Part one
Summary: Life on Serenity will change quite a bit…
Timeline: Two months after the end of "The Love Boat" I suggest that you read that fic before this one.


Chapter 1- News
Summary: Simon and the blonde have some news…


"Are you gonna help or just sit there?" he asked.

"I am helping!" she argued from her place atop the drier.

"How is that helpin'?"

She picked up the fabric softener and passed to him with a charming little smile.

"Cute. Real cute," he said sarcastically, taking it from her pointedly. "I'm workin' hard and you're just relaxin', shootin' the gorram breeze…"

"It's laundry, not rocket science!" she giggled.

"Well it might as well be for me! It's the same difference to you."

He put the rest of the clothes into the washer and then set the basket of wet clothes on top of it to be transferred.

"I need to use the drier, darlin'. If you could move-"

"No. I'm comfortable."

"Great, now you're not doin' a damn thing and keepin' me from gettin' my chores done! That's it. I'm not workin' with you around no more. It's too distractin'!"

"But you'll miss me," she argued sweetly.

"I never said I wouldn't miss you, I just said that I ain't doin' it."

"Come here."

He walked over so he was standing right in front of her. She was wearing nothing but her little black dancer shorts and his dark blue shirt. Something about seeing her in his shirt made him get all manner of possessive and bothered, in the best possible way.

She put her arms around his neck with a sly smile, leaning in and kissing him ever so gently. He put his hands on her hips and met her lips with force, deepening the kiss. Her nimble legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him closer.

His hands slid up her back under his shirt to get to her soft bare skin. She threaded her fingers through his soft hair. She tugged on his shirt, pulling at his suspenders. He returned his hands to her waist and brought her closer until she was flush up against him.

She moved her mouth away from his and leaned her forehead against his, allowing her arms to hang loosely around his neck.

"We can't be late for dinner," she sighed disappointedly.

"Yeah we can. This is my gorram boat," he whispered huskily, lightly kissing her neck.

"No, we can't. News."


"There's news. Simon will have news, so will the blonde."

"But dinner ain't for another hour," he complained.

"I have to change and preacher man might need some help with dinner…"

"River!" he whined. "You coulda told me this before you attacked me with them dangerous lips. Some reader you are…"

She shoved him, knowing the comment wasn't malicious. He chuckled softly.

She put her hand on his face, "I promise I'll make it up to you."

He kissed her and then she attempted to get down. He held on.


"Nope. I'm comfortable."

"Let me go."


She grunted and lunged forward. He stumbled back, but held on anyway. He hit the bulkhead with a thud.

She managed to wiggle out of his grasp. "See you at dinner, aiqing."

"Why do you have to change outta my shirt anyhow? I like how you look in it."

"I have to change for right now. But later…"

She smirked and left him alone to finish the laundry.

"She's gonna kill me…" he muttered. "I swear if she keeps doin' that to me…" he added, desperately trying to push the "But later…" out of his mind.


He entered the kitchen to find everyone except Kaylee and Simon seated at the table. He took a seat at his usual spot with River on his left. She had changed into one of her cute dresses. Somehow he still preferred her in his shirt…

"Where's little Kaylee 'n the doc at?" he asked.

"I don't wanna think on it," Jayne grunted. He had stumbled onto the pair more times than he cared to recount.

Mal looked at the empty breadbasket with a frown. "No bread?"

River set a piece on his plate. "I saved you some."

He grinned. "Thank you darlin'."

He would have kissed her, but Inara was sitting right there. Whenever they were around her, they made sure to keep their relationship as innocent as possible. She had decided to stay, but they were both very uneasy around each other. River kept telling him that it would fade with time. He wasn't so sure.

He noticed a large cut above Wash's eye. "What's that?"

"This?" he asked as he pointed to it.

"Yeah," Mal nodded.


"Don't look like nothin'."

Kaylee's screeching followed by the unmistakable sound of combat boots running across the floor caught their attention.

She darted in dragging Simon by the wrist.

"Everyone! We got an announcement!" she cried. Before anyone could ask what it was, she held up her hand. The large diamond ring glistened in the dull lighting of the kitchen.

