Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Author's Note: This story was inspired by a drabble written by the wonderful Twinchy who so graciously allowed me to take her scene and write a story so this one is dedicated to her and to MEL STORM who asked for a hurt/limp Dean story. Dean is 19 and Sam is 15 in this story.


Rising from his bed before the sun had even risen, John rummaged through his duffle bag quietly for some clean clothing before taking a quick shower. His boys had gotten sloppy on the hunt yesterday and it had almost cost them their lives. If he hadn't got to his boys when he did…he shivered to think about nearly losing both his boys in the same day. They had become too complacent and an angry spirit had gotten the drop on them. He could still picture that way that Sammy was hanging from his brother's hands as Dean was slowly being pulled towards the edge of the cliff himself. Well things were about to change. He was going to have his boys up early training for the rest of their lives if that was what it took to keep them healthy but most of all alive!

Stripping off the olive drab USMC shirt that he had slept in and his boxers, John stepped under the scalding hot water of the shower and sighed as the pulsating water eased his tense muscles. He hadn't been able to sleep very well last night since every time he closed his eyes, he watched his boys sliding over the edge of the cliff and into the deep abyss. "Damn!" He gritted out as he slapped the wall of the shower with his hands. "I could have lost them both yesterday." He said to himself while trying to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat. If his tears were falling, he couldn't tell since the shower water was also cascading down his face.

Feeling somewhat refreshed, he stepped out of the shower and toweled off before pulling on the clothing he had carried into the bathroom with him. Running his hand through the coarse hair on his chin, he thought about shaving but quickly negated the idea. They would be doing some camping out over the next few days so why shave now. He knew he would hear some grumbling coming from his boys about sleeping in tents since the autumn nights were beginning to get fairly cool. He took a few moments to brush his teeth and run a comb through his hair before walking out into the dark motel room where his boys were still sleeping. Flipping on the lights, he yanked the blanket off the bed that his boys had been forced to share and said, "Up and at it boys, the sleeping in days are over."

"Huh?" Sam grumbled as he threw an arm over his eyes to shield them from the glaring light before sitting up and rubbing his weary eyes with the palms of his hands. He threw his legs over the edge of the bed and placed his elbows on his knees while resting his head in his hands. Dean on the other hand had muttered something unintelligible before flipping over onto his stomach and settling in to get comfortable once again.

Sighing with exasperation, John raised his hand and brought it down on the seat of Dean's boxers with just enough force to wake his oldest up.

"Dad, what the hell?" Dean gasped as he shot up like a bullet to see the smirking look upon his dad's face.

"You were told to get up son, not roll over and go back to sleep. I suggest you get moving or that love tap I just gave you is going to be added to only this time it will be a whole lot harder." John answered as he began to throw things in his duffle bag. "You boys have thirty minutes to get up, get showered and changed. We're hitting the road at the crack of dawn."

"You've got to be kidding me, what the hell for?" Dean groaned as he rubbed a hand through his hair which was becoming slightly longer than he liked to wear it. He noticed Sam grab some clothing before trudging off to the shower and felt sorry for the kid since he still looked so damned tired.

"Don't use that tone of voice with me Ace." John warned as he glared at his oldest. "You and Sam got sloppy yesterday and it nearly cost you your lives. I figure it's time to whip you boys back into shape with a few weeks of training in the great outdoors."

"Aw dad, come on. You know how much I hate camping. Can't you just make us run a few miles or do an obstacle course or something like that?" Dean whined as he snagged his duffle bag and pulled it towards him.

"Oh, you'll be doing that and a whole lot more." John answered with a smile as he noticed Sammy coming out of the bathroom door with his hair dripping wet. Picking up the towel he had carried into the room earlier after his shower, he threw it at Sam and said, "Run that through your hair a couple of times kiddo. It's kind of cool outside and I don't want you catching a cold from having your hair sopping wet.

"Yes Sir" Sam answered automatically and did as he was told. He was just too tired to argue with his dad or show some of that stubborn streak that was beginning to make itself well known at times.

Pulling some jeans, boxers and a Metallica t-shirt from his bag, Dean shuffled over towards the bathroom muttering "I don't remember joining the Marines." under his breath.

"What was that son?" John inquired with a stern tone having heard what Dean said. He was surprised since Dean didn't usually give him any lip about things.

"Nothing sir, just mumbling about the need to feel clean." Dean replied slipping behind the bathroom door.

Reaching down to pull on his shoes, Sam moaned from the pain he felt in his shoulder.

"Sammy?" John questioned as he turned his head and focused his attention on his youngest.

"M'fine, just felt a small twinge in my shoulder." Sam replied knowing his father would stay on his case until he admitted what was wrong.

