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Hermione stood staring out the library window. She was thinking about the time here at Hogwarts since her return with Severus that night four years ago.

They had both gone to see Minerva and after much teasing and false annoyance at them both from her, Minerva had told Hermione she could start her apprenticeship as soon as she wanted. Which ended up being very soon so she could stay close to the castle to be with Severus.

Harry had sent her another howler after her return too. She had luckily been inside Severus's rooms after dinner so the rest of Hogwarts didn't hear it. He was upset that they hadn't used silencing charms before "going at it like rabbits" in his library. Letting them know too that he ended up having Fred and George show up demanding to know where Hermione was since she had forgotten to let them know she was okay and not returning.

He also was upset that he had more images in his head than he had ever wanted. Hearing Hermione screaming for more and hearing Severus groaning at how tight she was wasn't good for his own sex life. He was now afraid he wouldn't be able to get another erection for at least a month.

Telling them that if they ever forgot to use a silencing spell while in his presence he would make sure they suffered thru many hours of watching the pensieves of him giving it hard to Ginny. Making sure he chose the long and dirty ones too. Just so they were both as equally traumatized as he now was.

Severus had curled his own lip at the mental image while Hermione had giggled so hard she almost fell off the sofa. She did her best to block the images until Severus made sure she saw his by projecting his thoughts to her.

Hermione had stopped laughing instantly, given a quick shudder at the image, then wrote a long letter back apologizing repeatedly. She had quickly sent it off, sending another apology to Fred and George for not letting them know what happened, then proceeded to help Severus forget those horrid images by them creating their own dirty memories for him to think of instead.

She had been given rooms of her own, but she never had used them accept for storing her clothes. Well, she had used them once when she was changing before dinner and Severus had attacked her. Making them both late for dinner but neither had cared. Though a few of the staff had chuckled at them. Noticing all the times before they both were late or absent had kind of let the cat out the bag. The students at least remained unaware.

Justin had taken her relationship well too. She had explained that she had already been seeing the potions professor when he asked her out, and she hadn't known how to turn him down without letting their relationship out. He had shrugged it off since he had started seeing a witch in Hogsmead anyway.

The students had noticed that Snape wasn't as much of a bastard anymore, and thanked whatever was responsible. The general consensus was that some brave seventh year slipped him a potion to make him nicer. Not once did any think it was due to love. Most didn't think anyone could ever love the horrible professor. Nor did they think he could love anyone in return.

Snape didn't care what they thought, and as punishment for the rumors being spread he gave every student a ten page essay to write on top of their normal homework. Just to show that he could still be a bastard. No student ever said another word about his change. Hermione had giggled immensely over the rumors, before seeing his slightly annoyed look and showing her dear professor that he was loved very much, no matter what the rumors said.

That first Christmas after expressing their love for the first time, Severus had received his very first knitted sweater from Molly. It was in Slytherin green with a big, hideous silver snake on the front, and though it lacked initials everyone knew whose it was.

Hermione had smirked as he opened it in their bed at Grimmuald Place, since they spent Christmas with Harry and Ginny who were now married. His look of confused horror making her giggle. After asking her if he actually had to wear it, she assured him that Milly would never know if he didn't. The boys certainly never wore their's anymore. Molly just liked making her family members warm ugly sweaters and scarves.

He had smiled at the gift after that, happy to be part of a family at last that seemed to accept him for who he was. Molly had adopted him like she had the rest of them and this proved it. He even tolerated her bone crushing hugs followed by her rants about not taking care of himself properly.

Everyone had gotten him presents too. He had actually seemed like a happy child on Christmas morning while tearing thru all his wrapped packages. It made her wonder if this was his first real Christmas ever. Not counting their first one together where he gave her the pendant she still wore.

Deciding to exchange their own presents later, they went to the Burrow later for dinner and to give everyone their Christmas presents. Severus shocked Hermione by actually wearing his ugly green sweater for Molly that day. She had smiled at him as she gave him a long kiss in thanks.

This of course started Molly complaining that no one else was wearing their sweaters. Which in turn made all the men glare at Severus while tossing out lewd and rude comments and threats of retribution for starting Molly's rants at everyone but him.

