Disclaimer, I would never have put Hermione with Ron after the way he treats her, it is so wrong to show an abusive relationship as 'true love' too kids as young as eight or nine. So the Potter books are definitely not mine, they belong to JK Rowling as do the characters.


Harry's House 3. The Epilogue


A rather short epilogue to the story (well sort of)

Having moved in with the Grangers and settled into one of the three guest bedrooms, directly opposite Hermione's room because she claimed she wished to keep an eye on him to make sure he was ok. Harry and Hermione were extremely happy that he was no longer subject to any of Dumbledore's manipulations and he was also free of the Dursley's who due to Amelia, a medical examination, and Harry's evidence were each serving five years in a muggle prison. His cousin Dudley was locked away in an institute for violent and disturbed teenagers.

Harry discovered very soon after arriving at his new home that he had no need to sneak around to get a kiss from his girlfriend. The Grangers realising that the two teens who were now officially engaged, were going to be spending a lot of time together while they them selves went to work at their dental practice, decided it was not worth saying anything. If Harry and Hermione were going to do anything then they would, there would be no way to stop them unless some one gave up their job. Besides both teens were now sixteen and legally old enough to get married if they wished to do so.

Harry and Hermione had a serious talk about getting married almost imediately but decided that they should wait until they had finished their training. Hermione revealed that she wanted a family just as much as Harry did and with their wedding set for the following summer she wanted her first baby to be born early the summer after that.

Griphook was true to his word and he had supplied them with Goblin trainers. Harry and Hermione both picked up Goblin magic quite quickly, and surprised Griphook when after just six months they were becoming quite proficient at casting spells. As soon as their Goblin trainers had finished training them in the basics they were left to develop their skill by them selves just as the Goblin young were. Griphook then supplied them with several witches and wizards, who with rigorous training soon had the young teens ready to take their NEWT exams. Madam Pomfrey taught them healing and the Madam Bones arranged for a private exam session in the ministry DMLE department.

Harry passed all his exams just as Hermione did; he just passed everything but defence with slightly lower marks than Hermione, who as expected scored the highest marks ever recorded. In the defence exam he set a new record by getting his master of defence degree handed to him based on his exam results.

On the same day that Harry and Hermione had finished their Goblin training and their NEWT level wizard training. Molly Weasley was released from prison looking nothing like the woman she had been when sentenced to twelve months for theft. She was thin and pale, her nights filled with nightmares of Dementors, and her personality seemed to have changed as well. She was no longer the bossy overbearing mouth piece she had been. Instead the woman that Arthur Weasley collected from Azkaban was quiet and seemed a little shy when with people outside her immediate family. She also found on her return home that she still owed and was expected to pay back the eleven thousand galleons she had mis used.

Albus Dumbledore had struggled and failed to find him self a representative to take on his defence when he came up for trial on kidnap charges. The old man seemed rather amazed at just how long people's memories were, once they were restored, and how many people sitting on the Wizengamot he had ridden roughshod over in his time as a member of the wizarding government. His trial lasted just three days when it was discovered that his only defence was going to be 'he did everything for the greater good'.

According to 97 percent of the Wizengamot that gave the verdict of guilty, they were all truly sick of hearing such claims from habitual criminals. Sentenced to life for his kidnap and imprisonment of Harry James Potter, along with numerous other crimes supposedly done for the greater good. Albus Dumbledore roared at his judges that they would be begging him to help them fight Voldemort before the end of the year. Most of the judges laughed at him as he was led away to his final home. Of course no one ever considered asking Dumbledore's advice after the sentence was passed and he spent the last years of his life in virtual obscurity while keeping several Dementors entertained in Azkaban.

During their training Hermione had found a note book amongst Dumbledore's possessions that detailed his theories about Tom Riddle using an ancient and evil ritual to tear his soul into pieces and to place those pieces into specific items of value to the insane dark lord. Both teens had been truly worried about this turn of events until Hermione discovered in the Black library a hand written book from the year 1453 while searching for anything on Horcruxes.

The title of the book was 'The heartland massacre' the writer told a true story of witch hunts that had spread through the heartlands of Britain, it seemed they were more brutal and widespread in the Yorkshire area. There was a chapter devoted to a small village of magical people who had heard of the mythical Horcrux and how the ritual could keep a person alive forever. Through mutual agreement the entire population of the village, 23 people in all, had attempted to complete the ritual but each and every one of them died before they could complete it. According to witnesses they died the instant their soul was damaged and they attempted to remove it from the body. In the same book Hermione read how a wizard or witch if powerful enough could tie their soul to the earth by using an anchor, they would then be able to live like a demon by possessing people or animals.

From what they knew about Voldemort, his possession of snakes, and then Quirrell, then an attempt to possess Ginny Weasley and finally his possession of his magically constructed body, both Harry and Hermione agreed that Dumbledore's idea was totally wrong. Everything pointed to Voldemort being dead but having the demon like abilities described in the ancient book. All they needed to find was what he had used as his anchor. It would need to be something he thought would last forever, neither of them could see him using something that was man, Goblin or Elf made because those sort of things did not last forever. For someone who craved immortality it had to be something that would not fade with the passage of time, something that it seemed would last for ever.

Both teens thought about it at the same time. The one place Tom Riddle felt would last for all time had to be the chamber of secrets because it would still be there long after Hogwarts had gone and disintegrated to dust. Voldemort had tied his soul to some thing that was part of the one place he thought was safe from ever being found.

Voldemort's continual attempts on Harry's life made more sense to Hermione once they had come to their conclusion. Harry was the only other parcel mouth alive; he was the only threat to Voldemort's soul anchor. They just needed to get into the school then carry out a reveal and releasing ritual Hermione had found and Voldemort would be gone for good. The ritual would be their last battle as Tom Riddle's soul fought hard against them sending it on to it's final destiny.

Four months after having performed the ritual Harry and Hermione, who were celebrated as hero's, left the running of their world to the finally Voldemort free wizards and witches of Britain who voted in a government that was anti bigot and was anti racial discrimination as well as anti dark lords and their followers.

Harry and Hermione as a couple along with Helen and Richard Granger moved back into 12 Grimmauld place so that they could over see the work to modernise Harry's house.

Hermione had come to love the house. It was the house where she had realised her love for her fiancée. Where he had told her he loved her, where they had shared their first kiss, and where they would finally share their bodies. The house she had come to look on as their home she no longer looked on it as Harry's house, for her it was their home; it was the house where they would raise their family when they started to have their children. Hopefully within the next twelve months.

She had no doubts that she and Harry would be together for all time and on into eternity. Hermione Jane Granger was betrothed to the last of the Potters, and she had promised him he would not remain the last Potter and she intended to keep that promise soon, very, very soon.

August 14th was a beautiful sunny day. Harry waited at the front of the local chapel with Neville Longbottom as he watched the beautiful woman in white approaching on her fathers arm, the nerves had his knees knocking until the moment when Richard placed her hands in his. Both Hermione and Harry joined the few other women in shedding a tear. Harry because he knew how much he had gained over the past year thanks to the woman he loved loving him back. Hermione shed her tears through happiness knowing that together they could now share a normal life. Well as normal as the greatest witch this century and the hero of the entire wizarding world could get.

She was also looking forward to expanding her family as soon as she could, and she planned for it to be soon, very soon.