Chapter 16

Jackie woke up the next day well rested, and a little bit fatter. She went downstairs and got a bottle of water. Then went upstairs to take a shower. After her shower she got dressed, she put on her pink dress with the yellow gems, and cut she went back downstairs and got herself some breakfast. As she was cooking Valdislaus walked into the kitchen, he walked behind her and kissed the back her neck. He started to bite her neck.

Jackie: "What the hell are you doing?" Valdislaus "Making you a vampire." Jackie "I'm not ready." Valdislaus "I don't care, now shut up, this will only hurt for minute." Jackie "Stop it."

Valdislaus "I said shut up." Jackie struggled to get free, but Valdislaus was to strong for her, she gave in. Once he drained her of her life, Valdislaus bit his wrist, then put it to Jackie's mouth, she despised this very much, but she did it anyway.

Once he was finished, he carried Jackie into the living room, and laid her down on the couch. Then he left. Valdislaus went to the library. Jackie laid on the couch while she changed into a vampire. When she woke up, she felt odd. She was much more prettier. Her eyes that were a baby blue color were now much brighter. Her nails were longer. She was pale. And she had fangs. Jackie began to cry, then she ran to the library.

Jackie "You son-of - the fucking devil, what have you done to me?" Valdislaus "I made you a vampire." Jackie "Why didn't you believe me, when I told you I wasn't ready?" Valdislaus "Because I didn't want to, now you are one of what I am." Jackie: "You bastard, I wanted to wait until after the baby was born, oh my god the baby, the baby will be one of you, oh my god NO!." Valdislaus "I know isn't it so prefect?" Jackie "No its not perfect, its sicking."Jackie fell to her knees, and began to cry even more. Jackie: "Valdislaus why are you so bitter?"

Valdislaus "Because I have been lonely for the longest time, I was empty with my other brides, and now I have you, and i' m not empty or lonely anymore and I thank you for that Jackie." Jackie was crying so much, that she was shaking. Valdislaus "You fear me don't you?" JackieI "Yes I do, I'm terrified of you." ValdislausI "Good, you are just like my other brides." Jackie looked up at Valdislaus with tear filled eyes and asked "What the fuck does that mean?" Valdislaus: "Its means you are just like them. " Jackie "How am i just them?" Valdislaus "They feared me as well." JackieI "That's because if they didn't, you would have beat them and killed them." Valdislaus "Correct, how did you know." Jackie "I just did." Valdislaus "Wow, I married a smart and beautiful woman to bad that's all you are good for." Jackie got up off the floor and lunged at Valdislaus.

Jackie "Don't you ever insult me like that again, or I will kill you." Valdislaus twisted Jackie's arm around so it met her back, then he started to squeeze. Valdislaus "I would love to see you try my dear, because I'm already dead." Jackie "You are hurting me, now let me go you rotten bastard." Valdislaus kissed on the back of the neck then let her go. Valdislaus: "Now my dear will you please get out of my sight so I can reed my book." Jackie "No,I will not, not until I get some respect from you." Valdislaus "My dear Jackie, I am Valdislaus Dracula King Of All Vampires, and I respect no- one, not even my brides." Jackie "No wonder you lost your other brides." Valdislaus "And why was that?" Jackie "You had no respect for them, you know what they deserved to die, the way they did." Valdislaus "Is that so?" Jackie "Yes that's so, bye bye." Jackie walked out of the library, and went back to the kitchen where she found Amy cooking breakfast for her. Alex stopped bye for breakfast. Amy, Alex, and Jackie ate. While Valdislaus sat in the library thinking about how maybe changing Jackie into a vampire was a bad idea for sure.

Jackie "Wow."

Alex "Yeah wow."

Amy "Very cool chapter."

Valdislaus "There she goes again making me out to be a bad guy."

Jackie "Valdislaus, why don't you do all of us a favor, and SHUT UP?"

Amy and Alex clapped.

Amy "That a girl Jackie."

Alex "Yeah that's it show him who's boss."

Jackie "Valdislaus, you are so bitter, that its turned your heart into a black whole, and I' m tired of it."

Valdislaus: "But."

Jackie "But nothing, earthier you change or ways, or else i' m leaving you, and that is that."

Amy "Wow, you go girl."

Alex "Right on."

Amy "Catch ya all in chapter 17."

Alex "See ya all soon."

Jackie "See ya all in in the next chapter."