"Take your shirt off son, I want to see." John ordered as he strided over towards Sam and started lifting them hem of his shirt.

"Da'ad" Sam whined as he tried to bat his father's hands away blushing furiously at his dad trying to remove his shirt.

"Do it now kiddo, I'm not going to tell you again." John warned with a strict tone. He needed to see if Sam had injured himself more than they thought when he was hanging from Dean's arms. If Sam had dislocated his shoulder, the training session for him would have to wait.

Rolling his eyes, Sam peeled off his shirt being careful with his injured shoulder.

Noticing immediate that Sam had favored his right shoulder, John began to prod the area with his hand. The area didn't seem to be bruised, but there was definitely some slight swelling. "Looks like you might have pulled a muscle Sam. We'll put an ice pack on it once we get into the car." John informed his youngest as he helped him to put his shirt back on. Sam would be fine to train in a day or two. He would just have to make sure to keep an eye on the kid's arm.

Hearing the bathroom door open, John glanced over to see Dean walking out. "Something wrong with Sammy?" Dean asked with concern as he walked out in time to see John lowering Sam's shirt.

"Nah, he's fine, just a pulled muscle in his shoulder is all." John informed his oldest before standing up to grab his and Sam's duffle bags. "Get your things Dean, we're hitting the road."

Grabbing his own duffle bag, Dean slung an arm around Sam being careful not to put too much pressure on his shoulders. "You sure you're alright kiddo?" Dean questioned wanting to hear the words from his baby brother. There was no way he would allow Sam to participate in the training exercises if he wasn't up to it, even if he had to fight with their dad.

"M'okay Dean, it just hurts a little is all." Sam replied knowing how over protective Dean could be at times. "You don't have to worry." He allowed Dean to lead him over to the car and help him in knowing there would be no use in fighting him.

Walking to the back of the car, John placed their duffle bags inside before grabbing an icepack from the first aid kit and squeezing it, allowing the components inside to mix. The pack immediately began to cool as he carried it to the back seat of the car. Pulling up Sam's t-shirt near the shoulder, he situated the cooled pack where it would lay on the front and back of the injured area. "Leave that on your shoulder for a little while tiger, it should help with the pain and swelling." John said with a smile as he kneeled by his youngest.

"Thanks dad." Sam replied with a smile of his own as he made himself comfortable wondering where they were going. He knew Dean didn't seem to be too happy about it and wondered just what him and their dad had talked about while he was in the shower.

"No problem kiddo." John said as he clasped Sam on the knee before standing up and closing the door. Climbing into the driver's seat, he looked over to see Dean already sitting in the shotgun position. Starting up the Impala, he quickly put it into gear and pulled out of the motel parking lot with a set destination in mind. He would be taking his boys to train them up in Montana near the Rogue River. There was a National Forest there, but unlike most people, they would be camping off the beaten path. They wouldn't be staying at one of the many approved campsites in the area. The forest was extremely vast and he knew the perfect area to train his boys, one where they wouldn't be bothered by anybody. It would take a little time to hike into the area, but he knew his boys were up for the challenge.

After about an hour's of driving, John could feel the beginning pangs of hunger and knew they would need to find a place to stop soon to get some breakfast. "I'm beginning to get a little hungry. Is there any place in particular you boys would like to get some breakfast?" John questioned of his two children

"Nah, doesn't matter, wherever Sammy wants to eat is fine with me." Dean answered not really caring where they ate. He could usually find something he liked on the menu.

"Sammy?" John questioned as he peered into the rearview mirror to see his youngest leaning against the window with his eyes shut and sound asleep. "Well, I guess we won't be stopping anytime soon." John thought as he noticed how innocent Sammy looked in sleep. Sometimes he couldn't help but worry that the innocence Sam still exhibited after everything he had witnessed with the supernatural world would be his major downfall.

Hearing no response from his baby brother, Dean turned around to see Sam leaning against the door of the Impala with his eyes closed in slumber smirking at the sight.

"What's so funny?" queried John as he looked over to see his oldest looking back towards Sam.

"Nothing, I was just thinking how the purr of the Impala always could put Sammy to sleep when he was younger and nothing else could." Dean replied as he shrugged out of his jacket and draped it over Sammy. Staring at Sam for just a minute more, Dean turned to face his dad. "So where we going?" He questioned hoping that they would at least stay at some place where they could rent a cabin.

"Montana, up near the Rogue River." John answered with a grin. "There's a place nestled deep in the woods where we won't be interrupted by anybody and you boys will be able to train without calling attention to us."

"Well that's just great." Dean grumbled knowing that it meant they would be far from any place where they would have the comforts of civilization like a hot shower to bathe in or a bed to sleep in. Damn, but he hated camping.

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