Title: Behind closed eyes

Author: prima15

Rating: K

Word Count: 205

Notes/Warning: written for Live Journal Dramionedrabbles (Draco's birthday challenge)

Another birthday. And he was all alone. Only firewhisky and memories to take him through the day.

He closed his eyes. And it was the fourth year Yule ball all over again .Ah, there she was. Gliding down the stairs, shy smile and flirty eyes. A princess in a dream. Yes she was, and never could be more than, an exotic dream, a lingering trace of lost youth, lost innocence.

Now she was staring at his eyes intensely as if she could see into his very soul. And he knew that if there ever was anyone who could truly see him, it was her. They were dancing in the moon light now, her head nestled into his chest, the wind blowing in her hair. He was reaching down to whisper the three magic words into her ears. And she was looking up at him, tears in her eyes, a smile softly playing in the corner of her lips. She was an extraordinary sight.

And she would forever remain only behind his closed eyes.

As he drank the last swig of firewhisky, his left arm burned. Voldemort was calling him. Tonight, on the final battle, he would chose between keeping the dream alive or the reality.