He had shrugged saying he hadn't meant to start anything, he just wanted Molly to see he appreciated her hard work. Making everyone groan worse since she heard him speak. Hermione had giggled so hard, she had slid off the couch with Ginny who was laughing just as hard. Happy that her friends and family were completely comfortable with Severus in her life now. Especially if they were threatening him just like they all did with each other.

Severus had just smirked at them all, an evil glint in his eyes as he thought of his own revenge if they did get him back. Which made all think twice about actually doing what they just said, though they still called out their complaints and threats. No was dumb enough to actually go through with said threats because they knew whatever Severus did as revenge would be ten times than what they did first.

After dinner, which was lovely without any pranks during it since both boys had girlfriends now to help keep them busy. They had apparated back to Grimmuald Place.

She had placed silencing spells all around their rooms. Then she had given Severus his presents which included not only another extremely rare book he had been looking for and was very happy about, but she was wearing the other present for him that left very little to the imagination.

Severus had hesitated in unwrapping her second present, which of course would have entailed him peeling the outfit off of her. She hadn't understood and thought he hadn't liked it. His throbbing erection proved otherwise. Confused, she had sat down on the bed while wondering if something was wrong.

That was when he had told her that before he made love to her, he wanted to give her his Christmas present to her first. She had smiled, understanding at last and held out her hand while closing her eyes.

He had chuckled softly at her, then took her hands in his as he squatted down in front of her. Making her open her eyes and frown at him. Then he did something that left her speechless for the second time in her life. He proposed. He had actually asked her to marry him, while opening a dark green velvet box. Inside was a ring made of goblin silver, with a deep burgundy rubies and emeralds surrounding a single heart shaped diamond.

Hermione had stared at him in shock. This time when she didn't speak, he waited, having faith that he knew her well enough to know she would say something eventually. It took her a few moments, moments he started to get a tad nervous, but she finally responded. Knocking him down as she jumped into his arms and kissed him. He almost dropped the ring, but the box shut as his fist closed around it.

He rolled her onto her back on the floor, looking down at her as tears slid down her cheeks. "Is that a yes love?" He had asked.

She had nodded unable to speak. Kissing him passionately. It was several moment before she finally pulled back. "Yes Severus, I will happily marry you. I love you."

He had picked her up and carried her to bed, her outfit forgotten temporarily as he made slow and passionate love to his future wife. The outfit was remembered much later after she told Harry and Ginny and then she sent Hedwig to all of her friends still at the Burrow, letting them know about her Christmas present. She had seen it on the floor, and after putting it back on, she got the real reaction she had hoped to get from it. Making them both wake up very sore the next morning until they both took healing potions.

She had feared how her parents would react to her marrying a man almost twice her age and a wizard when they seemed to hate her magic. Severus had sent her out to get some wine while he got to know her parents one night a few weeks before the wedding. She had frowned at him, but gone ahead like he asked.

When she got back an hour later, her father looked pale, her mother sad and both had hugged her to them saying they were so sorry for how they had treated her. They didn't mind magic being used in their house anymore and she never again doubted their love for her.

She had looked at him while they hugged her that night, seeing his black eyes glinting in left over anger at her parents but she never asked what he said or did, afraid to find he had threatened them with their very lives or something worse if they didn't make amends. However he did it, it seemed to work out.

They had been married that following summer. Her parents were at her wedding, as were everyone else in her adopted family. Including the staff of Hogwarts she had grown to love as friends It had been perfect.

Severus had taken her on a fantastic honeymoon too. Though most of it had been missed with them spending most of it wrapped together in their rooms. Though a few times while out, they had not able to wait before tearing at each other's clothes. Surprising them both that they didn't get arrested or worse. So they took a second one the next summer to make up for not actually getting to see much from the first one.

He taught her how to block her thoughts better, how to keep her deeper thoughts or memories away from him or anyone else who might try to peek if she wanted to. He even taught her Legilimency. Showing her how to project thoughts too. It had taken a while for her to get it, but she did. Practicing on students everyday to sharpen the skill. She found it fun to scan the students thoughts.

