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Title:Drawing Love.

Summary: Bella needs money and resorts to babysitting duties. She ends up having to babysit a six year old Alice and then bumps into her older gorgeous brother. What she doesn't know is that Edward is a troubled boy with many issues, will she help solve them?

Chapter one. Touched

Bella's POV

I stared down at the piece of card in my hand that the babysitting agency had given to me. I walked up the long driveway and rang the doorbell once.

Alice Cullen…


Where had I heard that name before? It sounded so familiar. I was sure I knew someone by that name. Cullen…?

The parents of six-year old Alice were called Esme and Carlisle Cullen. Esme was a designer whereas Carlisle was a doctor at Fork's local hospital. I had known this fact because I knew Dr Cullen from the emergency room. But that wasn't the reason that the name 'Cullen' was familiar to me.

"Hello dear", said a voice bringing me crashing back to earth on the doorsteps of the Cullens. In front of me stood a friendly-looking lady with caramel coloured hair and a heart shaped face. Her warmth and soft features reminded me somehow of snow white. She smiled warmly at me.

"Err…hi, I'm Bella", I introduced. She nodded as if she knew it all. But I had to elaborate, "From the babysitting agency."

She beamed like Christmas had come early and gestured me in.

"Nice to meet you, Bella", said Esme smiling brightly. She took my coat and dropped it on the hook beside the door. She led me to what looked like that family sitting room. I recognised Dr Cullen who was trying to hold back something with trouble.

"She's here! She's here!" the 'something' screamed. Before I knew it, I saw a blur of black hair and suddenly a small little girl had attached herself to my left leg. It all happened so fast I barely even noticed.

I looked down, amazed at the sudden speed. The little girl, Alice I presumed, was talking at full haste.

"I'm Alice. You're my sitter! I like you. You smell nice. We're going to have so much fun together! Would you like to see my collection of dolls? I've got them all", she giggled looking up at me. She had nice hazel eyes and dark spiky hair. Her face was heart shaped like her mother's. She wore a cute little pink dress and matching shoes. I noticed the little sparkle in her eyes. But she was still blabbering, "Do you wanna play now, or eat now? I made a nice picture of what I thought you would look like? But you look much prettier now. I like you. Do you like me?"

"Alice, honey, maybe you should give Bella time to breathe first" suggested Carlisle tugging Alice off of me.

"Bella! That's a pretty name. Do you think it' a pretty name, daddy?" asked Alice untangling herself and tilting her head to the left curiously.

"It's a very pretty name, sweetie", said Esme patting Alice on her head, "why don't you and daddy go play upstairs whilst I talk to Bella about some important things."

"I wanna talk to Bella", whined Alice, her eyes watering.

"No sweetie, its adult things", said Carlisle softly. He picked up Alice and began making his way upstairs.

"Bella", breathed Esme with a rueful expression, "take a seat honey. Sorry about Alice, she's a little...energetic at times."

"That's ok, Mrs Cullen. I'm sure Alice and I will get along fine", I assured her. I couldn't let her think that I couldn't handle a six-year old. Normally I was ok with little children. My mother, before she past away had told me that I had a natural maternity side to me.

My mother died of cancer when I was twelve years old. Being sixteen now, a teenage girl, I missed her a lot. But I had my dad, Charlie, the chief of police in the little town forks, to take care of me.

Charlie and I got on ok. We didn't really converse much which was ok with me. He didn't ask questions and I would cook his dinner. He didn't pry and I would let him eat the dinner.

"I'm sure you will", beamed Esme smiling as brightly as ever. It was hard for me to do a little faint follow up smile after her. The way she smiled so friendly and kindly it made me miss my mother.

"Ok Bella, Carlisle and I will be out until eleven o'clock tonight", explained Esme taking a seat on her large designer sofa and gesturing me to do so as well. I sat down nervously and began to play around with the bag I had strapped around my shoulder.

"Alice behaves nicely normally", she continued offering me some juice which I politely declined, "you can just make sure that she doesn't go outside on her own and she doesn't go into the third room on the left upstairs, remember that. She'll just play with you. She's already eaten dinner and at half past six you can just supervise her as she takes a shower. She can do it all herself, just make sure she doesn't slip and hurt herself or anything. Alright?"

I nodded attentively and smiled. I could do this. Of course I could. Washing a six-year old? Easy. Washing hyper little Alice? Not so easy.

