Big enters in his labcoat and says "Welcome everyone to another episode of Fanfiction's Deadliest..."His cellphone suddenly rings, as he announces to everyone "Hold on a second!" Big answers his cellphone, as we hear him say "Hello?...Yes, this is him...What the (EFF) do you mean this episode is the season finale?...What the hell do you mean 'Evangelion better win because you bet $80 on Evangelion '?...Screw you then!" Big hangs his phone up and then announces "Anyway, welcome to our season finale...and yes, we will have a 'Back for Blood ' special, but we'll explain how that'll work later. Anyway, here's our competitors for today's battle:

Competitor #1: Godzilla (*Born from the results of Nuclear Weapon testing in 1954, Godzilla aka King of the Monsters, has been known to have the power to destroy cities and layeth the smackdown on any opponent rather Earth-born, alien, or robot. Godzilla's current recond, counting all movies except the Tristar Godzilla film, would sum up Godzilla's record to an impressive 45 victories with 12 losses and 18 draws.*)



Nuclear Pulse(Mid)

Atomic Breath(Long)

Red Spiral Atomic Ray(Sp.)

Regenerator G1(Defense)

Nuclear Energy


Competitor #2: Evangelion (*Created by mankind as their final line of defense against the Angels, the Evangelions are practically cyborgs enhanced with a substantial mechanical infrastructure, flexible polymer sheating, and armor plating. Despite all the armor and it's size, the Evangelions are capable of superhuman movement and are capable of running long distances in short time & can jump long distances as well. In short, it's a walking tank that can run almost as fast as Sonic in a short amount of time. *)


Progressive Knife/Axe(Close)


Palette Rifles/Pistol(Long)

Lance of Longinus(Sp)

Shuttle Shield/Absolute Terror Field(Defense)

Internal Batteries/Umbilical Cord/S2 Engine

Big soon clears his throat and says "And now it's time for compare the attacks of Godzila against the weapons of the Evangelion!"

Attacks vs Weapons

Tail/Claws/Teeth vs Progressive Knife/Axe(Close): Godzilla's Tail can be a very offensive attack on it's own when he swings it, his claws can leave a scratch when he uses it, and his teeth are able to penetrate Battra's neck. The problem is that these are animalistic attacks that require getting very close, and in this case this could become a very large problem. In the Evangelion's case, these weapons are kept close by to the armor, are sharp, and can cut through an Angel's AT-Field. Considering how dangerous these weapons are, the edge goes to the EVA!

Edge: Progressive Knife/Axe(Evangelion)

Nuclear Pulse vs Spear(Mid): The Nuclear Pulse is one of Godzilla's most dangerous attacks, unleasing a large amount of nuclear energy to send his opponent flying back and could possibly cause either injury or probable death. The problem with this attack is that Godzilla has only used this attack 6 times and that's it. It's not used very much unless on problematic enemies (Biollante, King Ghidorah, Orga & Kaiser Ghidorah), flying enemies (Mothra & Battra), or can send MechaGodzilla's G-Crusher right back at it. As for the Evangelion's Spear, it's sharp and can also cut through an Angel like butter, but the problem is that the spear is also not used much since abandoned for the axe. Even though both attack & weapon are deadly in their own respective rights, the nuclear pulse is the more unexpected attack while the spear seems like the more offensive weapon. Therefore, neither side gets the edge.

Edge: Even

Atomic Ray vs. Palette Rifle/Pistol(Long): Godzilla's Atomic Ray is his signature attack, firing a concentrated amount of radiation from his mouth, requiring oxygen as a catalyst, yet not breathing fire. The attack has gone through some changes from firing superheated vapor to explosive and concussive properties. This ray is so powerful it can overpower an artificial black hole, and can be fired at pin-point accuracy with an incredible range and power to it. The Evangelion's Rifle & Pistol, however, are more problematic. The rifle isn't very powerful and was easily abandoned after only being able to kill 1 Angel. The pistol was also only used once and even then it was abandoned. Since the Atomic Ray is more realiable and more powerful, the edge goes to the Atomic Ray.