Enjoying too that she was now able to scan Severus's thoughts too if she wanted too. She had found him blocking her in the beginning, but now he let her see just about whatever she wanted. Minus his darker thoughts or memories from his past. He didn't want her to see them anymore than he wanted to. So he had a constant wall around them to block them even from himself.

She had fun projecting her more naughty thoughts to him during dinner, making him squirm in his chair with his erection. And making him quickly get her back to their rooms to act on her thoughts.

In all the years together they never lost the passion for each other. Severus still surprised her in the halls and pulled her into a crevice for a quick and passionate kiss. She even found herself searching him out in the dungeons between his classes.

After her apprenticeship she had become the head librarian at Hogwarts. The rooms that had once been Madame Pince's were now hers instead of the ones in the dungeon, though she didn't really use them much even though they were bigger than her previous ones. They were used more as a place for Severus to carry her to between classes so he could ravish her. She never minded of course. She had tried to explain this to Minerva but was informed that those rooms were for the head librarian so they were hers whether she used them or not.

Severus would catch her in the halls during her night time patrols, when it was her turn to patrol for curfew breakers, and end up with her pressed against a wall or on top of a desk of an empty classroom. During his nights of patrolling he would send the students from her library and ravish her there after warding the doors and using silencing spells. Assuming she didn't find him first and pull him into an empty classroom. Students tended to get away with a bit more with the distraction they both caused each other. Minerva was well aware of it too, but never complained. Glad they were happy, and knowing the students were mostly good kids so were undeserving of Severus's wrath at night.

Hermione didn't think there was a bookshelf or hard surface in the library he hadn't had her against or on top of. They had been careful not ruin any books and always cleaned up any mess they made.

Snape seemed to get a kick out of the librarian making more noise than any student ever had before. But she didn't complain since she enjoyed herself totally.

She had been walking into the Great Hall one night for dinner a little after three years of them together. Severus had gone up earlier but hadn't ordered yet, deciding to wait for her. She had a smiling playing about her lips as she took her normal spot. The same seat she had taken during her final year, sitting between him and Hagrid.

She had been blocking her thoughts all day, something that still annoyed him when she did it. Though he didn't really complain since it was rare. She smiled at him and ordered. Declining the wine he offered her as her plate arrived. Instead drinking some pumpkin juice.

She slipped into his mind, knowing he would feel her in his thoughts as he always did. He leaned closer to her ear, telling her in his silky voice that still sent shivers down her spine, that if she was going to block him from her mind that he might just have to block her as well. She had slipped out of his mind, a small chuckle escaping her lips.

She spoke with Hagrid instead afraid that if she talked to her husband she would let her thoughts spill forth. Towards the end of her meal, she was watching Severus out of the corner of her eye as a small smile flirted around her lips. Which caused him to glance her way more than once, his eyes slightly narrowed in annoyance that he was still blocked from her mind. She finished up, telling Hagrid she would see him later, and with a smirk to her husband she left.

He had followed her shortly. Snagging her again and pulling her into a small niche in the castle walls. His body pressed deliciously against hers, his mouth on her neck. Nipping, sucking, and kissing his way to her lips.

"Why have you been blocking me today, my dear wife?" He asked her, holding her around her waist.

She smiled at him, her arms around his neck. "Maybe I just like to annoy you." She fought to keep her walls up. He knew that if he distracted her by nibbling on her neck she had a hard time focusing. She knew he was doing it just to make her lose her focus. That and because he loved tasting her neck.

He smirked at her, seeing her internal struggle in her mind. "I know you like to do that. You do it well too. So are you hiding something or just trying to annoy me?"

She had a cheeky grin on her lips. "Why does it have to be one or the other? Why can't it be both?"

His eyes narrowed. He trusted her completely. She was the only one he truly trusted, but he still wasn't sure he liked her hiding anything from him on purpose. "Why are you hiding anything?"

She giggled. "Maybe I just have a nice seduction planned for the evening and don't want you to know about it." That wasn't the case but he didn't know that.

He raised an eyebrow at her. "Is that so? Well then, let us adjourn to our rooms so you can show me your secret seduction plans."

