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"C'mon dad…why do I have to-" The ebony and green hedgehog was cut off by his father, an ebony hedgehog who merely sighed.

"You're starting school today, right? No stalling…you know how to get there?" The hedgehog nodded, grabbing his ridiculously heavy bag (well at least that's what his father thought) from his father's hands.

"Only a thirty minute's walk. Ten minute's run." The hedgehog said, his father nodding.

"Good luck then, Sam." Sam rushed out, and then began to walk.

"…I miss my…well; I never really did have friends over at that other neighborhood. Doubt people will like me here, too: heck, I just seem to have an attraction to bad luck." Sam said, looking around him: the houses were clean…not much graffiti.

"Who knows…" Sam looked to his left, a cobalt hedgehog along with a two tailed vulpine walking along the sidewalk, laughing.

"…If only, if only I had friends like that." Sam looked down, then at the side once more, the hedgehog and vulpine curiously looking at him as he kept walking.

"Just look away…" Sam looked forward, only to bump into a regimental hedgehog wearing a magenta dress, her books now on the floor.

"Sorry about that, here, let me-" Sam was cut off by mere silence as she hastily picked up her books and walking away, a blush on her face.

"…I said I was sorry." Sam shrugged and continued to walk, until finally, the school was in his sight.

He dashed through the crowd of bats, cats, dogs, rats, beavers, badgers, and species of animals when the door was open, the lobby practically empty: everyone knew where to go. "Homeroom…where in the world is-I'm in class 803…now, where would the people of 803 be…oh well. I suppose I can just ask people until I get some answers." Sam turned to a white bat, sporting a black tank and ripped jeans, she turned to him.

"Umm…excuse me, are you in class 803?" She shook her head, Sam sighing.

"No, but I know a guy that is." She pointed to the cerulean hedgehog from earlier, still with the vulpine.


"No prob…Say, you new here?"

"What of it?" Sam raised an eyebrow, the bat chuckling.

"Name's Rouge. I'll be seeing you, probably at lunch, kay hun?"

"Right." Sam then walked to the hedgehog, who raised an eyebrow.

"You're in class 803, are you not?"

"If I am?"

"…Name's Sam. I guess we'll be in the same class." He stuck out a hand, Sam smirking, as well as the kitsune beside him.

"Sonic. Sonic Hedgehog." The kitsune beside him chuckled, sticking out a hand as well.

"He's Tails."

"Glad to meet you." The vulpine spoke, Sam chuckling.

"Likewise. So…where do we go?"

"Room 346." Sonic and Tails sped forward, people quickly moving out of their way.

"Wait up!" Sam rushed forward, the regimental hedgehog looking at him, blushing.


"Cosmos!" She exclaimed, hugging her friend.

"…Let's head to class, shall we?" Nodoka nodded, the duo rushing as they heard the late bell…

"Ah, a new student! Good to see you here. Stand in front of the class, and introduce yourself, if you may." Sam nodded, and nervously walked to the front of the room.

"…My name's Samuel. Call me Sam, if you may." The class applauded, Sam's eyes darting around the class, a small smirk appearing on his face.

He was handed a pen, and a small one by three inch card. "Alright then…here's your reward: a Delaney Card! Write your name here…address, parent's name and phone number…both of them-"

"My mom's usually out, and my dad's usually working."

"…Choose the one that's mostly not busy." Sam sighed: his mother wouldn't really care anyhow.

"And that's it. Flip it over…same thing, and other side, last, then first name…to the side, cell number." Sam did so, handing the card.

"Good. Just hang out with the rest of the class until the bell's been rung. Oh, and here." He was given a slip of paper that seemed to be a schedule, with the numbers 803 in bold.

"That would be your Program Card. In other words, your schedule." Sam nodded, folding the paper and placing it in his glove.

"That's all. Hope you enjoy your stay here." Sam nodded once more, his eyes now on the regimental hedgehog from before.

"…She doesn't really talk much…you'll need some luck if you want to get with her." Sam blushed, turning to the teacher.

"I never said-"

"I see it, though." The bell had rung, Sam sighing.

"Good luck." The teacher said, Sam nodding as he exited the room.

"Hey, Sam!" A female voice called out, Sam's ears perking up.

"Over here!" The same voice called out, Sam looking at where the voice was being projected from.

A blue cat sporting a white blouse and skirt was calling him, Sam raising an eyebrow. He also saw the regimental hedgehog next to her. "…You called?" Sam said, walking over to the duo.