Edge: Atomic Ray(Godzilla)

Red Spiral Atomic Ray vs Lance of Longinus(Sp.): Godzilla's Red Spiral Atomic Ray, a variation of his infamous attack, was given to him thanks to the brave sacrifice of Fire Rodan. This attack is so powerful, it has been known to practically destroy the NT-1 armor plating of MechaGodzilla 2, whose armor is made of artificial diamonds that absorb heat. As for the Lance of Longinus, otherwise known as the lance that pierced Jesus himself while on the cross, it's the spear that also keeps Lillith on the cross in Terminal Dogma. Though this weapon was used once before disappearing into the recess of space, it IS known to be capable of piercing through an Angel's AT-Field and, possibly, kill it. That being said, when thrown it's a one-shot weapon regardless of if the one using it is accurate or not. Hit or miss, once you use it, it's gone. Since Godzilla's Red Spiral Atomic Ray can be used repeatly and still be as accurate as the actual ray itself, the Red Spiral Atomic Ray gets the edge.

Edge: Red Spiral Atomic Ray(Godzilla)

Regenerator G1 vs Shuttle Shield/Absolute Terror Field(Defense): Godzilla's G-Cells are capable of repairing any injury to Godzilla from a simple battle wound to practically his entire body if rather the heart or even a small cell remains. Just from this alone, Godzilla has the ability to resurrect himself from the dead (*Awesome!*). However, like all wounds, these 'repairs' take time. As for the Evangelion, sometimes it's armor alone will not hold up against an attack from an Angel. Therefore, Evangelions can also use the AT-Field, the same defense as an Angel. These AT-Fields are usually used to protect both the Angels & Evangelions from conventional weapons, but when it comes to each other, it's a different matter. The Shuttle Shield was developed in an attempth to defeat the 5th Angel alongside a high powered rifle that uses the electrical energy from all over Japan. However, the shield was heavenly damaged from the battle and wasn't used again afterwards. Despite the uselessness of the shield, it comes down to which one has a better between skin repair and an AT-Field. Since it takes too long for Godzilla to repair his own skin, let alone his entire body, the edge goes to the Evangelion.

Edge: Shuttle Shield/AT-Field(Evangelion)

Nuclear Energy vs. Internal Batteries/Umbilical Cord/S2 Engine(Better Energy Source): This is an extra section we added for this since this might become an issue later on. For those who have followed Godzilla since 1954, you all know what he runs on. For those who don't, Godzilla runs on nuclear energy and can re-energize his entire body by absorbing large quantities of nuclear energy via reactors, either nuclear or plasma(*Godzilla vs Megaguirus*). An Evangelion, however, runs on a S2 Engine which is powered by electricity. It gets this energy from Umbilical Cords conviently places in several locations around Japan. Without the Umbilical Cords, an Evangelion's Internal Batteries can only last up to 5 minutes. Once it runs out, the Evangelion becomes a sitting duck and is no longer able to so much as move, much less defend itself. Since it doesn't need to stay "plugged in" so to speak, Godzilla gets the edge in this category.

Edge: Nuclear Energy(Godzilla)

Big finally says "And now that the 2 have been properly analyzed, it's time to determine which one is..." Big suddenly feels a tap on his shoulder, as he turns to find Ritsuko Akagi right behind him. "Um, Doc...what are you doing here?" Big asks, as Ritsuko replies "Well, you disappeared after we shot the 20th Episode of NGE: Enter the Orichalcos, and your kids told me you host this show here in your basement." Big nods, and then says "Well, yea I do! Besides, I have to get this fight started, so if you'll excuse me." Ritsuko shrugged, and then noticed on a computer screen 2 pictures facing one another. One showed the face of Godzilla, a creature she had never even heard of. The other was that of an Evangelion Unit, as she soon asked "What the hell is this?" Big replies "I do a hypothetical fight between 2 completely different individuals to determine whose stronger." Ritsuko smirks and says "Well, it's a no-brainer Big. Clearly, everyone knows that the Evangelions are the greatest creation of mankind, and thus far superior to whatever this God-zilla is." (#The picture soon jamms up, and then clears up, revealing a caucasian man wearing a pair of glasses buttoned up white shirt with pens in his pocket protector and grayish pants. The man instantly shouts "Superior my ASSSSS!"#) Big sighs and tells himself "Oh great, it's the Angry Video Game Nerd! What are you doing here?" (# The Nerd replies "No one talks **** about Godzilla and gets away with it. Godzilla has so many ways he can beat you. He can stomp you, he can hit you with his tail, or he can blow your ass to kingdom come!" #)

