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Life Begins Anew Part 2 Epilogue

Sara poured herself a generous helping of firewhiskey while she waited and walk over to the window and looked out while she waited. Looking to her grave she realized that there were several more around it.

She pulled out her wand to transfigure a piece of parchment to a looking glass and was surprised that a few pitiful sparks emitted from it and caught the parchment afire. Her signature must have changed drastically for her wand not to work at all. She held out her hand and the burning paper transformed into a looking glass. Her wandless magic wasn't affected.

Using the glass she read the names. All the muggle-born that perished during their trek was buried alongside her grave. She heard movement behind her and turned around

"Hagrid found them last year when a thestral led him to them. He recognized his carvings on the stones but did not remember burying them. We decided that it would be best for their permanent rest be here where they would be remembered rather than in the forest forgotten." Albus told her.

Sara thought for a moment realizing that she never did tell anyone of their location. But her pensieve showed them the burial. If Bootstray had only to be able to look into the penseive…….

No! No more regret. No more blame.

"It is well that you did that Headmaster. They were taken before their time and deserve to be remembered." She carefully replied as she looked to the group. "The penseive showed you my entire plan and purpose. I hope that you can forgive me for any hurt or harm that may have resulted from it."

Bootstray strode up and wrapped her in his arms. "The only important thing is that you are here Sara."

Everyone remained silent as they watched the couple.

Fawkes suddenly appeared and trilled softly. Albus looked to the phoenix for a moment and then announced. "Sara you have visitors." Opening his door, revealing Neville and Luna standing in the doorway.

"Mr. and Mrs. Longbottom please come in."

Sara and Bootstray broke away from one another and noticed the new arrivals.

They walked in and Severus noticed the young witch was carrying a slender box as she approached Sara and handed her the box. "Welcome back Headmistress."

Sara opened a box revealing an ivory wand. She picked it up and felt magical power strumming as a few sparks shot out. "How did you know Mrs. Longbottom?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "I work for Mr. Ollivander now and I was drawn to make this one for you today. Your old wand was designed for one with a deep seated Darkness. You are no longer Dark and needed a new one based on your penance."

Sara looked to the witch in surprise. "And what do you see now Mrs. Longbottom? Has the colors changed?"

"Yes Headmistress. Yours now match your brothers. The colors of love and family come through. There is not one bit of blackness within them. They match Professor Bootstray's perfectly and you will have a full life with him." Luna dreamily replied.

Sara walked over to the table and picked up her Master Assassin's book. "Do you remember what I told you Severus about my misdeeds filling a book?"

He nodded as Sara continued.

"It seems my assistance to Mr. Potter allowed me a future. When I walked through the Veil I was immediately assigned to a Demon Master to serve for all of the atrocious acts that I committed."

She pointed her wand and conjured up enough chairs for all and indicated all to sit as she sat down between Bootstray and Severus as she continued her story.

"I was forced to do terrible things over and over again. And I was fed the pain that I meted out constantly. The only rest allowed me was once a year I could visit with one in the Veil for one hour."

She grabbed Severus's hand. "The first year I visited our mother. I told her everything that had happened Severus and she is proud of you. She was upset of the image she saw of you as she realized how you suffered as your looks and body showed it. Sadly, the reunion came to an end all too soon and I was back to my Demon Master."

Sara examined her brother for a moment. "You look younger and healthy Sev. I told you that Hermione would settle you well after Voldemort's downfall."

Severus squeezed her hand. "Yes you did Sara. Hermione has done that and more."

Sara called out. "Sassy."

The small elf appeared looking confused until she recognized Sara. "Lady Sara! Youse lives!" Dancing around her and kissing her hand.

"Sassy, I am no longer the Lady of Prince and I release your service. Lady Hermione is the true Lady of Prince based on the heir. Do you understand?"

Sassy looked to her for a moment as Sara pushed her thoughts to the faithful elf. She nodded in understanding and disappeared.

"I had to do that or poor Sassy would be confused trying to serve two masters. Now where was I?" She mused.

