SUMMERY: Buffy, a world known famous actress, auditions for a part in a new romance film. After successfully getting the part, she meets the actor who will be playing her lover. And boy oh boy – is Angel O'Conner hot! Will Buffy be able to keep herself grounded throughout this movie? Will the paparazzi make it difficult? Will their love stay between the realms of acting? And will her marriage to her husband survive?

I grabbed my handbag off the side, cradling my two year old, Rose, on my hip as I hurried towards the door. I heard my phone vibrating in my bag and halted immediately. Keeping one of my arms firmly around Rose, I searched through my handbag to get my phone.

You see, I wasn't your average girl. Well, I was, in some ways, though this girl starred in movies, got followed by paparazzi day in day out and was worth thousands of millions of dollars. I had never wanted to do acting when I was younger, I had always wanted to be an ice cream woman, yet after I had been spotted throwing a tantrum at the train station, I had been in acting ever since. Over the years, I had been getting more and more roles, becoming more and more known around the world.

I grabbed my phone and flipped it open, pressing it against my ear.

'Buffy Summers,' I answered.

Rose wriggled impatiently in my arms. 'Momma!' she moaned.

I frowned, noticing how distressed my two year old was getting, and ruffled her hair.

'Hey Buffy. It's Faith-'

I had a full team of supporters who made life worth living. Faith, an intimidating and persuasive brunette, was my agent. Without Faith, I would have never gotten half the roles I had wanted. Willow, my best friend, was my make-up artist. She made me look good no matter what. Cordelia was my clothes designer – she picked out every outfit I needed for events, every piece of clothing that would look good in a movie, she even designed some clothes for Rose. Xander was my limo driver, or my driver (if we were unable to get a limo and wanted to drive undercover), he always carted us all around. Riley and Spike were my godsends. They were my bodyguards and protected me 24 hours of the day – without them I would be mobbed my paparazzi and people all the time. Oz, who was married to Willow, was my rep – he cleared up any articles or rumours that were totally 100% false. And, finally, my handsome husband, Oliver, who had loved me ever since we had met at an audition.

'You there? Come on, B, I haven't got all day!' said Faith.

I rolled my eyes. I knew how impatient Faith could be.

'Yeah, Faith, what's wrong?' I asked, sitting Rose down on the sofa.

'I got you an audition for that new love story! That one where the vampire and human fall in love. You're going to be auditioning for the part of Belinda.'

'Belinda?' I replied.

I took a seat besides Rose, who was spread across the sofa playing with the tassels on the cushions.

'She is the human. She falls in love with Edmund the vampire.'

'Sounds familiar,' I mumbled.

'Does doesn't it? Oh well. The audition is tomorrow morning at ten. See you then.'

I closed my phone and threw it bag in my bag. Rising to my feet, I picked up Rose and headed straight for the door. I was already late for lunch with Oliver – our pesky two year old refused to get up in the morning – and I dreaded to think how long it would take going through traffic. I threw open the door to find Spike and Riley waiting patiently, playing rocks, paper, scissors. I flashed them an apologetic smile.

'Sorry, guys,' I said.

'No problem niblet,' replied Spike, going into 'bodyguard' mode and stepping in front of me. 'Xander is waiting outside – there's apparently lot of paparazzi swarming the place.'

'Great,' I sighed.

I clutched Rose tighter to me. I didn't want to even think what would happen if I dropped her – besides from hurting her, there would be thousands of pictures and horrible headlines. Throughout my fame, no one had ever questioned my Motherhood – and that was how it was going to stay. In fact, I had come top in a poll for top yummy mummies in a magazine. I had been quite proud of that achievement. I wasn't the type of celebrity who carried their child around for attention; neither was I the type to lay my child off on a nanny all day until I came home. My daughter was my world, my main priority in life, and I would happily drop fame any day for her.

After trudging down six flights of stairs, I braced myself for what was waiting outside. Spike and Riley stood closer on either side of me, putting on their 'don't-mess-with-us' look. I greeted the receptionist at the desk, who smiled back, before walking towards the automatic doors, where I could see cameras flashing already. Taking a deep breath, I walked out of the doors.

Thousands of bright flashes stunned my eyes. I heard Rose moan and stuff her head into the crook on my neck, hiding her face from the many cameras. I sympathetically rubbed her on the back. I hated having to put her through this; no child should ever have to suffer the wrath of the paparazzi, although I wanted to give her as much as a normal life as possible.