"Good to meet you. Name's Samantha Cosmos. Just call me Cosmos." Her gold eyes seemed to shine off the lights above as she smiled.

He couldn't resist as to stare, but then quickly nodded. "…Who's your friend?" Sam asked, Cosmos looking over to the blushing regimental hedgehog, patting her on the back lightly.

"…Umm…we've met before…right?" She shyly looked away from the hedgehog, Sam nodding.

"I accidently bumped into you when I was walking…sorry about that. You're in my class, if I'm not mistaken?" Sam asked, the hedgehog unnoticeably blushing harder.

"…She's a bit shy when it comes to guys. Her name's Nodoka." Sam chuckled as she swiveled around quickly to face him, her emerald eyes catching his attention.

"It's…good to meet you." She nervously said, Sam nodding.

Sam didn't respond, as he was captivated by her eyes… "…Are you there?!"

"Who what?" Sam blankly said, Cosmos chuckling.

"…Nodoka, huh? Pretty name you've got." She blushed, Sam placing a hand on her shouder.

She blushed even harder, and the bell rang. "…Well, let's head to-"

"The teachers don't mind if you're late on the first day. Explore the school a bit: we'll be in the same class, Room 235, Science. See ya!" The duo walked off, Nodoka still looking back at the hedgehog, who merely waved.

"…Aw, forget it. Nodoka, Cosmos, wait up!" Sam ran after them, went down the stairs and into the classroom.

"Samantha Cosmos! Nodoka Misaki! Where were you?!" The teacher angrily exclaimed, the duo merely remaining silent.

"That'd be fault, sir." Sam appeared behind them, the teacher raising an eyebrow.

"Who are you?" The teacher, a black cat with red eyes that could pierce though steel, looked at the trio.

"His name's Sam." Sonic said, rising from his seat.

"He's a new student here." Tails added, rising from his seat as well.

"Excuse me, as these two ladies were trying to lead me here, as I was quite confused as to where to go. I give them my thanks." Sam said, the teacher nodding, giving him a Delaney Card.

"Alright. Samantha-"

"I already told you to call me Cosmos. Besides, there's already a Sam here."

"Fine…Cosmos, Nodoka, head to your seats." They complied as Sam filled out the Delaney Card, and handed it to the teacher.

"I presume we have our intros. You can sit next to…Oh, Rikku, raise your hand!" A golden Fennce fox raised her hand, wearing a halter top and a skort.

"Sit next to her." Sam nodded, walking over to her.

"Nice to meet you." Sam merely nodded, taking out a rather large binder.

"…That's huge!" Rikku exclaimed, half of the class now looking at her.

"My binder, not what you people would think." Sam added, the people laughing.

She kicked him with her high heeled boots, Sam hiding some pain. "…Jerk."

"It was just a joke."

"But still-"

"Ms. Fox, would you like to sit in the corner?" He pointed to a corner, a sole stool next to it.

"He uses old methods?"

"He's stuck in the olden days…"

"What was that?!" The teacher asked, the duo merely shutting up.

"Thought so. Now, let's being the lesson." Sam grabbed a pen and twirled it around his hand, ready to write.

15 minutes later…

"Blah…blah…blah…I know all this!" Sam sighed, looking at Rikku, who was sneakily passing notes to others, chuckling at some.

His thoughts were averted when he heard that voice again… "…Umm…excuse me, but may I use the bathroom?"

"Sure. Sign out, and take the pass." Sam had been holding in his urge since he was rushed out of his house, and needed to use the loo himself.

"May I use the lavatory as well?" Sam asked as Nodoka was exiting, the teacher nodding.

"Sure. Sign out, take the pass." Sam nodded, signing out, and…

"…Wait…there's the girl's bathroom pass here…" Sam said, dying of laughter mentally…

"Which can only mean…aw, crud…" Sam muttered, taking the girl's pass, and exiting the room.

"Now…where's the bathroom…" Sam wondered, then shrugging.

"Ah well…I'll find it myself." The hedgehog walked along the hall, glancing at the rooms nearby…

"No…no…no…still no…" Sam muttered, just rushing forward.

"No, no, no…Where's the bathroom…" Sam murmured, sighing.

He went downstairs, and when he was about to run, he bumped into Nodoka once more. "…Sorry, again." She nodded, but was about to rush away from the hedgehog, only stopped by his hand on her shoulder.

"…Oh…and Nodoka? Take a close look at your pass, will you?" Sam asked, the hedgehog doing so…and blushing, the duo trading passes.

