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Stars, Idols and Models

By xxAikoxx

Immature love says, "I love you because I need you."

Mature love says, "I need you because I love you."

-Erich Fromm

$:$:$:$:$:$:$:Chapter T-W-E-N-T-Y:$:$:$:$:$:$:$

Hotaru was looking through the window. On the other side of the glass reveals students from Alice Academy making their way into their respective classrooms. Spring kissed winter goodbye, welcoming the blooming greenery annually at this time of the year.

"Miss Imai, here is the list of students who are elected to receive the Principal's Excellence Award." Yuka handed a list over to the desk which was separating the both of them.

On top of the desk, there was a gold plate craved with the words, 'Principal of Alice Academy'.

"Leave it there. I entrust the whole awarding ceremony onto your hand." Hotaru simply pressed without turning her head to face Yuka.

How long has she been the principal of Alice Academy? A few months to almost a year? She couldn't recall. All she remembers was the busy schedule everyday, having to take care of every single job on her hand.

How long will she have to keep this up?

To tell the truth, she's all wary and tired.

Except for the times when she was with Ruka.

She needed to get some rest, to get away from all these.

"Mom, is... Natsume chosen as the Shiniest Star Award recipient this year?" Mikan asked out of the blue.

"Why's that? You may think that your boyfriend has it all, but with his busy schedule outside the school, do you really think that he has what it takes for the school to award him one? There are those who worked really hard for this award you know." Yuka answered thoughtfully.

"He's not my boyfriend, mum! And besides... I know he's basically useless towards the school since he doesn't contribute much, but at least give him a title like Mr. Popular or something since he did managed to attract quite a lot of new students to the Alice Family last semester, don't you think?" Mikan jested a bit.

Yuka eyed her suspiciously, "For some one whom you claim isn't your boyfriend, you sure think a lot for him, don't you? You like him?"

"Mum!" Mikan felt lost of words.

She has to admit, after the thunderstorm night, she found herself entirely preoccupied with thoughts of Natsume. He did made it clear that he's into her. And Mikan found him misfit in the friend zone as days passed.

She didn't consider him as a friend anymore, after the day he confessed to her during the party.

"As much as I'd love to have a heartthrob son-in-law like him... Oh, sweetheart, you're spacing out with thoughts of your boyfriend. Not that I would disallow you to have one, you're seventeen already and I trust you for whichever decision you're making. But be clear that you are almost an adult and that increased freedom comes with larger responsibilities you know." Yuka reminded with concern and winked at her daughter.

Lucky for Mikan, Yuka had no idea about the incident that day a few months ago... The one where she might have or might not have slept with Natsume.

She still hasn't confirmed it yet, whether she's still a virgin or not.

From behind the door at the corner of the room, a shadow let out a wide grin which instantly spelled trouble.

Reapplying for Alice Academy

Shouda Sumire (shoudagirlexmodel(a) mail .c.o.m.) Add to contacts 15/02/20XX

C.C.: mikansakura(a) mail .c.o.m. ; rukawork(a) mail .c.o.m. ; fireyattempt(a) mail .c.o.m. ; imaicrabby(a) mail .c.o.m...


I apologize for leaving everyone out of the sudden. It was a shocking news to both myself and also the father of my soon-to-born child. I will now proudly announce to you all that I will be delivering a baby girl next month.

However, I'm sending this email as to request if it's possible for both my husband and myself to proceed our studies in Alice Academy as I know that it would be rather hard for both of us to apply for any job without even a graduation cert.

The reason that I'm sending this to you all is because I didn't receive any reply from the school indicating if my request is being accepted or rejected. Therefore, I have no other choice than to seek help from you all.

Yours truly,

Shouda Sumire.

Hotaru looked through the emails. It's true that Sumire has been trying to reapply for Alice Academy for the past few days. In fact, Yuka has mentioned it to her for a few times already. However, they both agreed that in order to protect the academy's name and image, it wouldn't bring them any good to accept both Sumire and Kokoroyomi, even if they're Hotaru's friends. This would only encourage more of the academy's students to walk on their paths. Since Alice Academy has strict policies to follow, it is neither Hotaru's nor Yuka's rights to decide on the matter.

If only...

Subaru is here.

"Imai-san, bad news." Ruka called out as he entered the classroom.

