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Tap, tap, tap.

His fingers lazily danced on the keyboard as he focused on the screen, completely absorbed in the mindless activity he was undertaking.

Genesis Rhapsodos looked on in boredom.

He was playing a game.

Yes, even while at work.

He was playing Tetris.

A smirked tugged at his mouth as he fit one block in after the other, seeing the geometric shapes interlock in perfection.

The little Tetris screen flashed, and two completed lines disappeared beneath the ones above and sent them down with a thump as more shapes proceeded to float down from the screen's top.

It was a simply task, really.

He should have been writing reports.

Lazard can wait.

Besides, the music was addicting. A happy, challenging tune in true retro style pulsed quietly from the speakers, bringing childish delight to his ears.

He smiled.

All was well in the numb mind of Genesis.

Until, that is, when a misplaced tap of a finger landed one shape down incorrectly.

A gap.

It had left a gap.

Scowling, the redhead narrowed his eyes at the laptop screen and fruitlessly tried to work his way around the untimely space in his network of aligned cubes. The levels of difficulty ticked up higher as the mound of squares kept on rising, with that irritable gap smack bang in the middle of where he was working.

Sliding the L-shaped set of cubes into another position, Genesis blinked.

He'd done it again.

He left another gap.

This was crazy! He had grown up with Tetris - played it all the time after quiet dinnertimes, in the peace of his room for hours on end. Of course, he did alternate with other activities as he grew older - but this was inconceivable.

He was the Tetris master.

Sure, he couldn't beat Sephiroth at puzzles, couldn't beat him at Sudoku, nor could he beat him at crosswords or - but that wasn't the point!

He could actually beat Sephiroth, the almighty, renowned hero, at Tetris.

He could not be losing his place now.

Frantically, his fingers pounded away on the keyboard as the speed intensified and the pile of shapes increased, until he was left with nothing more than the unthinkable.

Game over.

Letting out an audible howl, the SOLDIER slammed the lid down on his laptop and stormed out of his office, thankful to not be confronted with any friends or colleagues along the way. Just as he rounded the corner, something stopped Genesis dead in his tracks.

There was a giant cardboard box.

In the shape of an upside-down 'L'.

Genesis gawked as the shape wriggled unnaturally, shuffling from side to side.

Not only did he lose to Tetris, but it was coming back to haunt him!

Glancing downwards, the redhead laid eyes on a pair of feet sticking out from underneath the colourful cardboard shape.

Those feet were clad in dark, brown boots.

Those of a 2nd Class.

Genesis' left eye twitched slightly, knowing exactly who it was hiding underneath that stupid representation of a darned Tetris piece.

"FAIR!" Genesis yelled, wrenching the large box off the startled SOLDIER underling.

Stunned, Zack Fair whirled around, face to face with a snarling Genesis.

The young puppy merely gave him a sheepish, dumb grin.




Yes. I got addicted to the old Tetris again recently…I have the 1987 one on my computer somehow XDDD; So I was inspired for this.

And I saw a video on youtube with people dressed up as giant Tetris pieces awhile back. -shifty eyes-

Oh, I do wonder at the workings of my mind…

- Lioneh the cheetion