"That's better."

"…Thanks." Nodoka blushed, Sam's hand on her shoulder still.

"No problem." Sam said, smiling.

"…Hey…if you…well…"

"Take your time…" Sam jokingly said, Nodoka struggling to gain control of herself.

"…I was wondering…if you wanted to join my club."

"Wha?" He was given a small card from Nodoka, Sam raising an eyebrow.

"The Anything Club? That's rather vague, isn't it?"

"…The Anything Club specializes in…well, anything. Sadly, we only have two members, including myself…" She was about to walk away, only stopped by Sam, who was merely looking in the hedgehog's eyes, trapped in the emerald orbs…

She blushed harder: she hadn't been this close to a guy before. Sam blushed as well: she was cute. "…I'm sorry…"

"No, I should be…" Nodoka said, stepping away from him.

"…The club's after school." Nodoka said, Sam nodding as he placed the card in his glove.

"…I'll be sure to check it out. Let's get back to class."

"You aren't going to use the bathroom?" Nodoka asked, a small smile appearing on her face.

"…Nah. The urge passed." Sam said, getting a chuckle from Nodoka.

"You're cuter when you smile…" She blushed, Sam shrugging.

"It's true." Sam smiled, Nodoka so astounded of what Sam was saying, almost fell…but was caught by Sam.

"Don't be so nervous…" Sam helped the hedgehog up, who was slightly wincing in pain, as she had hit her knee on the staircase.

"You alright?"

"…Yeah…just go without-"

"And leave you? No." Sam watched her as she slowly made her way up the staircase.

She sighed: getting up to the third floor with an injured leg? Not fun… "Well, you're here. Let's go, shall we?" Nodoka nodded, Sam walking alongside her as she limped her way to the classroom.

"…Why are you walking with me? I'll be fine…" Nodoka asked, Sam smiling only a little.

"Do I need a reason to help someone?" Sam raised an eyebrow, Nodoka sighing.

"You could just go back to class…"

"But I choose not to. Would you have a person beside you, while walking these halls?" She thought about it for a moment…

"…I'm alone here…usually, I'm only with Cosmos…but him…he's different than the others. Walking alone…I don't show it, but…it's kind of sad." Nodoka thought, turning to Sam.

"…I guess not." She said, Sam nodding.

"Let's hurry: the others might worry." Sam said, Nodoka nodding in agreement.

She wasn't limping as much, making it faster for the duo to return. "Nodoka Misaki! Sam! Where have you-"

"She fell on the way here, I was helping her. She was practically limping…"

"Excuses, excuses…fine, I'll let you off."

"Thank you." The duo returned to their seats, Sam not even paying attention to the teacher's work or Rikku's questioning about Nodoka, only staring at the hedgehog as she attentively cared for her leg.

The bell had rung, Sam's ears perking up as he packed and left the room. "…"

"Stop staring at my friend and let's go!" Cosmos said, dragging him by the ear lightly.

"Ow, ow…hey…no need for that." The duo began to walk to the next class.

"Can you at least stop staring at Nodoka like she's the most interesting thing in your life?!"

"…" By the look on Sam's face, Cosmos was pretty much at the state of pleading.

"Please don't tell me, I'll do anything, just don't say it…"

"…I think I might-"

"Oh, not again! Look, you don't have a chance. She's-"

"Hot, nice…just a bit shy, is all." Cosmos sighed at that statement.

"…Tell you what. If you happen to get a date with her, let me know. I'd really, REALLY like to see you succeed."

"And why is that?"

"Because most of the guys that have asked out Nodoka? They've been rejected. Dumped. Only watching the SS Nodoka sail off, and-hey!" Sam was walking up to Nodoka, a small blush creeping onto her face.

"Hey, Nodoka."

"…Hi." Nodoka blushed harder when Sam placed a hand on her shoulder.

"…I know this is kinda sudden…but I was wondering…"

"If you wanted to hang out?" The duo said in unison, the duo blushing.

"…Sure." Nodoka said, Cosmos' face in disbelief.

Sam walked back triumphantly, Cosmos now just about to slap him. "What?! How did you…"

"It's just me, I guess." Sam smiled, Nodoka walking up to him.

She began to hug the hedgehog, Cosmos just repressing the one statement most people would think in this situation: What the heck?! The teacher then came, seeing Nodoka hug Sam, he merely scoffed. "How much did you pay her?"


