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I could feel everything.

The wind, as it whipped past my face, caressing it with a coolness that always seemed to calm me. The subtle scent the dew gives as it rests on the mossy forest floor. Every sound echoed as I pushed harder and harder, desperate to find what I needed.

I could still see her face, those angry, defiant eyes that looked directly into my soul. Her eyes called to me, locked me in place.

I never had a chance.

Galloping through the woods, I spurned Blackjack harder; I needed this almost as much as I needed her. I knew I was punishing myself, but I didn't care. I had been careless with my actions and callous with her feelings. I couldn't blame her for rejecting me.

I had brought it all on myself.

With another crack from my crop, the horse ran faster. My thighs were burning, desperately trying to hold their place. My backside ached from the repeated contact with the saddle. My lungs burned and I didn't know how much more I could take. I was suffocating, but I kept pushing.

Knowing I was running toward nothing.