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. First an A/Note: I have tried in this story to picture how a relationship between a young teen and a rarely seen or spoken too escapee on the run from the law would develope. Even adding the fact that Sirius is Harry's previously unknown about godfather there was niether the time nor the bonding to have formed anything more than friendliness toward each other. Restrictions on both parties would have prevented the much written about father figure relationship. I never got to meet my godparents until I was 14 and guess what. I wasnt in the slightest bit interested in them other than to politely ask how they were. Once. So in this little tale expect a diferent reaction from the normal fanfiction when Harry speaks of Sirius. merlinsaprentice1.


Harry's House 1. Hermione


Harry Potter having stayed at his relatives' house for three weeks had moved and now was staying at his own house in Grimmauld Place. The house that had been left to him by his recently deceased godfather Sirius Black; he was home from school for the summer holidays after a rather busy and somewhat dangerous fifth year at Hogwarts School for witches and wizards.

Harry paced nervously around his bedroom; he could not remember how many days he had been holed up in this room not speaking to anyone. No one at all was coming up to talk to him, or disturb him, or to ask how he was. But he was pleased about it in a way, he had had time for some really serious thinking since the night of the battle in the department of mysteries at the ministry. The night he had seen his godfather die, even worse he had almost lost his best friend Hermione that night, and that was a thing that had scared him so much more than he would have ever thought possible.

When he was at Privet Drive he had been left alone to think about all that had happened, to come to conclusions without knowing all the facts. Now he was at Grimmauld place and he had had some more alone time to think. More time to understand a few previously baffling puzzles, time to know he needed to know the facts before he came to any conclusions. He was thoroughly ashamed of himself for yelling at Hermione the day he had arrived here, and now he determined to go and apologise, to tell her some of what he had been thinking and what he had decided to do.

Creeping down the stairs to the floor where the girl's shared room was, Harry paused and looked around. Holding his breath and listening for any sound that might mean he was not the only one out of bed at two in the morning. Satisfied that he was safe he slowly made his way to the room Hermione shared with Ginny Weasley. Cautiously he opened the door and slowly squeezed into the room. On tip toe he silently approached Hermione's bed; he watched her sleeping for a few seconds thinking about how peaceful and angelic she looked lying there with her hair spread out over her pillow. He noticed the calm smile on her lips as she obviously dreamt about something pleasant, then plucking up his courage he gently shook her shoulder. As Hermione began to wake Harry cast a silencing charm around her bed, hoping to prevent the girl in the next bed from hearing them and waking. Satisfied that Hermione had recognised him and the need for silence he lifted the charm.

"Can we talk? Down in the kitchen," he whispered in her ear.

Hermione nodded and as Harry left the room she quietly got up from her bed put on her dressing gown then followed him down to the kitchen two floors below.

Hermione like everyone else who knew that Harry's godfather had died in the ministry fight, had been instructed by their headmaster not to bother Harry at all while he stayed the first three weeks of the holiday at his hated aunt's house. They were not to write to him or to send him any parcels. They were instructed not to contact him in any way at all. She had questioned the instructions quite vigorously for the first few days of the holiday, but she had bowed to the supposed authority of Dumbledore even though she knew that Harry would be furious with them when they finally met up again. A fact that she now knew to be quite true. He had indeed been furious at them all for not keeping him informed about current events, especially the most important it seemed, was her health. His yelling at them on his arrival had made them all cautious about disturbing him further and so against her better judgement she had left him alone, greeting him only when he came down for meals. As she crept down to the kitchen to talk to him she thought that he might finally want to talk about his loss. It was after all what all the adults kept talking about. Repeatedly saying how bad he was actually taking Sirius's death.

Harry filled the kettle and placed it quietly on the stove. Hermione might just need a nice cup of tea after he had said what he was thinking about. He was just placing two mugs next to the freshly brewed pot of tea on the table when Hermione joined him.

"Harry, what time is it, is this so important we have to talk in the middle of the night?" she asked as she crossed the room to sit with him at the kitchen table. "Do you want to talk about Sirius?"

Harry smiled at her as he poured the fresh tea in to the two mugs, "Hermione, how well did you know Sirius?"

Hermione looked at him and wondered why he would ask such an odd question, he knew exactly how long and how well she knew the man. "Er, not very well, why?"

"So you didn't know him very well, did you know him well enough to be completely devastated and broken up about his death? The truth now," Harry said as he poured them their tea.