"We're gettin' married!" she added with a shriek.

Inara and River got up and went over to Kaylee's side, squealing and talking a million miles an hour. Mal got up with Shepherd and congratulated Simon.

"It was about time, son," Shepherd said kindly while shaking his hand.

Simon just smiled with a light blush covering his cheeks.

"So you're gonna make an honest woman out of my mei mei?" Mal asked while thumping him hard on the back.

Simon's eyes shifted to River and then back to Mal as if to say, "You really want to go there?"

He cleared his throat amending the question quietly with, "Congrats, doc."

"'Nara, you'll stand by me 'n River you'll stand by Simon. Cap'in, will you walk me down the aisle since I doubt my daddy will be able to?"

"Of course!" he beamed. He gave her a half hug and then stood by River.

She turned to Shepherd next. "Simon 'n I wanna know you'd like to be the one to marry us."

"I'd be honored," Shepherd smiled.

"Oh this is just gonna be so shiny!" Kaylee cried. Simon put his arm around her affectionately.

"Good for you two! Looks like we won't be the only married people on the ship," Wash said brightly.

"Congratulations. You owe me ten, husband…" Zoe laughed.

"Okay, okay. I'll get you the money later."

Mal leaned down and whispered in River's ear, "What's that about?"

River blushed and looked up at him. "Betting on who would get engaged first. Us or them."


"Yeah, good fer you two…" Jayne added awkwardly.

"Speaking of news, we have some…" Wash grinned.

"I thought we were gonna wait," Zoe muttered.

"Well, everyone's already so happy and congratulating everyone!" he defended.

She sighed announcing, "I'm pregnant."

Kaylee screeched again and hugged them both.

"A baby? Oh Cap'in we're gonna have a baby on the ship!"

Jayne gaped. "A lil' cryin', barfin', screamin'-"

"Thank you Jayne," Zoe snapped.

"I'm so happy for you both!" Inara smiled.

"A baby and a wedding. We'll be quite busy," Shepherd commented. "Congratulations to you both."

"Thanks Shepherd," Zoe beamed.

"Were you two plannin' it?" Mal asked.

"No," she replied.

"That's how I got this cut. When Simon told me, I fainted and hit my head right on the counter!" Wash exclaimed.

River laughed and hugged Wash. "Congratulations blonde."

Wash looked at Mal with a smirk and their game began.

Ever since Mal and River got together, he and Wash would play the "Who-can-make-the-other-man-more-jealous Game."

Mal walked over to Zoe and hugged her. "I'm happy for you, Zo."

"Thank you, Sir."

Wash scowled and picked River up, swinging her around happily. "I'm going to be a daddy!"

She laughed. "A good one."

He set her down and she kissed him on the cheek. Zoe decided to step in and help Mal out, completely aware of their competition.

"If it's a boy, we should name him after you, Sir."

Wash sputtered for a moment. Mal wandered over to River, taking her hand with a victorious grin.

"When will ya know if it's a lil' Malcolm or not?" Kaylee asked.

Wash made a sound of protest. Zoe ignored him. "Doc says I'm two months along. We won't know until further down the road."

"Speaking of which, I'll be requiring some new equipment…" Simon added.

"Don't worry, we'll work it out. We'll have to take some extra jobs to pay for all this, but we'll take care of it…" Mal replied calmly. The captain side of him was a bit more nervous. River squeezed his hand reassuringly.

Dinner was a joyous affair although after awhile Kaylee's excited rambling did get a mite annoying.


Mal was in his bunk getting ready to go to bed. He had just taken his shirt off when he heard his hatch open. He smiled to himself, waiting until the last possible moment to turn around.

He felt her soft hands on his shoulders and he finally turned to face her.

"I see you're in my shirt again."

"I heard that you liked it on me."

"That ain't all true. I like it best on the floor," he wrapped his arms around her with a devilish grin. "I do believe that you've got some makin' up to do for earlier."

"I do…"

He kissed her and got to work unbuttoning his shirt, which happened to be on his girl. It was tossed carelessly aside along with the rest of their clothes as they tumbled onto his bed.

(Aiqing- love)