To day was the day I'd ask my gardener for his daughter's hand in marrige. I know is not proper for a man in my in my position but I don't give a damn. She may not give me land or weahlt, but I don't need it. I all ready have weathl and penlty of land. All she would be is the woman who gave me heirs. Yes there are a bunch of women that I can have but none are as beautiful as my gardener's daughter, Isabella Swan. Her skin is paler than whitest of snow. Her eyes make me weak, such a rich chocolate brown that can see into my very soul. Her hair is long and wavy, the same color as her eyes. Her body is small and farglue just one look at her and I feel like she is about to break into small tiny pieces. Oh how I wish I could run my fingers through her silky hair. If the gardener thinks for a second to deny me his daughter there will be conquences to pay.

I had already ask one of the servients to bring the gardener to my private office. It didn't take long for the gardener, Charlie, to come knock on my door.

"come in Charlie." I spoke nonchaltenly as could.

Charlie opens the door walks in then closes the door behind him. He walks up to my desk and waits for me to allow him to speak. I wave my hand signaling that I wan thim to talk.

"you wanted to see me, sir?" a quiet reply from Charlie.

I wait a few moments before speaking.

"Charlie the reason I asked you to come down here was I want to marry your daughter. And if you think to deny my request then I will have sale you to Aro." I stated calmly.

I know Aro has always had his eye out for Charlie for as long has Charlie has been working for me. I know this would make Charlie give up his daughter, cause he is afraid of Aro.

Charlie's face truns from calm to shock and then to horror and back to calm again.

"you may not have my daughter's hand in marriage." Charlie smiles as he countues, "I don't care that you sale me to Aro, you will not have my daughter as your wife Markus. I won't allow it."

Does he really think that going to stop me from taking his daughter? He can try but he will fail.

"I was hoping you say," I stated calmly, "Gards!"

the gards come quickly into my office. I mirrorly smile at Charlie and say.

"because now I can make some money of you from Aro. And I still get to have your daughter."

Charlie looks at my face with abslout horror. I turn to the gurds.

"take this man into the dugeon and make sure that Iasbella doesn't see or hear him. Or anyone sles for the matter." I simple stated.

The gurds take Charlie by his arms dragging him away from my office as yell ans shouts at me. But I didn't care I was planning Isabella and my wedding. I'm think having our wedding on my new ship. Oh this was going to be just lovely.