She giggled again as he, as he used to in the past, glanced around to make sure no students saw them and quickly strode down to the dungeons. Her almost having to run to keep up with his long strides. Once at his classroom, he pulled her inside and quickly threw up his wards.

As he went to the door leading to his private offices, then their rooms, he looked at her. "Does this happen to include some fire whiskey?"

She chuckled at him she tugged on his hand to slow him down in his steps. He knew she still didn't hold her liquor well and became very demanding and wild in bed. "Not tonight my dear Professor. You know I have been a bit naughty and might be in need of detention."

He paused in his steps, a sly grin gracing his lips as he thought about it. He hadn't been able to play the role of her professor in a very long time. She still had her old school robes too. In fact she even bought something called a catholic school girl outfit that he didn't quite understand how a girl could wear something like it to school, but it looked fabulous on her so he kept his thoughts on other girls wearing such short robes to school to himself.

"Well, love if that is the case I'll be sure to make sure you are severely punished." He finished taking down his wards to their private chambers so she could go change.

He walked back to the classroom. Setting up for their tryst. Pulling out a cauldron and ingredients for a simple and quick potion. He also pulled out a long padded ruler. A new prop that had been added a year ago when he found she enjoyed the occasional mild spanking. Though he didn't always spank her with it. Sometimes he like the sting on his palm as it connected to her soft and round flesh instead.

He turned at the sound of her coming into the room, her robes shorter than they had been years ago due to a transfiguration spell to make them a bit more sexy on her. She took her seat and they began.

It was much later while he was repeatedly impaling her, quickly and deeply, that her walls fully fell in her mind. She couldn't keeping them up during her orgasms. He slipped into her mind as easily as he did her body, enjoying what she thought as she exploded around him.

Her screams and her tight velvety walls pulsing around him, made him find his own release as he groaned out her name. Their breathing harsh as he had her bent over his desk, her belly pressed against his desk. Both enjoying the blissful aftershocks.

His arms around her, holding her tightly to him as he was pressing her harder into the wood of his desk. It was while he was trying to find the energy to move off of her, that her thoughts that he was still seeing changed, and made him freeze for just a second.

A gasp escaping him as he pulled out and off of her quickly. He spun her around, looking into her eyes for the truth of what he saw. She smiled up at him, knowing he knew now.

He gently picked her up by the waist and set her up on his desk softly, her thighs spread around his hips as he stood between them and stroked her face with his thumb. Shock and a touch of fear evident in his eyes.

Swallowing the lump in his throat he finally spoke after several moments. "Is it true Mione?" He whispered to her.

Her smile grew as love shown from her eyes. "It is Severus. In eight short months we will have a small baby boy or girl."

His eyes widened just a bit more, a few more minutes passed before he spoke again. "You're pregnant?" His shock the only thing she read in his face.

She took a deep breath, trying to be patient for him to show some emotion other than surprise. "Yes, we are." Gently reminding him that he was apart of this too.

She watched in confusion as his shocked faded to be replaced by anger. His eyes blazing as he glared at her. Her chin rose and her own eyes sparked, ready to fight with him if he was going to be a insensitive bastard about this and was anything but happy like she was.

He glared for a full minute before he spoke. "You knew you were pregnant and let me abuse your body like that? I could have hurt our child." He growled at her. Knowing he wasn't a small man where his endowment was concerned, nor had he been gentle with her at all.

Her anger faded instantly. Her hands cupping his cheek. "Severus, love, I wouldn't have let you do anything to hurt our child. It's still safe for a bit of rough fun. You don't have to worry for at least another month or so. Then we might have to stick to more traditional methods of making love. Towards the end you'll just have to be a bit gentle with me."

His anger faded from his eyes as his worry over her health and the health of their child eased. "So he's okay?"

She nodded as she smirked. "He? It could be a cute little girl."

He leaned closer and kissed her softly, his love pouring thru him into the kiss before he pulled his lips away. "I would be happy no matter what we have."

She smiled at him, her legs raising to settle around his waist as she locked her ankles together. "So...feel up to round two, daddy?" She asked as her hands slipped down his muscled chest.