Hotaru, who was sitting at her seat, looked uninterested, "If it's about Shouda-san, I've received the email as well-"

"Koizumi-san is threatening to give out Sakura-san's secret." Ruka whispered into her ears.

Hotaru instantly knew what he was talking about. But what she doesn't know is how Koizumi managed to learn about the relationship between Yuka and her daughter.

"Though I have no idea of what the threat might be, Koizumi said that it would definitely got Mikan expelled when the secret's out. Apparently she's still holding it onto herself to threaten Sakura-san so I guess the secret hasn't been known to the public." Ruka continued, looking worried.

"Imai-san, what do you think we should-"

Hotaru placed her finger on Ruka's lips to silent him.

She looked rather calm before comforting, "I'll see to it. Don't worry."

Mikan was all tensed up. The girl standing in front of her... Aside from having no idea how she knew about Yuka being her mother, she's in the danger from being expelled from the school since she entered the academy through an unfair privilege of being the head secretary's daughter.

Now that she's officially a singer and an idol, she couldn't afford to have her image scraped. The head of school might forgive her, but she's quite sure that most of the public wouldn't let her go that easily. Too many people desperately wanted to get into the school by any means.

Worse comes to worst, her mother might also be affected, she might even lose her job!

"Think about it, either way, you'll have to leave Natsume-kun alone." Luna smiled triumphantly, "Your choice, avoid Natsume-kun and never show yourself up in front of him or I make you leave the academy for good."

"What if I'm not the one approaching him?" Mikan said in defense.

"Don't flatter yourself, hag. Natsume-kun would never go to you as long as you keep your paws off him!"

Mikan stared back in disbelief.

Luna was being unreasonable.

"Then... I guess I have no choice but to disagree." She looked straight into Luna's eyes.

Her confidence certainly had Luna shaken. She was expecting a very frightened Mikan, yet this lady standing in front of her has the eyes which were sending out signals of determination.

"I say, you can tell the whole school for all I care."

Luna stepped backwards, "Aren't you afraid? What will the people say about your mother, the Head of Secretary of Alice Academy?"

"You're forgetting one thing, Koizumi-san." She paused, only to inhale before she proceeded, "I am famous right now. Though not quite as famous as yourself just yet, but I do have the right to enter this ridiculous school. My mum did got me inside this school when I was a nobody, but I proved that I qualify as a student here with my own strength."

"And besides, you have no rights to keep me away from Natsume. There's a reason that the rumors between us haven't die down since half a year ago." Mikan suggested proudly.

"You-You mean, you two were going out for real?" Luna couldn't believe what Mikan has just said.

"Isn't that obvious?" Mikan taunted again. She definitely had the upper hand right now.

"Okay now, stop with your act." Hotaru interrupted from behind.

Both Ruka and Hotaru have arrived quite a while ago but remained completely silent since Mikan was totally able to handle things by herself.

"You'll pay for this! I'm going to publish everything! I'm going to reveal the truth to everyone! Just you wait!" With that, Luna left the three of them, stomping in anger. She wasn't stupid enough to stay around since she was being out-numbered.

"You alright?" Hotaru asked as she turned to Mikan, "You know, her words aren't as harmless as you think they are."

"I know" Mikan let out a sigh, "but I refused to be manipulated." Mikan answered, feeling rather uneasy this time.

Hotaru read her, and then excused herself saying that she has something to settle with.

That evening, Mikan was alone on the bench at the Girls Active Ground, thinking all over the event that has happened before this.

Who knows, a day from now she might have to face the consequence of looking down on Koizumi Luna's threat. Deep down, she was very afraid indeed. Her future depended on how things would turn out once the secret is out.

"And besides, you have no rights to keep me away from Natsume. There's a reason that the rumors between us haven't die down since half a year ago.

You-You mean, you two were going out for real?

Isn't that obvious?"

Mikan turned to find a rather delighted Hyuuga Natsume approaching from the Boys Active Ground.

Her face turned scarlet as she recognized the voice over the recording, "Where did you get that from?"

"Owh, this?" He lifted up the recorder in his hand, "It's just something I bought from Imai. It's not cheap I tell you."

That Hotaru... taking advantage at a time like this...