"Really…" The teacher looked at Nodoka, who was blushing.

"…Well, good luck with that…I haven't seen you here, you need to fill-"

"A Delaney Card, I know." Sam got out his pen, and sighed.

He was given the card, he did what he needed, and entered the room before the late bell, Nodoka still embracing the hedgehog, he merely pat her on the head before she finally let go…in front of everyone in the class. Excitement was heard from the people in the class, in the form of 'Ooh' and 'Whoa…' before Nodoka took her seat. "You can sit next to…Tails, arise." The kitsune did so, Sam nodding as he walked over.

"…Why did Nodoka just fall for him…It's not like her to just…" Cosmos wondered, tapping Nodoka on the shoulder.

"…Why'd you-"

"…" She just kept staring at Sam, who was trying not to stare back…but couldn't help himself.

"Are you seriously in-"

"I might be, I might not…" Nodoka cut her off, Cosmos raising an eyebrow.

"What, are you jealous? Don't you have-"

"Ken and I parted ways during the winter break."

"You aren't even in contact?"

"…He was a pickpocket and a gold digger. Neglect to mention he stared more at my cleavage than my face…" Cosmos said, trying to suppress the times of old…

"But I'm kind of surprised. The first day, and already…"

"He's a good person…I know it. I invited him to our club, actually."


"He said he'd check it out." Cosmos smirked: only two members, including herself, and another one arrives.


"How'd it go with Nodoka?"

"Lucky guess…It went well."

"Although…I still can't manage how you can just talk to her. I mean…she's just so-"


"Wait, what?"

"Miles Prower, would you like to write the definitions for the words on the board, if you have enough time to talk?" His eyes darted across the board, and he nodded.

"Yes, sir." He quickly wrote the definitions…well, the ones he could reach: he flew with his tails to get the rest, and sat back down.

"…That's a rather…unique ability, you have."

"I used to be made fun of for it…but it's pretty helpful." Tails smiled, the teacher looking at the board in slight disbelief.

"You're quite the scholar, too."

"With a IQ of near 300, trust me, I'm only here for my age."

"I believe you well enough." Sam chuckled at the teacher, who was frantically trying to find one error in the kitsune's definitions, but failing horribly, he sighed.

"Actually…I've graduated from here. Only reason I'm here is because of Sonic: He's still in school because…well, he just started late."

"If you're really 300 IQ, then why not teach him?"

"He's like the wind…always moving around, slipping away from my grasp. Ironic how he can save the world…but he's still in school." Tails chuckled as he looked at the cobalt hedgehog, who was currently being scolded for placing his feet on a person's desk.

"Don't do that! It's rude, don't you know!"

"I know, I know…doesn't mean I follow." Sonic jokingly said, the teacher's face practically having steam coming out of his ears as he grabbed Sonic's arm.

"That is IT, Sonic Hedgehog! You are coming with me to the Office, and-"

"OBJECTION!" The people looked at Sam, pointing a finger to the teacher.

"…Just because it's rude, doesn't mean that you have to force him to go. Neglect to mention, insubordination is only a punishment of suspension, and it varies on what the crime was. Therefore, going by that, the crime he committed wasn't exactly much, and even so, you can always just let him go. It's only a table."

"No! Every table must be and is clean! Clean, I say!"

"…Really? There's clear evidence contradicting that statement." Sam folded his arms, smirking.

"Well then show it!" Sam pointed to Tails' table, which had graffiti on it.

"That's completely-"

"Illogical? I think not. Tell me now, Prosecutor…Is every table in here completely clean?!" The teacher merely winced, Sam scoffing.

"That proves nothing! I want to place him in the Office so that he can get-"

"Suspended, I figured. By the way things are brought to light now, even if Sonic placed his feet on the table, it wouldn't matter! A table's already dirty!" A raven was observing the incident, and was jotting something down on paper, Sam looking at the raven, she quickly placed his paper in her pocket.

"…Fine, fine…" The teacher let go of Sonic's arm, the hedgehog smirking.

"Well then…let's continue with the lesson." The teacher sighed, and proceeded to write on the board…

30 minutes later

"Well, class is dismissed." The bell rung, the people leaving, minus Sam and Tails.

"That took some courage to do, standing up for Sonic like that."

"Courage? I hardly think so. More like…meh. Forget i-"

"Smile for the camera!" The raven from before pulled out a camera from her pocket, taking a picture of Sam, a shocked expression on his face.

"…Wait, what?"

