This is pittiful of me, trying to pump out a long chapter of 'Barking up Love' and here I am writing Ranma 1/2 drabbles....

Woe is me.

Anyways, Im thinking of having a nice set of ranma/akane drabbles, much like my naru/saku stuff.

I dunno, we'll see how well this fic does. Its nothing fancy, just something I thought of after reading some recent Ranma fics.

If you enjoy it... Tell me!

He was the kind of boy you hated to love.

The kind of kid that left you breathless, angry, and a brain without function. Even using phrases like 'proverbial tornado' to described this fool, you couldn't help but trail it, observe from a distance and hope, pray to some higher power that he didn't notice you standing there, admiring.

Chaos followed him around like a dark, looming cloud, which spout forth barbed chords of unintentional hurt, much like an upheaval of words he couldn't control, or even understand.

I knew, deep down, that understanding was his problem.

However the disdain, I can only take one inhale at a time, fearing that if I did watch out, he'd steal my breath away, then leave me to suffocate.

It was just his nature. Molded to perfection, groomed and tailored in the fine art of mucking things up. All he had to do is open his eyes, and it rained.

I could hear him, screaming at me underneath his needle coated insults, that he wanted me to run from him, and never look back.

Because he was a born runner, and the boy had a bad habit of letting it rub off onto other people.

And yet, I didn't. I stayed put, by his side, or rather, in the shadow of him, and Im beginning to think that this is what I was born to do.

With his lack of punctual formality, and downright disdain for anything other than martial arts, I still feel like a stumbling, stupid, idiot when Im around him, like some kind of intelligence eating vampire, he sucks the structured thoughts from my head without even realizing it.

Maybe that's the beauty of it all.

The way our dance is never ending, the way we step on each other's toes.

Something like this can leave you in shambles, gasping for breath and wondering if life itself is even worth it, or it could sweep you up in the vortex of its wind, taking you for some kind of ridiculous, unexplainable ride, with the only thing left to do… hang on tight.

aw... RxR pwease