Ritsuko takes offense to this and says "Oh, really? Well, the Evangelions are better armed, better suited for battle then some brute beast, and it piloted by humans! Your beast is nothing more than a simple minded creature who relies on instinct other than human intelligence." (# The Nerd growls in anger, then says "Oh, yea? Well, the Japanese thought that with MechaGodzilla 2 & 3, and guess what? Godzilla kicked their asses either way. Your giant robots...cyborgs...pieces of **** ain't got nothing against Godzilla, and there's a reason they call him the King of the Monsters! #) Ritsuko is about to speak, when Big soon shouts "Will you both shut the (EFF) up? How about I just start up the simulation and then we'll see which one is deadlier?" Ritsuko growls, but then finally relents and says "Alright, then! Start up the stimuation!" (# The Nerd nods, all while giving an angry frown, and says "Start it up! I can't wait to prove you wrong!" #) Big sighs and says "Okay then! Now, that I can get back to this, it's time to determine which one is deadlier! Is it mankind's final defense against the Angels, or will the King of the Monsters retain his title?" Big finallty presses a button, as the simulation begins.

Japan Countryside...

An unlabeled Evangelion unit was placed in an hidden spot on the top of a mountain for field experience and to test it, as reports of an Angel were heard. The Evangelion pilot heard thunderous *BOOM* sounds, matching the tempo of stomping feets, as the Evangelion took out it's pistol and prepared itself. Coming from a distance, however, was no Angel but the legendary Godzilla, who roars as he enters the battlefield. The pilot waited until Godzilla got closer, but as he did, Godzilla soon stopped, sensing something was wrong as the Evangelion opened fire on Godzilla, causing the monster to roar in pain and unconfort. No sooner did the Evangelion stop firing, did Godzilla turn around, his dorsal fins glowing blue, and fired his Atomic Ray at the Evangelion. In response, the Evangelion jumped into the air, dodging the attack as it damaged the mountain. The Evangelion landed in front of Godzilla and pulled out a Palette Rifle, as Godzilla turned to the Evangelion and roared at it, throwing the challenge. The battle was on!

The Evangelion began firing at Godzilla, hiting it with every amount of ammo it has in each gun. Godzilla roars in pain, covered in gunfire until the Evangelion suddenly heard *CLICKS*, as it realized it ran out of ammo while the spot Godzilla was in was covered in smoke. The Evangelion believed it was easily won, when it was suddenly hit by Godzilla's Atomic Ray, as the Atomic Ray breaks the Evangelion's AT-Field and sends it flying backwards onto the ground. Godzilla walked out of the smoke and roared in anger, as he opened fire at the Evangelion once again, who rolls out of the way of Godzilla's attack and pulls out an axe, as it swung away and slashed Godzilla's chest. Godzilla roars in pain as the Evangelion swings away, hitting Godzilla's chest once more and forcing Godzilla to crash onto the mountain. The Evangelion raises the axe, ready to finish Godzilla when the Monster King uses it's tail to trip the Evangelion by it's feet, as it loses the axe while it was swung upward, flying off onto the top of the mountain. Godzilla rolls to a side, while the Evangelion gets to it's feet and starts climbing up the mountain, getting to it's shield and spear. Godzilla, meanwhile, uses his tail to get to his feet and roars at the Evangelion. By now, the Evangelion looks down and realizes the damage to it's armor, as Godzilla sees the Evangelion and fires his Atomic Ray. The Evangelion jumps into the air, dodging the attack, but this time Godzilla sees something he missed before: The cable on the robot's back, as Godzilla fires his Atomic Ray at the cable, destroying it as the Evangelion manages to land a few meters away, now short on time.