"The passion in your eyes, your argument and your pursuit for the truth…The name's Rae Vent."

"Oh, har har…Rae Vent, raven…very funny."

"I'm serious." She wore glasses, a black dress with a while outline, and it was frilled at the ends along with black boots.

"…So you are. Well, I've gotta go to my class…"

"We're in the same class, y'know…anywho, I'm in the Mock Trial and Video Clubs. Join if you want!" She walked away from the duo, Sam sighing.

"…Awkward…let's go to…where do we need to go?"

"To Foreign Language…Spainish, it seems."

"…Ah…Well, let's go." The duo walked there, entering to find that the teacher wasn't there.

"Well…she's not here."

"A substitute?"

"Possibly, I guess." Tails shrugged, a near bald human entering.

"Professor Pickle!"

"Ah, Tails. Good to see you!"

"You're a teacher here?"

"After the Gaia incident, I decided to settle down a little. How have things been?"

"It's been better than I wished it to be."

"Ah…it's been the same for me as well…" Pickle merely sat, watching the students.

"…How uncivilized these students are!" Pickle abruptly said, looking at Sonic, his feet on a table.

"…Well, that's Sonic for you." Tails said, Pickle sighing…

One Period Later

"Class is dismissed." The class went out, although not before Tails saying a goodbye to Pickle.

"…Alright…where do we go?" Sam asked, looking at his schedule.

"…Science, English, Foreign Language…and now we have-"

"Lunch." Cosmos cut him off, leading him the arm to the cafeteria in the basement.

"…No need to drag me along…" Sam said, sitting down next to Cosmos and Nodoka.

"You need an ID card in order to get your lunch…you'll probably get one tomorrow." Nodoka rose to get her lunch, waiting in line.

"…How'd you manage to get with her? Seriously, what happened between you two!?"

"Something happened."

"Would you like to share what happened?!" Cosmos angrily asked, Sam chuckling.

"I'd rather you ask Nodoka. After all…it was quite…interesting. I'll tell my side after she tells hers." Sam said, Cosmos growling in slight irritation: she wanted to know what was going on, dang it!

Although, her perception was on her side. "Alright…give me at the very least, a recollection of events."

"We met, talked, walked…nothing much." Sam began to sweat, Cosmos' eyes trailing to his face.

"Nothing much? Then why are you concealing it?"

"Meh, I figured you'd ask Nodoka." The hedgehog began to sweat buckets, Cosmos smirking.

"But I haven't. Sweat much, Sam?"


"The moment you mentioned Nodoka, you started to sweat buckets. I'm curious to figure out why, hmm?" Cosmos smiled, Sam gripping his fist rather tightly.

"Nothing happened, I swear!"

"But something did…and I think I can prove it!" Sam took out her club's card, pointing to Sam.

"TAKE THAT! She invited you to her club…and she must have given you one of these, didn't she? And something must've happened then!" Sam merely remained quiet, the cat smiling.

"…Agh!" Sam winced for a second, then reverted to his calmer state.

"You still can't prove anything." Cosmos sighed, thinking.

"Where were you when she gave you the card?"

"Near some stairs, nearing the bathroom."

"…I think I have an idea of what happened…and this mere fact shows what!" She thought for only a moment, Sam smirking.

"TAKE THAT! You muttered something as you were grabbing the pass…I happened to notice it was pink as well."

"That has nothing to do with the situation at hand!"

"It wouldn't…except that the passes for the bathrooms are color-coded!" Sam winced once more, the hedgehog trying to keep his cool.

"…Still nothing!"

"Really…you said you were near some stairs…noticing how you tend to rush through the halls, I think I know what happened…" She imagined the scenario, Sam rushing down the stairs.

"…You went down the stairs…and knowing you were near the stairs, you couldn't have gone to the bathroom, looking at your current state." Sam was trying to suppress his floodgate, trying to hold it in.

"Nodoka comes by as you start to rush, and you bump her down. Knowing the passes you each had weren't of your gender, you swapped. Apparantly, Nodoka was hurt before, during, or after the incident. So she had a leg injury…and even now, I know this: you aren't afraid to help her, thus creating a moment!"

"…Heh…heh heh heh…" Sam clutched his head tightly, the hedgehog pretty much cracking.

"AAAARGH!" Sam rested his head on the table, Cosmos smirking.

"…That is all." Cosmos helping the hedgehog lift his face up, the hedgehog sighing.

"I'll admit, you're quite perceptive, and you can place part to part."