"Well, I… that is… no not really, again why are you asking?" she replied not knowing where he was leading.

"I'll get to the why in a while, so you did not know him all that well really then?" Harry asked between sips of the hot beverage.

"No I didn't but why…?" she was saying before he cut her off.

"So why then is it that everyone seems to think that I knew him any better than you. I mean you Ginny and Ron got to spend a heck of a lot more time with him than I did. All this pussy footing around everyone is doing is driving me mad. You know I hardly knew Sirius at all even though he was my godfather and I have no clue what so ever who my godmother is. I doubt I spent more than five or six hours in his company since he escaped, and maybe half of that time we actually spoke to each other no more than a few words. I admit I did like the idea of living with him, but then I would like the idea of living with anyone even a troll as long as I get away from those evil Dursleys. Every one is making me feel guilty because I don't miss him, not like they keep saying I should." Harry told her watching the understanding come to her.

"So you've been hiding from everyone because you did not want them to know you were not really grieving," she exclaimed.

"Actually, I haven't been hiding; everyone has been avoiding me, it's like I have the plague. That's why I've stayed up in my room; anyway that's not really important right now. I want to talk to you about something, but first I need to tell you, you might not like what I am about to say," Harry said his face gaining a tinge of red.

Hermione took a long sip of her tea and then took a deep breath as though bracing her self "I'm listening."

Harry looked around the room, he was going to start pacing as he told her, but realised what he was about to do and decided it might be rude. Taking a deep breath he thought well here goes nothing.

"I've been thinking about that night at the ministry, more specifically I was thinking of you. I'm sorry I yelled at you when I first arrived here," Harry held up his hand to stop her saying anything before he continued. "As I was saying I'm sorry for yelling at you, the only excuse I have is that I was jealous. I was jealous of Ron being here with you while I was stuck at the Dursleys. In fact I get jealous every time you are alone with Ron. When you did not write I convinced myself you had gone to the Burrow to be with Ron, and I got jealous and angry. I apologise to you for that, I know I have no right to be feeling this way, but since I saw you fall at the ministry I have had time to understand and face my feelings, and I realised exactly what you mean to me. I have finally been able to understand what my feelings for you are. I know I'm only a teenager and I'm sorry if you don't like it, but I am in love with you, and there is nothing I can do about it. Well, that's it, that's what I wanted to tell you. I hope we can still be friends now you know." Harry took a deep breath then with his hands shaking slightly he tried to take a drink of his tea without spilling it.

Hermione sat staring at Harry for quite some time without speaking; making him feel a little uncomfortable and he began to fidget. After what seemed like hours to Harry she began to speak. "I… er… well, er… I mean, wow!" She said her eyes still glued to Harry's face.

Harry hadn't a clue what to do now that he had said his piece and he began to wish he had thought a little bit past the actual part of telling her. "Okay, I'll leave you in peace now, I'll just go up to my room out of the way again," he stuttered.

As he moved to get up from his chair Hermione grabbed his hand "Hang on Harry James Potter, you can't wake me up in the middle of the night. Tell me you are in love with me, and then just leave me sitting here."

Harry looked red faced at the table and admitted "I spent so long working out how to tell you I never thought about what would happen after I told you."

"Now that's more like my Harry, dive in before checking the water," she laughed "so what do we do now, I mean I really like you Harry, but we can't really try dating while we are stuck here can we?" she said smiling at his embarrassment.

"I don't know, I just… we could try to be more than friends," he answered.

"Are you asking me to be your girlfriend?" Hermione said going slightly red herself for the first time that morning.

"Er… yes, if you want to that is?" he answered hesitantly.

Hermione gave him a shy smile; she had expected Ron to ask her. She knew Ron had fancied her for quite a while, but she had not once suspected that Harry could fancy her. Not when nearly every witch between eleven and a hundred years of age would willingly throw them selves at him. Specially some rather beautiful girls at school they knew. She had fallen for Harry her self back in the third year when riding buck beak with him, but only this summer she had decided he would never fancy her so she should look at Ron as a possible boyfriend, and now suddenly all her dreams were coming true. "Okay," she answered.

