Take me instead," she said quietly to the little girl.

"What did you say?" the girl turned towards her, her eyes twinkling.

"Let Sakura make her wish, but instead of taking her, take me," she repeated.

"Well! This is unusual!" Chie crooked her head, still smiling.

"This isn't a laughing matter!" Hana pouted.

"Alright," Chie said. "But…This is very unusual indeed. One key will make a wish, while the other key will be sacrificed."

"What's your decision?" Hana asked.

"Hmm…lemme see, " Chie said thoughtfully. "Well, I'mm really not that strict, but, well, are you really ready to be sacrificed in place of your sister?"

"I'm ready."

"Alright!" Chie said. "No more interruptions this time! Sakura, better make your wish, Hana, stand beside Sakura, and Syaoran, please stand back a little."

Hana walked towards Sakura and stood beside her. She took her hand and said, "I'm very sorry for blaming you all these years, Sakura. Yes, I'm a little mad and jealous at you, but, you are still my sister after all, my elder sister.

"I'll not regret this moment for I've died knowing my parents and my sister loved me as much as I loved them. Even though mom and dad didn't know who I really am, they still know me as your bestest friend in this whole world."

"I'll die happily knowing that you have forgiven me and accepted me as your little sister, I love you, elder sis," And she turned to hug Sakura.

"I love you too, little sis," Sakura said."I'll never forget you. I'll always remember you as my best friend and as my sister."

"Are you ready, now?" Chie laughed.

"We are ready," both Sakura and Hana replied.

"Then Sakura, please make your wish."

Sakura inhaled deeply and said, "I wish, with all my heart and soul, that love will come and conquer us all, to make us forget the happenings of the past, to grant us a forgiving heart and light us a whole new path where peace and hope and love will fill our hearts."

At her words, the Seyon stone brightened and everyone below them blinded momentarily by its light. Their memories were being cleansed and their hearts have been pured. The surroundings also change, instead of rough patches of ground; grasses filled that place making it livelier. The two nations were made one again. There will be no more Dwar or Zie, but only one whole nation where hope and peace and love filled everyone's heart.

Below, as the people of Sentinel opened their eyes, they don't see each other as enemies anymore, they're seeing each other as friends, as comrades. The smiled and shook and hug each other.

On the cliff, where Sakura and Syaoran lies, the stone's glow dulled and slowly disappeared. They do not need it's power anymore, It has done its final duty—to bring peace and love and hope in this world. The people can now manage themselves for there is no more greed that resides in their hearts.

Syaoran opened his eyes and looked around him at once, fearing that Sakura might have also been taken by the stone. But when he saw her lying beside him, his heart's beating slowed and he smiled at her. He then held her in his arms, letting her rest more comfortably.

Moments later, Sakura stirred and opened her eyes.

"Syaoran?" she said, trying to sit up.

"Don't worry, Sakura," he said, holding her hand gently. "I'm just right here beside you."

She sat and looked around her.

"Where's Hana? The stone?"

"When I woke up, they are nowhere to be found."

Sakura sighed sadly, "Thank you so much, Hana. I really owe my life to you. How I wish you're still here beside me."

A comfortable silence surrounded them at those words.

"Let's go," she said smiling towards Syaoran.


"Let's go back now, with everyone."

Syaoran smiled as he stood up and help Sakura stand unsteadily on her feet.

"Whoa…" she sighed. "Well…What are you waiting for? Let's go!"

And she runs towards the forest. Syaoran laughed and followed her. When he reached her, he carried her in his arms and said, "You're still a little bit unstable out there, my dear Sakura. Better keep you safe."

Laugher surrounded them as they walked towards the city below, towards the people awaiting them and loving them.

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