"Thanks. Nodoka should speak a lot easier than I." Sam smiled, Nodoka coming back.

"…Cosmos, are you ready? C'mon." Nodoka said, most of the boys on the line staring at her, mesmerized by…well, her overall.

"Hey, hey…back off." Sam said, rising from his seat, the males just looking at him.

"…And what are you going to do? You can't do a single thing, punk!" A chocolate fox cockily said, walking up to Nodoka, placing an arm around her.

"…Get your arm off of her…" Sam said, his anger growing.

"And what can you do…not a single thing in the world can make me stop. After all, she's just too cute to pass by…" The fox merely placed a gloved hand on her shoulder, Sam's rage reaching a boiling point.

"…Really? You've got to be joking…" His fur color began to change to red, Cosmos and Nodoka looking at the hedgehog.

"I've had a lot of people at my old school, y'know. Arrogant, rude…and just plain uncivilized…nothing but trash, the lot of them." Sam summoned a yellow sword gauntlet type weapon merging with his hand, Cosmos' eyes widening.

"Oh yeah? And what about-" The fox was cut off, the weapon's tip on his throat.

"…Let go. Now." He complied, literally rushing back to his seat.

"…I heard this was one of those rumble schools. Y'know…where they don't mind if students fight, as long as it's unheard of outside? Trust me…" He pointed the weapon to the fox, who was merely trembling.

"…If you want to fight me…rest assured…there won't be any survivors left to even spread a rumor." Sam declared, his fur's color returning to normal, his weapon dissipating.

The males merely had a look of fear as he returned to his seat, Cosmos and Nodoka looking at him. "…That was…strange. What was that?" Cosmos thought, lost in thought.

"Cosmos, are you…"

"…It's nothing. C'mon, let's go." She hastily walked to the lunch line, practically reduced by two thirds from Sam's little outburst…

After School

"…Well, school's over. The club room's in…332." Sam ran up there, Cosmos and Nodoka eagerly waiting for him.

"What took so long?"

"Nothing much." Sam said, entering the room, only to find a table with five chairs, a laptop, stove and oven, along with pots, pans, and griddles. They also had a piano…

"…Well…let's get started. First off…what WAS that ability of yours?" Cosmos asked, Nodoka sighing as she closed the door.

"…I can answer that. Sam…you're familiar with Soul, aren't you?"

"You figured it out, huh?"

"…No, it's because I have one of my own."

"Really?!" Cosmos asked, Nodoka nodding.

"…I didn't want to show it to anyone…but I guess I can trust you two. Juuchi!" Nodoka swiped her hand to the side, a green sword gauntlet type weapon merging with her hand.

"Whoa…" Cosmos looked at it in awe, Sam chuckling.

"Chiharu!" Sam did the same, his weapon appearing as well.

"Wait, wait…what's going on!?"

"…These are Soulbends, a merging of a person's soul with one of the departed. Not exactly a weapon…" Nodoka threw her Soulbend in the air, a green hedgehog with red eyes wearing a sliver dress, as well as gloves and Soap Shoes suddenly appearing.

"But a friend as well."

"Why'd you keep me just staying in your Soul?!" Juuchi asked, Nodoka sighing.

"…You know as well as I do that I can't reveal you to the public! I'll be looked upon as-"

"A freak?" Sam asked, forlornly looking down.

"…I should know. I did it out of anger in my old school, people merely made fun of me…despite that anyone can gain one." Sam said, Nodoka placing a hand on Sam's shoulder.

Suddenly, Rikku came to the door, knocking. "Who is it?" Nodoka asked, Sam recognizing that voice.

"…It's Rikku, from your class! I want to join!" The vixen rapidly knocked on the door, Sam sighing and opening it.

"Here's your-whoa. What's going on…?" Sam and Nodoka sighed…

"…It's going to be a long six months…" Sam said to himself, explaining the situation…

Well, to the start of a new adventure! I chose to type a new story for a bit of variety, and just for the fact that…well, heck…I just seem rather serious in the Vengeance Quartet, so I may as well lighten up here, no? Also…this is the reason why I haven't posted a chapter of PtD, DtD…but 14 pages is the most I've written, I'm sure. So…I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did typing, R&R, I'll see you next! Oh...and before I forget, Nodoka's last name is in Japanese. So, here's a Definition.

Misaki- Translates to 'Beautiful, Blossom'. So her fully translated name would translate to: 'Quiet, beautiful, blossom.'


Aka: Sam