His heart clenched at her calling him daddy. Then he frowned at her even as his body responded to her like it always did. "I don't know. I think we should talk to Poppy before we do anything more."

She leaned against him, nipping his chin with her teeth. "I did already today. That's why I was blocking all of my thoughts. I was afraid you'd see my visit with her, even if I was able to block the news, and not let me go until I told you why I saw her. We can have several more rounds and then we can both go see Poppy in the morning to make you feel better."

Of course he wouldn't touch her until he spoke with Poppy, annoying her greatly. Then still wouldn't touch her for fear of hurting either her or their child. After three weeks of him not touching her, she demanded he make love to her or she would hex him into oblivion.

Three weeks for them, with the way he would wear them both out nightly was utter hell for her. Especially when she now had pregnancy hormones rushing thru her making her even randier than normal. Though she was sure most of it was in her mind, it was too early for her hormonal changes, at least she thought it was.

It had taken her using her rope tying spell, added with it a gag so he couldn't mutter his wandless magic spells for her to finally get some shagging. Something he wanted just as much too. So he let her have her way with him, which ended up being very pleasurable with him tied up. The torture of her not letting him touch her adding just a bit more to their shagging. At least until she released him half way thru so he could touch her since she craved his hands on her body almost as much as he craved touching her.

Of course she hadn't been fully aware that he was so good at the wandless magic that he only needed to think of the spell while moving his hands in a certain way, even with what little bit he could while tied, to use his magic. He intended to save that bit of information until he really needed it. Like for when she was really going to kill him for some extremely stupid thing he might do in the future.

Everyone had taken the news of her pregnancy well. Minvera told her that between the house elves, the staff that had different times free during the day, and a nanny they could get if they needed to, the child would be more than taken care of so Hermione could stay working in the library.

Mrs. Weasley had taken on the role of grandmother-to-be and planned a baby shower. Then realized she had to share with Hermione's mother too. So both ladies planned everything. Party, birthing classes, and nurseries in all possible homes. So that meant one for Hermione's mothers home, another one at the Burrow even though that consisted of just adding another crib to the nursery already there, one at Grimmuald Place, and a few at the school.

Minerva had insisted that the Headmistress's office have a portable crib and play area, both Hermione's library rooms and Severus's dungeons had nurseries added, as well as Hagrid's hut had a play area and portable crib added since Hermione tended to go there so much to see her friend. Just in case, so the child had a place to be placed no matter where it might be.

Hermione had smiled at Minerva as she got to play grandmother too while at the school. She organized another baby shower there for Mione with the staff and students who wanted to partake in the festivities. The Snapes had plenty of things given as gifts, so much so that they had more than enough to keep the child in clothes, diapers, and toys for the next few years.

Hermione had expected Severus to hide in his dungeons at all the activity, but he hadn't. He had been a part of every aspect concerning his child. From parties, to decorations, to check ups. He made her proud at how well he handled it all. Especially all the hugs from friends and family. He didn't want to miss a single thing with his child.

Now staring out the window of the library four years after that night she came back with him to Hogwarts from Grimmuald Place, four years after finding out he loved her, she smiled at all her memories.

She sighed in happiness as she moved away to give instructions to her assistant. Her assistant had been hired temporarily to help Hermione the farther along she got in her pregnancy. The assistant would even fill in for Hermione while she was on maternity leave after the baby was born. Instructed to check in with Hermione if she had any questions or problems.

She didn't find her assistant anywhere, figuring the young woman had stepped out for something she went to put up the few books left on a table by students. She picked one up and immediately dropped it as a pain shot from her back across her now fully extended belly.

She gasped as it hit her, her knees trembling with the force. She gripped the table as another pain hit her very quickly and did bring her down to her knees this time. Though she was at least able to ease herself down instead of falling. Her breathing fast as the pain slowly eased.

This can't be happening yet. She thought wildly, fear for her child filling her. I still have two more weeks left. She opened her mouth to call for an elf, but cried out as another pain hit her. Her hands were on her belly, tears forming in her eyes, when she suddenly felt a pair of strong arms surrounding her.

