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Now, on with the show!


"Well, that was quite the loud boom." Sonic said, looking at Nodoka's place, a small whistle escaping his lips.

"Haven't noticed." Blaze stood next to him, looking at the damages. "Only way to see what happened is to go in."

"I think we can see the damage it's done right here." Rikku grinned, looking at the scene. "Boom goes the dynamite."

"C'mon. Let's head in, guys." Two glances were shot at Tails by Rikku, Blaze, Skye, and Sta-wait, what?

"Hey. I guess you heard the explosion?" Wait, I'm not even-

"Yeah. How didn't we hear the explosion?" Oh c'mon, stop ignoring my-

"Good point. Nodoka might be injured, as well as anyone else in there." Hey, c'm-

"Yeah. Ten bucks Sam's in there too." Guys-

"We're girls." ...The group (There, satisfied?)then entered the building, smoke coming out of the place where the explosion was.

"Yeah...place where the explosion was. Really descriptive." Oh, can it Skye. Fine, I'll add more description.

The burning balcony (or perhaps what was the balcony, anyway) was covered in flames, flames creeping into the room the balcony protruded from. The group rushed up the staircase, and when they got to the room, Sonic tried to open the door...


"Very." Skye grinned, loving the satisfaction of breaking the fourth wall and making the typist moan with- "Okay, too much detail there, boy." She rolled her eyes, unbeknownst to her, the next word in the sentence would have been irritance.

"Ow! The door hurt me, Blaze..." Sonic said, trying to imitate a Barney voice, which will go on for the rest of the chapter. "Hey!" The barney voice echoed throughout the group's ears, and for a moment, silence was there.

"Alright, alright. Lemme get dis' open." Blaze said with a Brooklyn accent, which too shall remain for the rest of the chapter. "Wait, da heck's up wid dis'?" She then began to kick the door. "Nyeh!"

"Your voice is funny, Blaze!" Sonic said, the rest of the group snickering and stifling laughter. "Hey!"

"Forget it Blaze! I just realized...my voice gives me super strength!" Sonic said, kicking the door down with Blaze to find...

Absolutely no one. "What?!" The group said in unison, Knuckles grunting.

"This gives me rage of the Brooklyn variety!" Blaze shouted, Star laughing.

"Oh, my! That's a bloody funny laugh ya got there." Star said, now having a stereotypical British accent...for the rest of the chapter.

Well, that was a bloody-the hell? Now I have a British accent! Bloody nutter, the typist...Oh well, for this gives me time to get some character exposition! Did you know they wanted to call my last name Luna? Luna I say! Bunch of wankers... Brit Dark then shut up...because the power of the fourth wall can force her to do that.

"It seems we've come too late...they've dissapeared somewhere. In America!" Tails will now have a rough, gruff, and stereotypical American's voice and have an obssession of America for the rest of the chapter. "This can't be happening! In America! You, good typist, is not a fellow American!" Tails then was slapped in the face by the fourth wall, and did not complain. At all.

"Stop talking so awkwardly, everyone! We've got to find them!" Rikku will now speak...normally, for the rest of the chapter.

"Screw the muscles, I have people! Wait, let me try that again." Knuckles will now suddenly be a guy who loves his muscles but is forced to go along with the plot...because the fourth wall says so, and because I'm running out of LK jokes.

"Let's quit screwing with our voices and get outta here, ya nutters!" Skye will now have an actual British voice and accent, because her owner is British and because she is British, it is only suitable.

"Okay, okay." Tristan-I mean Sonic said, rushing out of the house, the others following. Hmm...if I were two, lovedrunk anthropomorphic hedgehogs, where would I be...

"SAM...that feels so good..."

"I know...just hold on...this'll get even better in a sec..." A distinct moaning sound of pleasure could be heard from within the house.


"Told ya. Now...just relax...and let me do my thing, alright?" He pecked her cheek, and pressed on.

"Oh yes, SAAAAAAMMMMM...give me more..."

"So, Xanaru, what now?" Cosmos said, looking at the tomcat.

"No idea, Cos. No idea." Xanaru said, shaking his head.

The duo were walking along the sidewalk, when suddenly a- "MY VOICE GIVES MY SUPER SPEED!"

A blue blur had passed the duo, leaving a rather 'WTF' look on both Cosmos' and Xanaru's face. "Err..."

"Yeah, let's just..."

"Yeah..." Needless to say, that was awkward.

"Well, the author couldn't think of anything to stall for time, so let's have food!" Sonic said, stopping in front of a restaurant.

