Title: Lemon

Rating: T

Warnings: DH epilogue disregarded

Word Count: 400

Prompt: "Like a tall glass of lemonade

When it's burnin' hot on summer days

She's exactly what I need."

"Hey honey, what's for dinner?" Draco called out as he strolled into the dining hall.

His wife was sitting at the head of the table half her face thrown in the shadows. She was looking at him with murderous eyes.


"Uh-oh is right mister! We were supposed to out for dinner and you come home at one o' clock in the night?" Hermione yelled.

"Sweetie pie I am so sorry!" Draco said quickly going over to her and trying to pacify her with a kiss, "It was Potter's fault, you know. He made me work late."

"Don't you touch me, you ugly lump! You can very well go to bed tonight with an empty stomach." She shoved against her chair and started to get up.

Draco held her back, "come on, sugar. I said I was sorry! Let's go out now. It's a warm and beautiful summer night out there."

"Draco Malfoy, I am not a food so stop calling me all those names!" she bellowed even more angrily. She pushed him away and started to make her way upstairs. She suddenly stopped midway and said quietly with her back still to him, "I can't believe you forgot my birthday."

Draco grinned and figured it was time to drop the act. He walked to his wife and embraced her tightly from behind, kissing and nuzzling on her neck. Hermione was too depressed to fight him off.

"Come outside Hermione." He whispered in her ears.

Hermione let him guide her out to the grounds of the manor. They squeezed through some bushes and came to an opening. Hermione gazed around her in wonder. the particular place was floating with dozens fairy lights. A small table for two stood in the grass beside the moonlit silver-black pond. The night air hummed with soft music from an unknown source.

"Happy birthday, my wife." Draco said as he led her to the table.

"Oh, Draco did you do all these?" Hermione said breathlessly.

"Yes, lemon, I did it all by myself!"

"Draco! lemon?" Hermione scoffed laughing, "you do call me by the strangest names. Sometimes, I wish you just would go back to calling me mudblood!"

"Very funny." Draco grasped her hand in his and looked into her eyes intensely, "Leomon because you are like my tall glass of lemonade on a hot day. You are just what I need in my life."