Godzilla roars towards the Evangelion, who throws it's spear at Godzilla and manages to strike Godzilla's chest. Godzilla roars in pain as the Evangelion pulls out it's Progressive Knife and charges towards Godzilla. The Monster King grabs at the spear and tries to pull it out as the Evangelion unit reaches Godzilla and stabs his chest with the knife, while at the same time bringing Godzilla down onto the ground. The Evangelion unit then uses it's shield to try and choke Godzilla to death while pressing the knife deeper into Godzilla, who began to foam from the mouth. However, the Evangelion failed to notice Godzilla's dorsal fins flashing blue as Godzilla roars and unleashes the Nuclear Pulse, sending the Evangelion unit flying backwards until it gets a few feet away and loses the shield in the process. Godzilla gets to his feet as Godzilla finally pulls the spear and knife out of his body. Godzilla throws the weapons to the ground and then starts glowing red, as by chance, a large spear fell from the sky next to the Evangelion. The cyborg prepares to grab the spear, but just as it does, the cyborg comes to a full's batteries have finally ran out. Godzilla, now getting a chance, fires his Red Spiral Atomic Ray at the Evangelion, damaging it and knocking both the cyborg and the Lance of Longinus onto the ground. Godzilla roars and continues firing his Red Spiral Atomic Ray at the fallen Evangelion, putting it on fire before the cyborg finally explodes into a million pieces and killing the pilot inside. With his opponent throughly finished off, Godzilla roars in victory as he continues his walk towards wherever his destination may lie.


(*Why Godzilla won this battle is simple: Despite the Evangelion's weapons, it's fatal flaw is it's internal battery. Once it runs out of juice, the Evangelion cannot so much as defend itself. Therefore, adding that to Godzilla's dangerous nuclear attacks, the Evangelion had no defense to Godzilla's power.*)

Big soon says "So there you go folks! That's the season finale to Fanfiction's Deadliest Warriors! This has been Big the Bird, and I'm signing off!" (# The Nerd soon nods and says "And I'm the (EFF)ing Nerd! If you wanna see me play ****y games, go on and check out my videos!" The Nerd soon walks off camera! #) Big soon prepares to leave when he notices Ritsuko sulking somewhere in the back of the room, shouting "(EFF)ING NERDS, ALL OF YOU! THAT FIGHT WAS FIXED AND YOU ALL KNOW IT!"

(^At this time, I would like to express my gratitude to every person who read each chapter of Fanfiction's Deadliest Warrior and promise to return with more bouts, including:

Luigi vs. Link

Goku vs. Superman

Dinoshark vs. Sharktopus(Roger Corman themed episode)

Iron King vs. Jet Jaguar

Decade vs Os(Kamen Rider themed episode)

And by fan request from Mr. Nobody...Billy(Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) vs. Patrick Star(Spongebob Squarepants)

Oh, and to make season 2 more interesting, I will also be open for any request on a fight. It can be one-on-one, squad-on-squad, monster-on-monster...whatever you guys want.

As for Back for Blood, it works like this: I'm going to put up a list of all the one-on-one winners, and the 2 that get the most votes from you guys will compete in the one-on-one encounter:

Bugs Bunny


Jason Voorhees

Sonic the Hedgehog


Kenshin Himura


Kraven the Hunter

Please remember to include your request for the Back for Blood special. The special will also include Ninja vs. Knight, and as for the squad-on-squad, here's a list of squad competitors from Deadliest Warrior Season 1 & 2 that you can vote for against the IRA. For reasons already known, the Spetznaz & Taliban are eliminated from the list:



Green Beret



Jesse James Gang

Al Capone Gang

Nazi Waffen SS

Viet Cong

Somali Pirate

Medellin Drug Cartel

Navy Seal

Israeli Commando

(Any Squad that exist in the world of fiction you want to see)

Again, remember that the one who gets the most votes will get to fight the IRA in squad-on-squad war. Until then, this is the author signing off! ^)