"You mean it, you will be my girlfriend. Er… can I kiss you? I mean I have dreamed about kissing you since the Yule ball when I saw you walk down those stairs looking so beautiful, and well we don't really need to date to get to know each other. I mean you always seem to know exactly what I'm thinking and feeling, so I think we have passed that stage. In fact we have lived together for the past five, nearly six years apart from sleeping together, so we could bypass dating altogether. Maybe even get engaged, or married," Harry babbled as a huge smile crossed his face.

Hermione placed a finger on his lips and whispered "Shush up babbling and kiss me."

Hermione had never kissed anyone before except for the kiss on the cheek she had given Harry at the station, and she had never been kissed except by her mum, dad and family, and once by Viktor Krum and all of them had simply placed polite friendly or fatherly type kisses on her cheeks. Taking a deep breath and realising that she was about to be given her first romantic kiss she smiled then leaned toward him.

Harry stood from his chair and gently leaned over placing his slightly parted lips carefully on Hermione's. All the clichés that were constantly put into the romantic novels of her mothers that she read happened to Hermione as their lips met, the earth shook, fireworks flashed across her eyelids, her flesh tingled and her stomach did flip flops, her blood raced like fire through her veins, and she knew if she had been standing she would have fallen weak kneed to the floor.

Harry broke the kiss and leaned back before he smiled at Hermione who had not moved a muscle since he broke the contact of their lips. Her eyes were still closed and she had a huge smile on her face. Assuming she had enjoyed the first kiss Harry placed himself into a more comfortable position and kissed her again. This time instead of kissing her in the same way, he let his lips open just a little more. He then gently pressed his tongue against her lips slowly moving it left then right. Moments later her mouth opened and their tongues were caressing each other, they both unknowingly stood up and moved around the table bringing their bodies close together. Her arms wrapped around his neck while his left hand went around her waist pulling her in tight to his body, his other hand delved into the hair on the back of her head holding her in the kiss.

Hermione had never felt this way before; she had never even imagined feeling this way before. She was floating on a cloud, her heart was pounding in her breast and her brain had disengaged. Finally as Harry pulled away from her for the second time she slowly regained some of her senses.

"I love you Harry," she whispered without realising she had spoken the thought out loud; her long buried secret was out.

Harry had read a little and he had seen actors on the TV kissing, that was where he had learned how to kiss. But he had not been expecting the reactions that flooded through his body. Amazingly pleasant happy feelings that were totally alien to him assaulted him, shutting down his thought process and making his nerves tingle, and his blood to change flow direction. All his blood seemed to have left his head and travelled to a different part of his anatomy. He felt the powerful desire both physical and mental to make this woman his life mate; he wanted her to be the one to bear his children, to grow old with him. Feeling light headed and extraordinarily happy he could quite easily have floated away. He could feel his magical core growing and expanding becoming free, then slowly his mind began to work again.

"Oh Wow," was all he managed to say. Hermione was still incapable of speaking; she was still up on a cloud. Her body was still reeling and tingling from the assault of all the amazing feelings that had flooded through her entire being.

Just half an hour of hand holding and shared kisses had passed when Harry suggested it was time they went back to bed before his desires got the better of him. Chuckling they agreed to pick up where they left off first thing in the morning. They held hands as they walked up to her bed room; they then shared another passionate kiss before Hermione went dreamily to her bed. Her greatest fantasy now a reality. She could not stop smiling as she climbed into bed, and went back to sleep to dream once again of her Harry and what his kisses did to her.

Harry did a sort of dance as he made his way back up to his room, he could not remember ever being so happy. Hermione had said she loved him. He knew when she said it she had not meant for him to hear, and even now he was sure she had not realised she said it out loud. The first person to ever tell him she loved him was the girl that featured in all his pleasant dreams. The girl he knew for certain he loved. He was a very happy guy as he climbed into his bed and whispered into the darkness "Good night sweetheart, I love you too."

Both Harry and Hermione were late getting up and coming down for breakfast in the morning, Mrs Weasley looked suspiciously at them as they smiled shyly at each other over their good morning greeting. After breakfast Harry asked Hermione if she fancied doing some studying in the library. Five minutes after they had entered the room their kissing was interrupted by Mrs Weasley walking in the room, she did not actually catch them kissing nor did she say anything but she did give them yet another dark suspicious look.