But she noticed that Natsume's smirk has never been this appealing before this. Maybe it was the sunset's acting. Maybe it was Mikan's own delusion from not seeing him for quite some time.

They shared a moment of silence as Natsume gracefully made his way to sit beside her.

"Hey, since the filming of "Love Triangle" is over, I doubt that we have anymore chance of working together in the near future..."

Mikan wondered what Natsume is planning right now.

"Yeah... it was quite a success as expected, wasn't it? It must have been-"

"I'm giving you a second chance." he offered abruptly.


"Come on, it's obvious that our feelings are mutual, after that night-"

"Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhahahahahaha..." Mikan was very sure that he was referring to the Christmas night, "...ahhahaha.. I mean, what are you talking about?" Mikan couldn't face him. She turned sideways to avoid in a reflex reaction, "No, what I really meant is that I think you've misunderstoo-"

She hasn't seen Natsume much after filming the last episode of "Love Triangle" and since both of them are busy with their respective work, this is the first real encounter between them aside from the casual talks during school time.

"Hey! What are the two of you doing?" The guard shouted from afar, in which he successfully alerted the couple who were deep in their conversation.

In a swift motion, Natsume caught Mikan's wrist and escaped through the opposite direction.

Straight out of the school compound and into his limo to be precise.

Like he has planned to do this all along.

"What's wrong, Nogi?" Hotaru looked up from her cup of tea.

She was having yet another tea session with Ruka, who was staring at her tensely the whole time.

She couldn't help but admit that she really looks forward to having tea with Ruka. It is certainly the only time when she gets to relax.

"Tell me, who are you really?" Ruka couldn't hold on anymore.


"I've heard from Koizumi-san. She has changed her mind about revealing Sakura's secret after you caught up with her. What have you told her?"

Hotaru remained silence for a second before she proceeded, "You're curious about me? Or is it Mikan who's of your concern?"

For the first time ever, Ruka has shown concern towards Hotaru's background.

"I'm curious about you. You never reveal your true self to anyone. To think that you know me way more that I know you, don't you think that gives me some kind of rights to invade your privacy?" Ruka had this seriousness all over his face.

"Nogi, hand."


"You're holding my hand."

Ruka looked at his hand which was unconsciously holding on to hers. He quickly released it and hid his face away.

"It's not like I'm hiding anything about myself from you. You didn't really asked about anything until right now." Hotaru simply answered while sipping on her tea once again. It was earl grey today.

"So, are you interested in me and my past?" Hotaru let out a slight smile for the second time. She was expecting yet another blushing Ruka in return. But the bunny boy never fails to amuse her.

It did got Ruka speechless for a moment before he gave her the confident look that even the seen-it-all Hotaru hadn't met before, "Yes. I have no idea why but I've never been this determined to know more about someone and even if you do not plan to let me know, I would..."

"You would?" Hotaru lifted up one of her brows.

To tell the truth, Ruka's not very good at blackmailing... Heck, he's dealing with the blackmailing queen herself! It's no wonder he never wins the game.

Hotaru sighed and spoke once again, "Imai Hotaru, 17, loves to pull pranks on others and make money, song producer, undercover reporter, Cool Blue Sky Times Strait chief editor, temporary principal of Alice Academy and a not-so-honest fan of Nogi Ruka."

The second last introduction got Ruka totally surprised, the last one finally got his face all covered in red.

"Wait what?" Too much information in one go, "So that's how you silent Koizumi-san... Wait, you mean you actually like me?"

"For the third time, Nogi. Stop flattering yourself. And yes, if I don't like you, I wouldn't even tell you such things." She replied coolly.

It happened somewhere around last year, when the new semester hadn't commenced yet. Official principal of Alice Academy, Imai Subaru caught his little sister for invading the school's top secret database. She was actually planning on to acquire Nogi Ruka's contact number by hacking into the system.

Subaru has always wanted to become a doctor after getting his medical degree, but he was halted by their father who insisted him to take over the academy as its principal. Totally busted by her brother, Hotaru was forced to take over his job while Subaru seek this as an opportunity to fulfill his true passion - to join on missionary trips as a trained medical doctor.