"Oh yes. So I had something to look forward to and I think the Veil did that to keep my sanity. And I did have one other high point in the misery of my existence with the Demon Master. Voldemort had not taken well to what the Veil assigned him and he is worse than you remember, trying to get other souls to rebel against the demons constantly. Whenever Voldemort pushed the demons patience I was forced to torture him as he hated it so. I am ashamed to say I enjoyed those moments and felt guilt afterwards."

She looked to the gathered witches and wizards. "The second year I visited Slightly. Bootstray, he is at peace in the Veil and told me it was better than life as he was at peace and everyone accepted him. He had never felt that before and it amazed him. The only regret he had was that he turned down the second chance of life as he knew that it would hurt you."

"Poor Slightly. I knew that he would not accept and I never felt remorse over his decision." Bootstray replied. "I'm glad that he found peace in the Veil."

Sara continued. "The third year came around and there was no one else that I could think of to visit. Imagine my surprise when Molly Weasley appeared to me."

She looked over to Ron. "She is well in the Veil Ronald and her questions were those of her family. I told her everything that I could remember and she is proud of her family. She knew about Percy's actions as she watched him enter the Veil and was immediately dragged to the Demon Master. It was heartbreaking to see her tears when we talked about him."

Sara looked to her brother. "That year was the worst as when I was not doing my Demon Master's bidding, I was forced to continuously relive the night the Phoenix fell. Remember I had no Darkness to harden my soul."

She noticed her brother pull his wife to him, his face hidden in her brushy hair. "I'm sorry to bring memories up Sev, but she forgave us. She was very adamant about it."

Sara took a sip from her forgotten glass of spirit and coughed as the liquid burned her throat. She looked at the glass for a moment and sat it down as she remarked "I think the drink has lost its appeal."

"Then in the fourth year the muggle students appeared and surrounded me, thanking me for burying their bodies and protecting their comrades through the rest of the trek. Their innocence and joy filled me as I was reminded of the good acts that were performed. The first time in my penance and I was elated. Hermione, John Donaldson asked of you and I told him everything. He is well in the Veil Hermione and accepted by all."

The gathered witches and wizards watched as Hermione sobbed against Severus as he wrapped his robes around her.

She put the book in her robes and grabbed up her Master Assassin's knife, placing it into her left arm not bothering to clean up the blood as she looked to the gathered. "I have one more act of penance to complete before I am finally free. You are welcomed to come with me."

Sara smiled as those around her agreed. She walked up to the Headmaster's desk using her new wand and incanted "Portus" pointing the wand to the desk.

She touched her hand to it and indicated that everyone else should do the same.


They felt the pull and found themselves at a flat plain with a huge pile of broken bricks, stones and columns. Sara immediately grabbed Bootstray's hand and ran, dragging him through the ruins to the single white column still standing.

Bootstray looked down and noticed the skeletal remains. "Master?" He asked.

Sara cupped his cheek. "I am no longer your Master Bootstray. I hope to be your lover and possibly your wife in the future that the fates have given us."

She turned and picked up the bones and walked into the graveyard while everyone trailed behind her. "This is Jacob, assassin of thirty years. It was he who kept me sane after taking control of the Guild at the age of ten. And he was with me at the end. He was a father to me."

Bootstray and the rest of the gathered witches and wizards surround her. Sara pointed her wand to a twig and conjured up two shovels.

"Sev, our mother's true resting place rest is there." She pointed out the grave to him watching as Severus and Hermione walk over to the indicated place.

Bootstray removed his outer robes and struck his spade into the ground as Sara did the same and joined him. He worked alongside her, not questioning the muggle way of digging a grave. He glanced over every now and then noticing her silent tears mixed with sweat.

Soon the bones were laid into the grave and all gathered around Sara, watching as she conjured a podium and sat her book upon it. "This is my last act as the last Master Assassin of the Assasin's guild."

She silently dressed herself into the robes and mask of the Master Assassin and Bootstray into the robes and mask of an assassin.

Bootstray immediately knelt offering his wand out with both hands in supplication.

"The guild is here Master Assassin Jacobs to return your body to the earth. Unworthy you are as you failed the challenge of your leadership. But new blood refreshes weak blood and continues the Guild and death is always the price of it."

Bootstray suddenly stood and pointed his wand at Sara. "Jacobs is worthy as he stood against you." He intoned.