'Buffy! Buffy!' I heard people yell frantically.

Spike was now in front of me, clearing a path to the SUV waiting for us. I heard him asking someone to back off. Meanwhile, Riley was close behind.

'Having a nice day?' someone shouted.

I found it sweet how some people cared as to if I was having a nice day. Most of the paparazzi stood with cameras, shouting my name over and over again, following me down the streets, and asking me ridiculous questions that I had no answers to. Others, however, simply took a few photos before politely asking me about my day, how my daughter was and if I was signed up to star in any movies - these people weren't vultures.

'Is it true you're divorcing your husband?' another person yelled.

Thankfully, Spike opened the SUV door and helped me inside. I quickly waved, before jumping inside. Riley got in next and shut the door behind him, muffling the shouts from the swarming crowd. Moments later, Spike jumped in the passenger seat and slammed the door shut. Rose looked up meekly and looked around, smiling again once she realised we were away from the large crowds.

'Alright, Buffster? Where to?' asked Xander, looking up in his rear view mirror.

'The Ivy, please,' I said, returning Xander's goofy smile.

Xander nodded and pulled out from the hotel.

I finally relaxed and cuddled Rose to my chest. She stuck her thumb into her – a bad habit of hers since she was only a few months old – and laid her head on my chest, her eyes fluttering open and closed. I smoothed down her blonde curls.

Rose was a mixture of me and Oliver. She possessed my blonde hair, though was strangely gifted with beautiful springy curls – even though me or Oliver both had naturally straight hair. Her skin was a beautiful olive colour and was heavenly smooth. She had Oliver's dark, enchanting brown orbs that mesmerized everyone. Rose had perfect features – a squared draw, straight nose, pinkish lips, thick and long eyelashes, white teeth. She was one hundred percent inhumanly beautiful. And she was my daughter.

I suddenly heard my phone vibrating again. Trying my best not to disturb Rose, who had fallen asleep peacefully, I unzipped my handbag and pulled it out. At first I wondered if it was Faith calling me to tell me about another audition, however one look at the caller I.D told me everything I needed to know.

'Hey,' I answered, pressing the phone against my ear.

'Hey babe. Where are you?'

I had met Oliver when I was fifteen year old. We had both gone to the same audition for a comedy film. My eyes fell upon him in the waiting room and I had called myself 'lucky' ever since. I don't know what I fell in love with first; his deep brown eyes, his sculptured black hair, his beautiful sun kissed glow. Amazingly, we had both gotten the two leading parts in the film. Over the course of those next few months, we became very close friends. Eventually filming was over and we wouldn't see each other as much. On the last day on the set, Oliver asked me out – he told me how he couldn't live without me and that I had become a huge part of his life. Ever since that day we had been together. We got married when I was twenty one and Oliver was twenty two. I had kept my maiden name, instead of changing it to Thompson (Oliver's surname), although that didn't make our marriage any less special. Six months after the wedding, I fell pregnant with Rose. Our family was complete.

'Paparazzi swarmed us outside, I'm on my way now,' I replied.

'We're ten minutes away, Buff,' Xander said from the front.

'There's loads of papz here as well, Buffy,' said Oliver.

I listened closely and heard muffled shouts of Oliver's name. So much for our quiet lunch …

I sighed. 'I'll be there in ten.'

I hung up and shoved my phone back in my bag, tossing it to the side.

Ten minutes later, I was making my way through the overcrowded street. Riley took his place at the front this time, clearing people out of the way, whilst Spike took his turn at the rear. Rose had woken up as soon as we had stepped out of the car, the thousand of flashing cameras and shouting had been the reason why, and she now returned her head back into the crook of my shoulder, hiding her face once again.


'Mrs Summers, signed any new films lately?'

'How is the baby?'

'Can I have an autograph?'

All the shouts clashed as one huge deafening ball of voices.

This was just a typical day for me.

I got inspired by Lady Gaga's song – The Fame – and decided to write this. I also have been inspired by the relationship between Rob Pattionson and Kristen Stewart – who are constantly getting reported about being together. You will see a lot of similarities in the story between my two film stars. Also, my Inbox has been awfully empty for these last few days. I promise much longer chapters from here on. Reviews are appreciated! x