I'm not a natural Pylar person, but I'll read any kind of shipping. Thanks to petrelli heiress, who sunshines up my world with her writing! Slightly redone.

Until my plot for world domination is acheived... I don't own Heroes. I live for the day when I can write the script. It's not going to be any time soon.

Peter rolled over on the bed, closer to Sylar, and snuggled up to his warm lover under the blanket. Life was... well... good. There was no other way to get around it. Neither the world nor the cheerleader needed saving, Sylar's dad wasn't trying to kill both of them, plus he had Sylar... Something seemed to be bothering Sylar right then, though.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Peter asked.

Sylar squinted at Peter. "You could just read my mind."

"Well, yeah, but... seems like an invasion of privacy right now," Peter pointed out.

"You know I can aquire other people's abilities without killing?" he said aloud. I'd kinda been hoping we'd never have this converstion.

"Yeah. Why?" asked Peter.

"I need to get close to them first. Emotionally. Like, really close."

"...Are we talking sex kind of close?"


"You've been getting people's abilities by having sex with them?" Peter stared at Sylar, aghast. You used me?!!

Sylar blushed. "What did you think I needed the shapeshifting ability for?"

Peter glared at him, and settled back down on the bed, turning to face the wall as Sylar mentally cursed himself for blowing their entire relationship over something so trivial as trying to gain other people's abilities. Asshole... damn him for being so good-looking.






Peter rolled over to face Sylar again.

"Wait... we had sex five times."