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Chasing Pavements

Chapter 1 – Burns Like Summer Sun

I've been sitting on the floor for probably over half an hour. As I empty my last box, with a big smile on my face, it hits me; I'm in my new, 'albeit tiny', living room and I couldn't be happier. There is a peculiar glee about leaving one's parent's house for good. Don't get me wrong, I love my family, but they are maddening in the most remarkable way. Well, really, it was the expected behavior; I had to love them, right? I'm sure that I'm certainly going to miss home at some point, but right now my life couldn't be more perfect.

Ok, who am I kidding? This is not a movie where the pretty country girl makes her way into the big city, finds some fancy job and her prince charming, white horse and everything. This is far from that idealistic "perfect" scene, however it is the best that it can get, in my opinion. I'm happy with the way things are. I finally left my hometown, moving to Shreveport to start my Bachelor's degree in Architecture at Louisiana State University. I have a roommate, I'm looking for an internship, I'm currently a size 8, and I just found my missing "The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain" DVD inside one of my boxes… 'Yeah, things couldn't be better for you, Sookie.'

It's not like I don't want more from life, I do. I'm ambitious; I want a great job and a fat paycheck at the end of each month. I want to see my name associated with some famous architecture studio. I'm a positive person… but I'm also realistic. Though, I wasn't always this way; I used to be a dreamer. I used to make plans and believe in happy endings. However, things change, life happens and you get tougher with each new step. I learned fast; I had to. I chose to live and never let myself get hurt again. Thus far, I've succeeded.

I grin like a fool, arranging my belongings so lost in thought that I almost don't hear my cell phone ringing.


"Hi, sis. Mom said to call you and see if everything is alright. You know how she worries…" Jason says, sounding totally disinterested.

"Oh, I'm just fine, Jason. Sorry that you had to make the sacrifice to pick up the phone and call me," I answer with a little sarcasm, out of habit. "Tell her when she gets home from work that I'm fine; everything is going great and I will visit you guys next weekend."

"Yes, yes… Don't have too much fun, Sook. Or I may have to ruin your little party. Ha ha," he kindly warns me before hanging up.

Jason is such a selfish jerk, always making my life more difficult than it already is. He is a self-centered little brat, just two years younger than me, but seems so much more. If you get to know him well, you would know what I mean. He has this awful habit of making me feel bad about my accomplishments. I was always the number one in high school, the good student, a straight A's type of girl where he was just an average student, mommy's little boy. She only had eyes for him when we were kids, even when he started having problems with school; he passed too much time on the computer doing nothing useful. I guess this was a privilege that comes with being the youngest child. You get to be spoiled, loved, overly cared for… I didn't mind at the time; I took care of myself. I was always that person, mature and independent, ever since I was really young.

My mom had to work hard at Bon Temps Bank to give us a decent life, since my father, who only knew how to be a farmer, didn't make much in his chosen profession. They didn't like it at first when I told them that I needed to leave home to pursue my dream career, especially my mom. We fought almost every day; two head strong proud women can't really get anywhere. But after some extensively discussions, my entire family finally understood and I moved out.

I brush the thoughts away and rise, cleaning the dust off of my butt. 'Geez, this place really needs a clean.' I glance to the clock; it's almost noon. When I finish settling my things in their right places, I hear voices and the sound of the door unlocking. Feeling started, I turn to see who it is, and quickly calm down when I realize the noise is coming from a beautiful blonde with two boxes in her well manicured hands.

"Oh! Hi, Pam… I wasn't expecting you before midday," I say, genuinely surprised to see her so early, while walking toward her to take one of her boxes. She looks delightful in her designer jeans, pink sweater, and ballerina flats.

"Aw, Hi Sookie. I thought you weren't here yet. I had a little help so I was able to get here earlier. It's everything ok?" she asks, a little baffled, turning her head away from the door to gaze at me helping her out. "Thanks, Sweetie."

"Yeah, everything is great. I just finished unpacking as you can see." I beam at her, putting the box on the floor to hug my new friend. As I start to turn toward Pam, I become aware of the best-looking man I had ever seen by the doorway holding a huge box. He's incredibly tall with a marble-like complexion, beautiful blond hair loosely tied into a ponytail, broad shoulders, impressive arms exposed in his black tank top, strong thighs nicely wrapped up in some old expensive jeans, and unsettling blue eyes. I may have stood there, staring with my mouth open, arms suspended in mid motion, for hours, who knows?