I help my best friend Rosalie with her little brother. I would look after him when she had to go out on dates. Rosalie practically raised her little 9 year old brother Jasper. Her parents were always out. On business trips and things. I love playing with Jasper, although he was only little, you could see the innocence in his eyes. Like his older sister, Jasper had blonde shiny hair. I knew he'd be a good-looking kid when he became older.

"She goes to sleep at half past seven today", said Esme sipping her tea, "you can come downstairs and help yourself to something to eat when she's asleep."

"Thank you, that's nice of you", I said to her, "but I already had dinner as well."

"Well you can watch TV or entertain yourself", she carried on. Then her smile slightly faltered as she thought, "I have a son, but he won't be back until much later on. You shouldn't bump into him or anything."

She gave me some numbers to call if there were any emergencies anything at all. I nodded and promised to call if there were any such urgency.

When Esme and Carlisle Cullen were finally out of the door at quarter past six in the evening, half an hour after I had arrived, I turned to face Alice.

"Let's play", she grinned bouncing over to me. I smiled back at her. She might've been hyper but she was still a little girl, I could cope with that much. As I followed her upstairs, I thought of little Jasper. I might have to introduce these two to eachother if I could keep the job with this family.

So far I had only babysat four different kids. All of the parents had recommended and asked for me to babysit their children again from the agency, but I refused claiming that the other babysitters could use the experience. But I wouldn't mind coming here again.


"This is Lily and this is Sally", said Alice proudly as she showed me hr two favourite teddy bears. They were both the same model with cute little pink bows around their necks. I placed the bears on either side of her and tucked the sheets around her small body.

"Do your parents read you stories or something?" I asked cautiously as I stood up. Alice shook her head, causing her hair to spray around the pillow.

"I can sleep all by myself", she said with pride. I smiled at her. Alice was by far the most enthusiastic little girl I had ever met. But that didn't make her hard to look after, it made things fun if anything. She had dragged me straight up the stairs and into her room when her parents had gone; we played with her vast quantity of toys, bears, dolls and games for a while before I had to tell her she had to get read for bed. She liked showering which was a surprise to me because I knew that I hated water and 'bath time' until I was at least nine years old. But she washed herself, blushing slightly when she was undressed in my gaze.

Helped her put on some silky pyjama, pink of course and also to brush her hair.

I headed downstairs after hearing her evened breathing and soft snores. Settling myself on the sofa, I got out my school homework and began to get to work.

I suppose I wasn't the average 16 year old teenager. Most would be having fun, not doing homework on a Saturday night. My best friend Rosalie always said I looked after people too much. That I didn't let anyone look after me in return though. And that I didn't party enough.

Being tall, blonde and well developed, Rosalie Hale was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever met. She had no trouble getting dates and being social.I would say I was exactly her opposite. I was quiet, shy and not the hottest thing around. I had boring brown air and matching eyes. My skin was an unhealthy pale colour and I could never get a tan.

Groaning at my unfinished English essay, I stuffed it back into my bag. I could finish it later. I pulled out my most priced possession to cheer myself up.

My drawing book.

Of course I had tons of art pads and sketchbooks back at home. Filled with my personal art. My own creations. Art was my way of expressing myself. Or just a way I liked to keep records of things. I liked drawing people I had met. I wanted to try and make sure their images didn't get lost. Because when people grow up, they change and I didn't want them to. I liked things as they were. I wanted to keep it that way. Art was my way of holding on to the good things in my life.

I was about to start drawing when I heard a noise outside. It sounded like something metallic falling down. It caught my attention immediately. I went into the kitchen and opened the back door.


There was nothing in the small dark garden. Not that I could see much anyway. It was probably just a fox or a cat.

I go myself some water and accidentally spilt some on the counter. Grabbing the kitchen cloth, I tried to mop it up. Unfortunately, I dropped more water and the cloth fell to my feet. Groaning in frustration I bent down to pick it up. As I bent down, something cold and icy brushed again the bare skin of my back.

And I froze.

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She was beautiful. Words had failed me. I, Edward Cullen, was speechless.

In front of me stood the back of an angel. She had long waist length chestnut brown hair cascading over her shoulders. Her skin, the little bit that I could see was soft. It looked so warm and smooth. She was wiping the counter with a green cloth and holding a glass in one hand. Her fingers were pale and smooth with long unvarnished nails. She wore a thin blue blouse and a pair of jeans that showed her ass perfectly. And all I wanted to do was to touch that ass.

I saw that soft creamy skin and had to reach over and brush my fingers on it...

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