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Egypt was sitting in the audience of the auditorium of Cairo University, alert to every word that came out of America's boss's mouth. He was sitting among the civilians, not next to his boss or even up in the front like some of the visiting nations were; like America himself was. The military garb had been exchanged for casual clothing, and he'd blended with the crowd perfectly.

Egypt was enraptured by the politician's words, as much as everyone else in the room. He was complimenting them, their religion, culture, and history. He was chastising them for neglecting the rights of humans (at which point Egypt turned his head away, feeling helpless and shamed at the actions of his corrupted boss), advocated advanced rights for women. He asked Israel, the enemy of Egypt and his many brothers and the ally of America, to stop the expansion, and to recognize Palestine as a true state.

When the speech was over, Egypt found himself wanting more. He wanted more force, wanted this foreign man to come and straighten his boss out. It depressed the North African nation when he realized he was depending on the West to take care of his problem, but he was at a loss of what to do. His people were restless, the politicians of his nation stuffing the ballot boxes and turning his government into a sickening autocracy.

"So, Egypt, what'd you think of the speech?" Snapped out of his thoughts by the familiar voice, Egypt found America had approached him when the civilians had filed out of the room. The old nation smiled a bit, the effects of the speech taking hold.

"It was nice. I only wish that someday we can see it happen."

America flashed his 1,000-volt "hero" smile. "Oh, most definitely. Don't worry Egypt, we're going to help you out."

And as Egypt's amber eyes became warmer, he found that he wanted to believe those words, and felt that the better future was coming closer.

A/N: Today, 6/4/09, President Barack Obama made a speech from Cairo University addressing the Muslim World, in hopes of achieve peace in the Middle East. This drabble is based the feelings of the Arab World after having heard the speech, and is a little biased as a result. Also, this was written fairly quickly, because I wanted to express my own feelings about the speech right after having heard it.

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