"Ice cream and cake and cake! ...In America!" Tails said, following closely along.

"'Ey, why do we have to ea-" The fourth wall commands you to eat ice cream and cake! And cake.

They thusly ate ice cream and cake (and cake), the group sitting there rather bloated. "Nyeh...my head hurts...'Ey, will ya give me more o' that hot fudge sundae?" Joey-I mean Blaze looked at Tails, who kept eating.

"Never! I'm American, so I eat the most American ice cream there is: the Firecracker! Red, white, and blue! The colors of our flag have never tasted so sweet, my fellow Americans!" He om nom nomed on the popsicle ice cream, his teeth chattering afterward.

"'Ey! you take that back, ya big palooka! OBJEC-"

"TION!" Rikku finished Tails' objection, crossing her arms. "What's up with you today, Tailsy...I thought-"

"OBJECTION! IN AMERICA!" Tails interjected, and then-

"OBJECTION!" Sonic slammed a hand on the table, pointed a finger at a waitress, and stood up, pointing to his plane shaped cake. "This plane has no pilot! It's gonna crash!" Group facepalming in three...two...one...


I'm surrounded by bloody nutters.

"SAMMMM...Give me more of that...I'm not sure I can go on much longer without-OHHHH, YES..."

"There's more of that coming your way, Nodoka...a lot more..." He slyly grinned, and kept going.

"That feels so GOOD...Yes, Sam, MORE..." Her entire body was finely lubricated, her emerald eyes slowly meeting his as he pressed onward...

"Screw the cake, I have my muscles!" Knuckles boasted, Star facepalming and scooting over to him.

"Knuckles dearest, can we go now? My hedgehog love match senses are tingling, and I really need to use the bloody can!" Star said, Skye pointing behind her.

"Bathroom's over there, mate." Star nodded, rushing to the bathroom, and taking a leak.

This scene is bloody pointless! Why did the author type this in the first place, for some bloody sick fanservice?! Brit Dark said.

He's probably running out of things to put in this chapter. After all, it is kinda just filler for the intro arc tying into another one.


She finished, and washed her hands...her gloved hands, because that makes perfect sense! Star got out of the bathroom, and walked up to the others, who had finished eating. "My hedgehog love senses are tingling, guys! Let's go!" Star said, the others nodding and rushing out of the store.

The same waitress from before returned, looking at Star with a rather annoyed look. "Pay up."

Oh, bugger.

"So, where are they, Star?" Sonic asked, looking around. "Star?"

The waitress was chasing her around with a broom, but to no avail, as the hedgehog was MUCH faster. "Give me mah money, foo!"

"Give the bloody 'ell away from me!" She dashed out of the store, Sonic and the others following her when she was out of the store, the waitress sighing in irritance.

"I can never get my customers to pay up...such a pain."

"They're in Sam's house!" Star said, grinning. "I heard the author whispering that!" I was-

"C'mon!" Sonic and Star (along with everyone else) rushed over to Sam's house.

"Oh, Sam...I think...Oh, YES! SAM!"

"Just a bit more, Nodoka...and..." Sonic then kicked down the door.


"We are both greatly satisfied, no?" Sonic then kicked down the door leading to Sam's room, revealing that he was just giving her a massage!

Sam covered her as best as he could, and looked at them."Wait, what?! How-why did-I thought...HUH?" Sonic said, a bit of blood dripping from his nose, as well as Tails' and Knuckles'. Their girlfriends then promptly slapped the perverts.

"Dirty minded...Nyeh!" Blaze said, slapping Sonic once more with a fiery palm.

"What?" Sam said, getting a bit more massage oil onto Nodoka's back, pressing a tense spot and causing her to moan.

"Will you stop that, ya doofus?!" Blaze then slapped Sam, who shook his head a bit.

"I'm giving her a massage!"

"But it sounded like you were-urgh." Sonic facepalmed.

"Now shoo. Out of the room, she's in her birthday suit." He made a 'shoo, now' motion with his hand.

They promptly did so, also exiting the house. "Well, glad to know they're safe." Blaze said, her accent now gone.

"Yup." Sonic's barney voice was now gone as well, as well as the other's accents.

"Yeah, our accents are gone!" Star said, doing a fist pump.

Bloody 'ell, I thought-'EY, WA-

Well, that wraps up the chapter! Wanted to do a much more lighthearted one, and so, here it is! Breaking the fourth wall never was so blatant. XD.

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did typing, R&R, I'll see ya next.


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