With so, he entrusted the academy to Hotaru since he knew that Hotaru is also a genius like himself, that she could manage the job somehow, unknowing that Hotaru has other jobs on her hand at that time. But if you put it in another way, he has threatened Hotaru to take over the job for him for the time being until he's back from his missionary trip or else he would expose her of hacking into the school's security system just to stalk on Ruka.

All this just because she wanted to get on hold of Ruka's profile.

And the fact that she was always finding a way to get Ruka all to herself, making reasons to be close to him which sounds valid, they were all planned out so that she could be with him.

On top of that, she has always admired him since she was young, when she could see him on TV almost everyday. Well, frankly, she loves the way he dances more than anything else. She still remembers imitating Ruka's dance when she was in fifth grade. Not that she would ever let him know.

Ruka didn't know how to react. He did feel something for her which was not usual ever since he started spending more time with her. He has always liked a strong girl like Hotaru, though she was never and will never be in his control, he really doesn't mind it at all.

"Hey, Ruka. Let's make a deal."

That snapped Ruka out of his thoughts, "Huh?"

"If Hyuuga and Mikan are officially going together before today ends, we'll get together as well."

"Huh? What? But why?" Ruka couldn't believe his ears upon Hotaru's outrageous suggestion.

"No specific reasons, silly. We'll make a cute couple. Besides, I'm not afraid of your fangirls."

Ruka received a third smile from her which successfully made all his hesitation at the moment vanished in a blink of an eye.

"What are you doing?" Mikan asked as Natsume lifted up the piano cover.

They were in the recording studio, where they've spent most of their time together practicing the song "First Kingdom" months ago.

Natsume didn't give her any response right away. He just proceeded on playing the piece.

"This song... I've never heard of it. Is it your new song?" Mikan asked while closing her eyes to fully enjoy the whole song.

It is a great song to begin with, though she didn't know about the lyrics.

They stayed like that until Natsume hit the last note.

He finally looked up and spoke, "It's called 'I Love You'."

And it sent Mikan rolling on the carpeted floor straight, unable to hold herself from laughing.

It irked Natsume even more that she was actually being ignorant of his serious confession towards her... once again.

He got up from the piano and squatted beside her, waiting for her to calm down.

When Mikan has finally settled down, which was after a long long time, they shared an awkward silence once again.

Mikan glanced at the digital clock which was showing 11.57p.m. She begun to feel really uneasy.

She could never get used to silence between Natsume and her.

"Mikan." Natsume started.

"About what I was saying just now, would you reconsider to grant me the chance..."

It sounded rather like a plead, for the first time... Maybe Mikan should stop giving him a hard time... Nah, playing with him would be fun! Besides, Mikan liked the way he pleads.

"To give you a chance? I thought you were the one who was offering a second chance for me to accept you! There's a difference between the two you know!"

"So just accept me already!" He shot impatiently. How long does she intend to keep him waiting? It was obvious that their feelings are mutual right?

Well, so much for a pleading Natsume...

"But Natsume, I don't think that I'm quite ready-" Mikan's tone turned serious.

There came the interruption once again at the door. It was none other than Hotaru this time, who obviously took a liking towards eavesdropping on people, along with her partner in crime, "Just accept him already, Mikan. My future depends on this-" She simply stated, which sent Ruka blushing all over, trying to shut her up.

He ended up kissing Hotaru in front of the duo out of desperation to keep Hotaru's mouth shut.

Natsume and Mikan were shocked beyond words.

What's this? A competition of public display of affection between best friends?

As if they couldn't be more shocked, Hotaru exhibited perfect self control and resisted the kiss. She then pulled herself away from Ruka, "Not yet, Nogi." and turned towards Mikan, who was still in her jaw-dropped state, "So is it a yes or a no, Mikan?"

Mikan blinked before she restated Hotaru's exact words, "Yes or a..."

She hasn't had any clues on what's going on when...

"She said yes." Hotaru announced, right when the clock stroke 12.00 a.m, to both of the guys inside the room.

And the rest was history, a pleasant one to be exact.

Seven years later

"Hey, take a look at the press!" Koko called out.

"What is it?" Sumire approached with their seven-year-old daughter, smiling lovingly as she hugged Koko from behind.

"Mikan's engaged to Natsume! I thought I've always seen that one coming!"

