Summary: She had a different kind of power than her brother's. She left with her secret. Now she's back. Reid/OC. Tyler/OC. Pogue/Kate. Caleb/Sarah.

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Black and Gold

No one really knows how the Power came to be. Not even the Book of Damnation recorded its beginning. But those who mastered it have always been hunted. In the middle of the 17th Century, many escaped the brutal Witch-hunting in England and France by coming to America. As the brutal persecution of those with the Power spread throughout Massachusetts, the families of Ipswich formed a Covenant of Silence. And for 300 years it has kept them safe.

Chapter One

They received their Powers when they turned thirteen. All four boys of the four families of Ipswich. The Power was only ever passed on to the first male son of the family. Never the daughter. Instead, she received something else.

It was the 16th of March, 2003. It was her brother's birthday. He was a year older than her. Everyone was there. To see him change into something more…powerful. She could still remember that exact moment when his eyes turned black as night. A chill had run down her spine. She was young and naïve, still unsure of the capabilities that her brother would now possess. Her fingers had trembled like mad, and she had sprinted inside their mansion, searching for a place where she could be alone.

She hadn't been aware that her brother wasn't the only one who would change that night. Her mother had found her an hour later, sobbing hysterically on the bathroom floor. All the lights were out, the light bulb shattered into a million pieces. Her mother had tried to gather her in her arms but had pulled back the second their skin made contact. She was hot as fire and seemed to sizzle with electricity. Her eyes glowed gold.

Her mother had assumed at once that she had received the Power. Her father refused to believe so. Her brother was not to be told. She had begged her parents profusely not to tell him. He would hate her! She knew he would. Her father was convinced that she did not have the Power. She was manifesting quite differently. A whole lot differently. She had stayed at home for several weeks. Everyone at school thought she had a disease, even her brother and his friends.

And then one day, a stranger came and explained everything. Her parents had been both relieved and horrified by the news. Her mother had wept continuously while her father sorted out the facts. Apparently, he knew a little of this…phenomenon that was happening to his daughter. He had a great grand-aunt who had similar abilities to what she had.

She had been beyond frightened. She had thought of herself as a freak and she had asked her parents to swear never to tell her brother. What would he think of her then? She had always looked up to him, despite his endless teasing and the petty fights they would get into. She would always love her brother and the thought of leaving hurt. But she needed to get away from Ipswich. She vowed to return. The time would come when she would be ready to share her secret.

For the meantime, she would go with the strange man in the wheelchair and try to learn more about herself.

They left for New York the following day, with nothing but a brief wave at her brother and his friends and the excuse of being offered a scholarship at a prestigious school in New York.

That was five years ago.


Reid Garwin woke to the sound of his roommate singing somewhere in the room. "Tyler! Would you cut it out?" He yelled without opening his eyes, burrowing himself deeper underneath his blankets. School was going to end in two weeks and he didn't give a shit if he was late to every single one of his classes. The singing stopped and his blanket was rudely pulled off from him.

"You've got five minutes Reid," Tyler told him. "Benet said if you were late one more time he would drop you. Do you really want to extend your stay in high school?"

As much as he hated to admit it, he was right. Reid groaned and climbed groggily out of bed. He grabbed his uniform and hurriedly got dressed. Tyler waited for him outside the dorms. They made their way to the school. The rest of the day went by in a blur. Reid could not wait to fucking graduate. Then he could do whatever he pleased.

He had Ascended a few months ago and had went against everyone's expectations and survived the whole ordeal. Better yet, he wasn't addicted. Despite what everyone thought, he actually had good control over his Powers. Somewhere along the road, he had matured and had stopped messing around. Its not like he had a death wish.

"Party at The Dells tonight," Kira Snider said to him as the students filed out of the school. She winked at him before heading off towards her boyfriend who sneered at him. Reid rolled his eyes. Aaron Abbott was a fool and everyone knew it.

"So are we going or what?" Tyler asked as they walked over to where Caleb and Pogue were standing with their two girlfriends: Kate and Sarah.

"I don't know," Pogue said.

"Come on guys, we haven't been there in forever!" Kate complained. It was true. The last time they went there, a kid had died. They had taken care of that little problem already though, so they didn't have anything to worry about anymore.

"I'm up for it," Reid announced. Maybe there would be some new chicks there that could keep him company. He smirked at the thought.

"Reid has that look," Caleb said, raising an eyebrow.

