Well I have some good news and some bad news. First lets get rid of the bad news.

The bad news is I'm dealing with writer's block. I know how this story is going to end, I just don't know how to get there.

But here is where the good news comes in and saves the day!

I am proposing a contest. In this contest any one can write a one or two shot for what they think should happen next this story. Because this story needs to get moving damn it!

And the winner of this contest gets to have there one or two shot in the story. I will not claim yours in any way shape or form. Just in case the winner gets pissed thinking that took their idea as my own, we will say in bold lettering that part DID NOT COME FROM ME!

In order to enter "The My Pirate Contest" go to .net/community/The_My_Pirate_contest/78185/

Also if you can be part of the staff of this contest, If you send me a massage from my homepage.

I wish you all good luck and that I love you all.