Sara looked to him as she pointed her wand to him and sent out a cutting charm slicing open his pointed arm.

The shocked wizards and witches watched as Bootstray leaned over, allowing his blood to fall on the bones as he fell down to his knees once again offering up his wand, blood dripping from his arm.

"The Brethren speaks for you and still lend their blood to you even in death. The blood has cleansed you. You are worthy of your place among the Masters."

Sara pointer her wand and slowly moved it from left to right pointing her wand for a moment to everyone and eventually rested on Bootstray.

"Brethern I demand your allegiance to me as I bested this one. Any care to challenge my right?" She intoned.

"I offer my wand arm and my allegiance to the true Master of the Guild." Bootstray replied back.

"So mote it be." Sara intoned as she healed Bootstray. She turned to the grave pulling her knife out and raised it above her. "You see the knife, sign of my office."

"We accept and serve." Bootstray replied back.

Sara held her knife over the grave and allowed a few drops of her blood fall onto the bones before licking the knife clean and sheathing it back into her flesh as Bootstray pointed his wand and filled the grave.

She pulled her mask off and tucked it into her robes and looked to Bootstray. "We are free Bootstray."

"That we are Sara." Bootstray softly answered as he did the same and looked to her.

She addressed the group. "Thank you for witnessing this. I would like for Severus to stay behind for a moment if you don't mind."

They nodded in agreement as she pointed to the Headmaster's desk and intoned "Portus" to return them to Hogwarts.

Hermione looked to her husband with worry for a moment as he nodded to her as everyone touched the desk and disappeared, leaving Sara and Severus alone.

Sara led her brother back to their mother's grave and conjured up a bench, both sitting down and not saying a word.

After a long silence Sara looked to her brother. "This is awkward."

Severus looked to her. "No Sara this is not awkward. What is awkward is having your memories returned to you and then feeling disgust remembering the lecherous thoughts that I had toward you when I first met you."

Sara looked to him in surprise and then barked out a short laugh. "Well then, I suppose this is not."

Severus smiled as the awkward moment passed as his remark removed the tension between them. "Sara, the memories revealed the love that I had for you. I was always there for you and at the end and when you could have left me to the fate that I felt I deserved you gave me a new one and was there for me at the end. It took a witch's love to remind me of the precious gift you bestowed upon me."

They talked of their childhood and Sara looked nervously to her brother. "Do you miss the Darkness?"

"No Sara I do not. It continues to call as I have been tainted in the past. When it does I remember Hermione's love for me and my family and the call goes away. It will probably be the same for you."

"I still have the mark of a Dark Arts master." She sadly answered back. "I will always have a bit of Darkness because of that." She looked to him. "You must admit it's ironic a Dark Arts master not wanting to dabble and be Dark. All the Dark Arts masters must be rolling in their grave."

Severus chuckled as he pulled her into his arms. "Yes Sara I see your dilemma, but you will always have Bootstray. Your love for one another will push it away. I always sneered at the Headmaster's words about the power of love but it's true. Love conquers the Darkness."

He released her and looked to her. "Unless you are planning to take up an apprentice and take over the Wizarding world as the next Dark Lady?" Though it lightly said she could noticed the underlying meaning of his words.

"Merlin no Sev!" She exclaimed as she stood up. "That reminds me. We have something to do."

She pulled him up and Severus allowed her to guide him to an empty field as she pointed her wand at the ground. The ground slid back revealing a deep opening with stairs as she motioned him to follow her as she grabbed a lit torch and walked down the stairs.

"My chambers as the Master Assassin." She said as she opened another door revealing a huge library. "For over two hundred years I gathered every Dark book on the Arts hoping that the knowledge would fade away in time. I had the least dangerous at my office and in the Manor."

Severus walked in and looked in amazement at the extent of the library. So many tomes rumored to be in existence and not seen in hundreds of years. He felt the pull as he snarled out and pushed his unmoving sister out of the room.

"Incindio." He shouted as he burned the books hearing the screams as he closed the door panting at the pull that he felt. Gods! So close! He could hear them calling out to him.

Sara looked up to him from the floor. "Many thanks Sev. I could not have done it on my own."