Reid glared at him. "What look? I do not have a look."

Sarah snorted. "Yeah you do. Its like you couldn't wait to get your hands on the first blonde you see."

"Not just blondes," Tyler added with a laugh. "The brunettes and redheads better watch out too."

"Its not my fault that they all flock to me like I'm some kind of goddamned celebrity," Reid drawled. "As a matter of fact, I am!"

"Lets go before Reid gets too full of himself." Pogue said, rolling his eyes.

She stared at the huge mansion in front of her. It looked exactly as she had left it five years ago. Looks like nothing has changed. She thought. She didn't know why she was so reluctant to get out of her car and just walk in. She knew her parents would be happy to see her, they had already been informed of her visit. Actually, she did know why she was so hesitant. Because she had no idea how she would tell her brother. No idea at all.

"Rachel?" A voice said beside her. "Shouldn't we go down?"

She turned around to meet a pair of concerned green eyes. "Yeah Blair. We should."

They grabbed their suitcases and waited for the front door to open. She had already rung the doorbell several times. A few seconds later, it was opened by none other than her mother. She received her with open arms and a few salty tears. "My daughter, after five years, you've come home." She couldn't help but feel a little choked up as well. Five years. Has it really been that long?

Her mother finally released her and turned to look at her best friend. "Well, you must be Blair Aston. My daughter has told me a lot about you!" My mother beamed as she hugged Blair as well.

"All good things I hope!" Blair joked.

"Rachel? Is that you?" A familiar voice sounded from above the steps. Rachel smiled as she saw her father walked down the stairs as quickly as he could.

It was good to be home.

They had dinner. Just the four of them. Apparently her brother had been boarding at Spenser Academy for quite some time now and had not been informed of her visit upon her request. She considered going to the dorms and surprising him, but she wasn't quite sure if she was prepared for that yet. Well, its not like I have to tell him now. She thought.

"Don't stay up too late," her mother reminded them both as they hopped into her silver BMW Roadster. They nodded their assent before speeding down the road. It was a clear night sky. She turned up the music as they made their way towards Spenser's dorms. A black Hummer went by at an alarming speed. Blair whistled. "I've always wanted one of those."

Rachel grinned. They had been best friends the second they crashed into each other at the Institute. She just had to bring her back home. She had become like a sister to her and they were practically inseparable. They finally made it to the dorms. She parked right in front. It was around 8 in the evening. Either everyone was heading to bed or heading out to party. She had a feeling that her brother would be going to the latter.

She sucked in her breath as a very familiar dark-haired guy walked out of the door with a pretty blonde girl latched onto his arm. Blair shot her a look. "You alright?"

"I don't think I can do this," she said, eyes wide.

Blair sighed. "If you want, I can go ask him where your brother is."

She nodded, frozen in place. "That would be nice."

Blair patted her on the shoulder before leaving the car and walking confidently up to the guy. "Caleb," she murmured under her breath. "I'd know you anywhere." He had always been the one who had a soft spot for her. Always the one to try to stop whatever fight she and her brother were having. She watched as Caleb looked suspiciously at Blair. Her friend gave him a smile, waved goodbye and trotted back over her. Caleb said something to his girlfriend before they climbed into his car and drove off.

"They're going to a party," Blair informed her. "Someplace called The Dells. Know where that might be?"

She nodded. "Yeah, I think so."

"Then lets go!"

The Dells

Reid Garwin was bored. He had probably slept with half of the female population at Spenser's and there weren't any interesting prospects at the party. He was standing with Tyler near the table lined with drinks. He had had enough of watching Caleb and Sarah making eyes with each other and Kate and Pogue making out like there was no tomorrow.

Kira Snider had been shooting him flirtatious glances ever since he got here and he couldn't have cared less. She was a slut and an ugly one at that. He nudged Tyler and began to stroll around. Who knows he might stumble upon a hidden beauty. His best friend trailed behind him. Tyler grabbed him by the arm and motioned to the right where a raven-haired beauty was standing with a slender blonde. The blonde had her back to him. But she looked like a keeper. The two boys exchanged grins before heading over to the pair.

"May I get you a drink gorgeous?" Reid said with a smirk, laying a hand on the blonde's shoulder.

The blonde turned around and smirked back. "Don't tell me you just tried to make a pass at your sister?"

"RACHEL?" He half-shouted, in complete shock.

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