Thanks to Hotaru, both of them were secretly allowed to study in Alice Academy to finish off what they've started. It was a decision made after Subaru has returned to take over the academy once again not long after Hotaru told him over an email that she's no longer single.

Of course, their baby's presence remained as a rumor that hasn't been justified even until now.

"Misa-chan! You've got to see this!" Tsubasa called out.

"What is it?" Misaki, who is now his beloved wife asked.

"Don't you think that they looked perfect together in this picture?"

"I thought you've seen enough of their lovey-dovey acts?" Misaki turned to question him in return.

"I just thought that they remind me of our honeymoon together four years ago." Tsubasa smiled playfully.

"Oh, not again."

"Hey, Kaoru, did your son argue with my daughter over your next movie again last night at the wedding?" Yuka asked while trying her best to strike a yoga pose.

"Don't they argue over everything? I've worked with the both of them long enough for the past seven years to know better. It's fine if we just leave those two alone." Kaoru replied as she stretched her limbs while focusing on her inhalation.

"Which one do you prefer, a boy or a girl? Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on my grandchildren!"

"Yuka! One at a time! One at a time!"

"Hey, Iinchou." Both Anna and Nonoko halted Yuu during a multi-star fan meeting.

Yuu was tuning his guitar when the Pretty Girls duo grabbed his attention as they entered the back stage.

"Great performance on the guitar part, you know, last night at the wedding and... good luck!" Nonoko winked. And they gave him a thumb up.

Iinchou smiled while replied, "Thanks!", before he went up of the stage along with his band members.

-Cool Blue Sky's Times Strait-

As you all have anticipated, yesterday was a special day for both of our princes. Nogi Ruka, one of the most successful performers of the decade and Imai Hotaru, producer of one of the biggest talent scout agencies in Tokyo have held the wedding of the century at Grandalie Hotel. Many stars who were once their school mates back in Alice Academy were invited to give their blessings to the newly-wed couple. Below are the pictures on the wedding day itself.

*Tons of pictures of a very happy Ruka and a rather emotionless Hotaru*

*There is only one picture where Hotaru actually let out a happy smile when she was looking at Ruka*

As for Hyuuga Natsume, he has just announced to the public that he is now engaged to his girlfriend, singer Sakura Mikan after attending his best pal's wedding last night. Looks like both of the star couple are ready to take things onto the next stage. People are getting excited over when they would have a newcomer added to the beautiful family. Below is the interview with the newly engaged couple exclusively for you readers out there!

Reporter: So, the fans would like to know whether if you prefer a baby boy over a girl, or the other way round instead.

Mikan: Woah, that's a little bit too early for us, isn't it? You should ask Hotaru and Ruka first, they'll definitely have one before us!

Natsume: Girl. Definitely.

Mikan: *slap Natsume's shoulder gently*

Reporter: But given that your baby girl would inherit your looks, she'll definitely be insanely beautiful, what do you think about this?

Natsume: We can only hope that she turns out uglier than my wife, if that's possible.

Mikan: *slap harder on his shoulder*

Reporter: Woah! So, what's your planning for now?

Mikan: Well, my husband has just finished his next blockbuster movie. Since he hasn't been around Japan for months, I guess we'll be spending some quality time together before the next project begins. As for myself, I'm currently working on my 15th album. I'm also busy with some modelling projects as well but that will have to wait.

Reporter: So there'll be some baby making progress soon?

Mikan: *slap hard on Natsume's shoulder sheepishly* Oh, sheesh!

Natsume: Definitely.

One thing's for sure, even though there are still many fans out there cursing around for the happy couple to break up soon, they're still staying stronger than ever and will proceed on with their careers as stars, idols and models, apart from being the golden couple of all time.

Feeling envious of their happiness or even jealous? You fans can just stay bitter that way for the time being.

$:$:$:$:$:$:$:$:$:End of Story:$:$:$:$:$:$:$:$

Enough said. I hope you enjoyed the story. I'm sorry if I didn't manage to meet your expectations and I was taking so bloody long to update.

I'm terribly sorry. But thanks for taking your time reading anyways.

This marks the end of the whole story. I had fun picturing it and bringing all the pictures to words since...2009 when I've started it. Haha to think that it actually took me four years to finish this one.

But I'm glad that I can finally change this story's status to complete.

Last but not least, my last review from you?

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