Severus pulled her up and held her closely to him examining her as he felt her body relax. "Is that all of them? Other than those at the school and Manor?"

"Yes the most dangerous I left here when I began my Quest." She replied as she pulled away from his arms. "There is one more thing that we must address before we leave this godforsaken place."

Severus looked to her eyes narrowed. "Not another library I hope."

"There is another devoted to Potions but I assure you those are safe and you are welcomed to them as long as I can borrow from time to time."

She motioned for him to follow as they walked to a plain door. "Do not touch it Severus or you will die."

He watched as his sister pulled the dagger out of her arm and inserted it into a slot. The door opened up as she licked her blade clean and inserted it back into her arm.

She motioned him inside the huge room and he stood in shock at the piles of money, jewels and treasure.

"Blood money of the Guild Severus. My Master Assassin account fell to Bootstray and he is wealthy beyond the wildest means. You are looking at a thousand years of paid death."

"How much is in here Sara?" He asked in awe.

She shrugged her shoulders. "I never paid attention as I had my own account and it was more than enough."

Using her wand she separated a fourth of it forming a huge pile of gallons and shrink them down to a smaller pile. Noticing a jeweled chest she emptied out the contents and placed the galleons into it and then shrank the chest down and placed it into her pocket.

They exited the vault and Sara showed him the door that contained all of her potion books. "Remember this door Sev as you will not be able to enter any room here other than my chambers and this room after we leave." Raising her hand and muttering a spell. She turned and walked through her chambers and back up the steps to the empty field as the slab slid shut.

She looked around the empty field and turned to Severus.

He looked to her a moment and wrapped his arms around her thinking of Hogwarts and Aparrated them away.

They stood at the gates of Hogwarts. "Sara I must go and attend my family. We have a lifetime to catch up and get re-acquainted. Bootstray has mourned you for years and I hope your reunion goes well for you both." Kissing her hand and releasing it as he began to walk toward the castle.

Sara watched her brother until he faded away in the darkness of the night.


Bootstray finished cleaning up the Sara's chambers and sat in the study looking to the fire. These were always her chambers. Never in his wildest dreams had he imagined having her again in the living world. He continued to sit waiting in anticipation for his witch to return to him.


Severus stood in front of the door leading to his chambers thinking about the day's events. There would be time that he could express his joy at seeing his sister in the flesh alive and warm once again. He needed his witch.

He entered his chambers and watched as Hermione stood up from her seat with concern in her eyes. "The Darkness Severus. I have never felt it call so strongly in years through our Bond. Are you well?"

"Yes Lioness. And this time it was easy as I merely burned an entire library filled with tomes of the Dark Arts. I am an unsung hero once again." Smirking to her as she pulled him to her and kissed him.

He allowed Hermione to remove his travelling cloak and watched her as she put it away.

She turned to him with concern in her eyes. "Sara is back among the living. Can you let go of the remorse you have felt of her death? I know that you suffered despite all your denials."

"Yes Hermione and I know that you suffered along with me as I could talk only to Bootstray." Suddenly picking her up and carrying her to their bedchamber. Their Bond flared as she felt the true joy that her husband felt at the return of his sister. "I once again realize the blessing of the Gods as I have you in my arms. I intend to show you my thanks for that." He softly whispered in her ear as he laid her on the bed and began to remove her robes.

Severus finished his work and looked down to her as he removed the last of his clothing and joined her, body trembling.

"Why are you trembling Severus?" Hermione moaned as he entered her.

Severus pushed his entire length into her and stilled as he whispered to her. "I am free. My focus now is only you as it was before."

They made love well into the early hours of the morning as Hermione realized her wizard was finally healed of the past.


Sara made her way to the Headmaster's office and was surprised to see the gargoyle reveal the staircase with no words spoken. She knocked at the door and was called in. "Ah Sara a pleasant surprise." Albus replied.

"Headmaster we need to address this." Holding her hand out revealing the ring of Hogwarts.

"There can be only one. You realize this Albus? Remove your ring and give it to me." She commanded.

"I wondered when you would address this. As you were never formally removed, the school is yours." He replied as he handed her his ring.

Sara said nothing as she removed her ring and held each one out in a separate hand. "You think that I am here to become a Headmistress once again?"

