A/N: Will this story make sense? I dunno…but the format will be understandable at least, or so I believe. I kind of jump around a lot. Half of it will be AU…I think, should it be termed that way? Ahh, I'm confusing myself. One thing I know for sure, this isn't written in my normal style. I'm experimenting a bit. Also, because this is getting ridiculously long for a 'oneshot', I'm splitting it up.

---The Cycle---

A life is in some ways like clothes. You wear it once and then change them. However, you can never wear that shirt again after the first time. Also unlike clothes, those things that you left behind in your other lives come back to haunt you. It's not like you reset completely whenever you change a life, it still affects you, whether you're aware of it or not. Usually, you're not. That's another funny thing about a life; you can almost never recall that you ever wore it. All that you can sometimes recall is a blurry image of it, and even then, it is quickly dismissed.

Dreams, you say to yourself, déjà vu.

But are they just dreams? Who knows. Ponder for the rest of this life, and still, you may never know.