"Ahem, Sookie. This is my brother Eric. He came to help us with the moving. Eric, this is Sookie, my lovely roommate." Pam makes the presentations while clinging to me, probably saving me from more embarrassments. She grins at me with clear amusement.

"Hi, Sookie. It's nice to meet you," he answers with a smirk, noticing my little display. "Now where can I put these boxes and the rest of your stuff, Pam?"

By then, I'm beet red and so taken aback by this gorgeous man that I probably would have said something stupid, so I just smile and nod in return. I knew Pam had a brother, but had never met him. She was from a loaded family and could have rented an apartment on her own, a really great one for sure, not this small two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen and living room condo. Instead, she decided to live without her parent's money, starting to make her own for a change, only accepting their help to pay for her college. Pam and I met just a couple months ago, while visiting the LSUS facilities; we liked each other instantly. We had shared seats on the tour bus and a sandwich for lunch that day, so we had plenty of time to talk and become good friends. It was odd how two quite different girls got along so well and so fast, I love her just the way she is and I know she feels the same way about me too, that's how it worked.

After awhile, Pam asks for my opinion, "Hey Sook, where do you think Eric should put the couch, by this wall or that wall?"

"Probably this wall here, so we can put the TV there, when we get one." I tell her quickly as I evaluate the space in the room and try different positions in my head.

"Oh, we already have one, Sook. Eric gave us a flat screen as a present for our new place," Pam informs me, grinning.

"Oh God, seriously? He shouldn't have. It's too much, Pam," I blurt out. She shakes her head and gazes at me in clear disapproval. I get the hint. "Mmm… So I guess I should thank you, Eric. It's very kind of you." I turn awkwardly to look at him. He's moving the couch around, showing off his fabulous butt. I gasp at the sight. 'Jesus, Sheppard of Judah. Have I died? Is this heaven?'

The blond hunk turns his head to look sideways at me to catch me ogling his well defined butt. "It's my pleasure, Sookie." I raise my eyes to his, blushing instantly. 'God, dammit.' His voice sounded sensuous or was I hallucinating?

After an hour of arranging things around the apartment, watching Eric flow and Pam organize things quickly, I feel completely flustered. I am failing completely simply attempting to keep coherent conversation with them. I desperately need to take some fresh air. My reactions to every smooth movement Pam's brother makes are plain ridiculous. Every time I think he isn't looking, I take the opportunity to stare at him. Oh, silly me…

While putting something on the kitchen counter, he accidentally touches my forearm with his knuckles and I almost jump out my skin. I can't believe I managed to embarrass myself even more. The slightest touch from Eric makes my skin burn like the summer sun. I gaze at his strong hand, stunned for a moment, until I dare to glance into his mischievous blue eyes. Damn. He's having fun teasing me this whole time. 'Well, then.' I decide that I couldn't hold out any longer, I have to put myself together and act like the woman that I am. And what do I do? I run. 'Pff… Chicken'.

"So, Pam… we need to get some refreshments and probably some food. I already put our stuff in the kitchen, so I could go as you two finish your bedroom." I clean my hands using stiff motions and head to the chair by the door, taking my purse.

"Thanks, Sookie. We brought so many things, but we totally forgot to bring food. We could use some, sure. Would you like something Eric?"

"I could use some water. It's really hot in here." He glances at me with an amused expression on his face, tilting his head a little. "Maybe a little something to bite too…"

"Great! See y'all in a little while." I escape in a frantic way, practically running over to the door, while retrieving my car keys and coat. 'Why are you acting like crazy around him? This is absurd. You just met the man, Sookie. It's not like you never saw a handsome man before. Well, maybe not that handsome. Those eyes, that butt… Geez, calm down, girl. Come on, take a big breath.'

It's just plain weird. I seem to feel like a completely different person around him. He has this warm presence, this alluring demeanor that makes my skin ache for his touch. And I just met the freaking man. Shit. He is so out of my league. A man that gorgeous sure has a supermodel as girlfriend. Not a plain country girl like me. 'And why are you even considering this, Sookie? It's not like you wanna be his girl.' I laugh out loud at my own thought, winning some pitiful stares from passersby; they must be thinking I'm some crazy woman. However, this feeling seems oddly familiar, a little like that anticipation, that frisson, when you find yourself starting to fall in love with someone. Obviously this isn't the case. I don't believe in love at first sight. And I couldn't possibly love again, could I? No, I decide after absently checking within myself to find my heart still damaged. The story of how I ended up with a shattered heart is unbelievably sad. But aren't they all?

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