Albus said nothing as he watched Sara bring the two rings together and they bound together with a flash of light and a wave of magic flowed throughout the school.

Sara held one ring and handed it back to the Headmaster. "You are the true master of this school Albus."

Albus looked to her as he placed the ring on his hand. "Why?" He asked.

"I only became a Headmistress to kill Damian Selwyn. You have the true desire to teach so you are the rightful master of this school. Besides, the Founding Four accepts you over me."

The Founding Four appeared in the room. "She is right you know though I am loath to admit it to one of Gryffindor." Salazaar Slytherin replied.

Albus looked up shocked at the appearance as Sara chuckled. "The rings are now one Albus and the Founding Four can once again appear and give council. They always counciled me when needed."

Godric Gryffindor looked over to Sara. "Be well in your plans of the future Sara Peverell. The wizard is waiting for you."

Sara bowed to him. "As I no longer have sway in this school will you allow me to be here now?"

The Founding Four looked to her as Helga Hufflepuff responded. "Headmistress Peverell you will always be welcomed."

She nodded to Albus as she left his office. "Headmaster."


Sara made her way to her old chambers and stood for a moment at the door. What if Bootstray refused her?

She opened the door and watched as Bootstray stood up from his chair and approached her. "Sara I have missed you. We no longer have our Bond Master but know that I welcome you."

She approached him and kissed him. "I told you Bootstray I am no longer your Master."

He responded to the kiss as he led her to the bedchambers. "Sara I have never forgotten you."

"Undress me." She commanded as she walked to the bed.

He removed her robes and stood back. "Sara your glamours never gave your true body justice." He admired her true body.

"Sweet wizard you should have moved on but I am glad that you did not." Looking to him with a hint of desire.

"You are so beautiful Sara. Tell me that I will always be yours." He begged.

She had never heard him beg. "Yours always Bootstray. Make me forget my penance wizard."

"Of course Master." He chuckled as he removed his robes and placed his member at her entrance and began to push. He stopped short feeling the thin lining.

"Sara, it seems Death has healed you more ways than one. You are virgin once again."

She looked to him for a moment in surprise. "Despite my past you were always my first. Take me now as I need you."

He kissed her deeply as he plunged into her. "Sara…" He murmured as he entered her and stilled himself within her. Gods! So sweet!

She gasped out in pain for a moment as she whispered. "Bootstray. Move wizard." Without any hesitation he pulled back and entered her again forcefully as Sara moaned out.

"Yes Sara!" He hissed out. "Five years away from me and I love you so." Bootstray lost himself as he continued to pound into his witch. He growled out as he continued. "You will marry me and be with me until the end of my days. Agree to it witch!"

Sara was lost as she felt her body arch up to him. "Gods Boostray!" She panted out.

He slowed for a moment as he looked to her. "Sara you've not answered me." He demanded.

"Yes Bootstray always yours."

He kissed her as he continued to thrust deeply into her slowing his desire as he felt hers.

Sara blinked as he rode her, feeling the passion and love of her wizard. She felt herself release as Bootstray continued and shouted out her name as he spilled his seed deep within her.

Bootstray wrapped her in his arms and pulled the Dark Lord's ring that she was buried with away from her finger and flung it to the floor. "Very soon Sara you will have a more worthy ring upon your finger."


Sara approached Kingsley and gave him the treasure chest directing that the money go to those that lost their loved ones in the Final Battle. Gingotts set up the account and administered it.


She married Bootstray one month later and demanded that she would not be known as a LeStrange when she found out his true last name. He quickly agreed and she was known as Sara Bootstray when they married, Father O'Connor married them, the flash of marriage showing as Harry, Ginny, Luna, Neville, Albus, and Minerva witnessed it.


Twenty Five Years Later………..

Sara Lily Snape stood beside her parents raising her wand out to the foul witch that tried to take over her world.

"Mum, Dad are you with me?" She asked as the progeny of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, and Neville Long bottom gathered around her.

Sara and Bootstrap looked to her. "We are with you as well niece."

Severus and Hermione looked to their daughter as they pointed their wands out. "We fight them to the end Sara!" hey shouted out as they rushed to battle.


That is a story for another time.