Their time in the library was cut short when the Weasley matriarch dragged them both out to help clean out one of the top floor rooms. For the whole week when ever they got a chance to be together Mrs Weasley found them and gave them something to do. Usually cleaning or polishing that did not really need to be done. On the Saturday night Harry left Hermione outside her bedroom door after sharing only one quick peck on the lips all day, those few seconds the only time they had been free to get anywhere close to kissing all day. Then feeling annoyed with the Weasleys he went up to his bed. An hour after he got into bed he was awoken by Hermione who had waited for Ginny to fall asleep before creeping up to his room.

The young couple talked for a little about the annoying Mrs Weasley while they held hands. Harry was getting really annoyed with what he perceived as Mrs Weasleys unwanted interference in their lives, and he was saying so to Hermione when there was a knock on his door and Mrs Weasley asked if he was alone. Annoyed, Hermione gave him a quick kiss then opened the bedroom door to face an angry Molly Weasley. She tried to explain that they had only been talking but Mrs Weasley did not want to know. She ushered Hermione off to bed then returned to tell Harry off for turning Hermione into a scarlet woman, she then slammed his door shut. As she left he heard her place wards around the door before she went to her own room.

At breakfast the next morning Harry sat at the side of Hermione and held her hand as a show of defiance. When Mrs Weasley started tutting and accusing Hermione of being a scarlet woman, Harry trying very hard to control his anger, slammed his knife and fork down hard on the table and hoping to cool his temper down he went to fetch him self a fresh glass of juice. As he sat down again at the table and slowly began on his breakfast again, Mrs Weasley decided to start tutting and talking again.

"Ronald we will move your bed in to Harry's room this afternoon, you will sleep in there from now on. No arguments from any of you." She said in her bossy I will have my way voice.

Ron was not hiding the fact that he was gloating about how his mother was keeping Harry and Hermione apart, as far as he was concerned Hermione Jane Granger was going to be his and no one had the right to step between him and the future as he saw it. He had been giving Harry hassle by interrupting them and calling his mother into rooms if he caught the two together. After all Hermione was going to be his. Harry was going to marry Ginny, his mum said so. They were all going to be one huge happy family. His jealousy toward Harry was showing quite freely as he sat at the table gloating at Harry "Ok mum I'll keep them company when you are busy," he said with a huge grin on his smug face.

That was the last straw for Harry, slamming his utensils on the table and standing up he turned on Ron. "You will not put your bed in my room; you will not be sleeping in my room. I have to suffer your bloody thunderous snoring at school as it is."

As Harry once again sat down and took a deep breath, then he heard Mrs Weasley huff, and as he glanced across the table at her she began once more. "Now don't argue Harry, as I said Ron will be sleeping in your room till you go back to school. Now no more nonsense, I will not have that sort of thing going on under this roof," Mrs Weasley said as though that were the end of the matter.

Harry stood up one more time and took hold of Hermione's hand, pulling her out of her chair away from the table and over to the sink where he turned to angrily face Mrs Weasley.

"I don't know who the hell you think you are to sit in 'my' home, and insult 'my' girlfriend or to tell 'me' what to do. But this is 'my' house not yours. You will not tell me what I can and can not do. Now I want the lot of you out of 'my' house. You are no longer welcome in this house, the whole lot of you. All you Weasleys and every other member of the bloody order can go and find some where else to live, find some one else to scrounge and steal off. NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE," Harry yelled having completely lost his temper.

As he finished yelling a loud creaking noise came from somewhere within the walls, it began quietly and grew louder. Then a huge magical force seemed to come from the very walls pushing the Weasleys bodily from the room. Harry and Hermione watched fascinated as the red headed family were forced to the front door, and then unceremoniously ejected out into the street. Loud thunder like crashes were heard as all the wards placed by Dumbledore and the other order of the phoenix members collapsed and were replaced by the houses own ancient wards. Having some how been affected by Harry's anger the house took on the 'under siege' mode built into its very fabric to protect the family, erecting wards that neither Dumbledore nor Voldemort knew about or would be able to breach.

Arthur Weasley who had been sleeping after some long hard days at the ministry was rudely awakened when he was thrown from his bed, and then forced still in his pyjamas out of the front door of 12 Grimmauld place; he was sitting on the pavement staring uncomprehendingly at the no longer visible house. "What just happened?" he asked no one in particular.

"Well mum started the day off by insulting Hermione in front of Harry who is now her boyfriend. Then she once again tried to keep Harry and Hermione apart from each other by telling Ron he was to put his bed in Harry's room, against Harry's wishes. To top it all off she tried to tell Harry what he can and can't do in his own home. I think that about sums it up," Ginny said scowling at her mother.

"Ginny dear what did you mean when you said 'once again tried to keep them apart from each other'?" Arthur asked looking from Ginny to his wife and back.

"Well since mum realised they were falling for each other and had been kissing each other, she has done all sorts of things to keep them apart. She placed wards around Harry's bedroom door; she has been making them clean out rooms, polish furniture, that sort of thing. She would never let them be in the same room together alone. With mum and Ron interfering they haven't had a free minute together all week since Harry asked Hermione to be his girlfriend. Not a minute without mum or Ron hovering over them. Then this morning the first thing she did was to accuse Hermione of being a scarlet woman, what ever one of them is. I don't know why she was being so cruel and out of date, it's like we were living in a past century," Ginny said being honest with her father.

A still very tired Arthur looked at his wife standing on the footpath staring at where she thought the house to be, she was dressed in her pinafore and slippers, "What did you do this time you stupid bloody woman?" he asked with an exasperated sigh.

Before she could answer, all their trunks, clothes, and books, shoes, papers, order files and everything else they owned or the order owned started to fall onto the paving around them, appearing as if from nowhere. "You really did it this time." Arthur growled at Molly.

"Well they were getting too close, kissing and things." Molly replied as if that was justification for getting them thrown out onto the street.

"They're sixteen years old, they are allowed to kiss and much more, they can get married if they want to," Arthur said exasperated.

"But she was kissing Harry; he should be kissing Ginny not her." Mrs Weasley said.

"You stupid, arrogant, idiotic, tiny brained bloody fool, you can't make their choices for them. You can't have your stupid one big happy family just because you want things that way, have you no brain at all woman. Just because you get your way at home in the Burrow with your own children doesn't mean you can rule the lives of other people's children. Do I really need to have you committed to St Mungo's mental ward or what?. Now what do we do?" Arthur was fuming mad with his apparently just plain and simply mad wife.

"Er dad?"

"Yes Ron, what the heck is it now?"

"Does this mean I don't get to finish breakfast?" Ron asked.

Arthur Weasley just bowed his head and shook it, "Don't ask such stupid questions you dense greedy pig. Why me, what did I ever do?" he asked in a quiet defeated type voice looking up at the sky for an answer.


Inside the house Hermione asked Harry for an explanation about what had just happened. He had never intended to say anything about it but he had been pushed to far by Ron's jealousy. The thought of Ron being constantly jealous of everything Harry had without once thinking of what it cost him on top of this odd woman who seemed to think she was the great 'I am' he finally lost his temper with the meddling in his life by other people.

Resigning himself to the fact that he would need to have Hermione's support in this he reluctantly led her into the parlour where he handed over the first annual account sheet he had ever received. It had arrived from Gringotts earlier in the week. He told her that the Weasleys were living in his house, eating his food, spending his money, spoiling his holiday and royally screwing up his snogging times, all without asking his permission. No one had even bothered to ask him if they could share his home or eat his food, or spend his money. She already knew they had been here when he arrived, and it had been Ron that had invited her to stay, she felt a little guilty for a moment then realised she was being silly, Harry would have wanted her with him no matter what.

Hermione was appalled by the amount of Harry's money that had been spent this year already. Money for all the food and drink consumed by the order of the phoenix members, and the Weasleys, along with numerous items of clothing including all the Weasleys school clothes, books and other school related stuff. Mr and Mrs Weasleys new robes, and several pairs of shoes, quite a few trinkets and other sundries and items, plus two new brooms had all been charged to Harry's vault. Several thousand galleons had in fact been spent over the as yet short summer holiday. Harry told Hermione that he was going to ignore it all but he could not allow anyone to insult her, and lay down the rules in his own house, on top of every thing else.

Hermione did not say a word, she turned away from him, then with her face showing deep anger and concentration she raised her wand pointed it through the door and said "Accio everything that belongs to the Weasleys and the order of the phoenix," and then as stuff began to float into the room with a deft flick of her wrist she dumped everything except the new brooms out of the nearest now open windows. With a satisfied sigh she turned back to Harry, "Now where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?" she asked.

Grinning broadly Harry sat down at the table and pulled Hermione into his lap, they spent the next few minutes finishing breakfast and moved on to kissing and making up for some of the interruptions they had had to suffer from Mrs Weasley during the past few days.