She looked up into her a pair of piercing black eyes and sighed in relief as the tightening in her belly started to ease again. Severus was at her side, squatting down next to her as he held her, he would make sure everything was alright. She didn't doubt her husband for a second. She trusted him with her life, their child's life too. "Its too early." She gasped out as another harsh pain streaked across her belly making her tense again.

He took a deep breath, forcing his own fear away at seeing his brave wife crouched over in pain and holding her pregnant belly as her fear filled her. "It's alright love. Poppy told us this could happen." He was never more glad of her pendant she always wore as he was right then.

He knew she was alone, not seeing her assistant, and had it not been for the spell he placed on it years ago she might still be alone. He had been in his class when he felt her thru the spell. Felt her pain and her fear. Knowing she needed him immediately.

He quickly dismissed his class, all but throwing them out, flicked his wand to throw up a homework assignment on the outside of the door for them as well as other classes later on. Another flick set his wards as he ran for the fireplace. He had floo'd straight to her and felt his heart stop at seeing her clutching her belly while on her knees.

He slowly tried to help her stand, but seeing her having difficulty, he stood and swung her up in his arms. Nine months pregnant or not, he could still easily lift her. He quickly carried her to the fireplace where he shouted for the hospital wing as she tossed the floo powder.

Once they arrived, he shouted for Poppy, who came running at his bellow. Fear had laced his voice when he called so she was worried it was something majorly wrong. Seeing him holding his wife, she smiled and calmed.

"Severus, you made me think we had someone on the verge of death. Shame on you. Now lay her down so I can have a look." Poppy said to him.

Severus frowned, while grumbling at the old witch as he carefully laid his wife down on a bed. Hermione was still clutching her belly, but Poppy quickly moved her hands away as she waved a wand over her.

Seeing Severus's fear for his wife, Poppy smiled and assured him everything was fine. Normal labor pains. Severus snorted while Hermione cursed loudly at the medi-witches diagnosis, and Poppy chuckled as she went to find something to ease the mother-to-be's pain.

Severus was holding her hand while sitting on the bed beside her, slipping into her mind, hoping to help ease the pain. Only his eyes grew wide at the horrible thoughts his wife was having about him for doing this to her. He knew it was normal for her to say or think harsh things during labor or delivery, but he still didn't like it.

Minerva rushed inside the hospital wing, having heard from the students that the potions master had kicked his students out mid lesson. She knew instantly after hearing this that Hermione had gone into labor.

She had already sent many owls to her family and friends letting them know. She expected most to arrive soon.

"Severus, is she alright?" Minerva asked as she looked down at the woman she loved like a daughter curled up on the bed in obvious pain.

Severus gave her a brief glance before looking back at the love of his life. "Poppy says its just normal labor pains."

Minerva sighed in relief. "I already sent out the owls. I hope you don't mind."

Hermione sighed as the contraction finally eased. Looking up at the older woman she loved like a mother. "That's fine Minerva. Thank you for seeing to it." She said with a soft smile, taking the older woman's hand with her free one and squeezing gently. She quickly let it go before another pain hit. Not wanting to hurt the headmistress by squeezing to hard.

Poppy came back finally and gave her a special potion she had Severus make for her for when it was time for her labor. It was mild so it wouldn't harm the child. It took the edge off the worst of the pain. She had a stronger one just in case she needed it too. Plus one for after delivery to ease all her aches and pains from the birth.

It didn't take long before everyone showed up. Harry, Ginny, and their sons showed up. Along with Ron, Luna, and their daughter. The twins arrived with their wives, and Molly. Arthur was still at the Ministry and would arrive when he could. Her parents decided to wait until after the birth to arrive. Not wanting to crowd the new family-to-be.

All were surrounding Hermione, who was happy they were here, but they were very loud and making Poppy upset by their large number. Minerva wondered how long it would be before Poppy kicked them all out.

Hermione's water broke in a huge gush later, and a sharp pain hit her again. The mild potion not doing much for it now, causing her to gasp and curl into herself again. Severus's hand was actually crushed in her tiny one, making him wince as he slipped into her mind again.

It was the thoughts of her hexing off a certain member of his anatomy if he even thought of touching her again that made him chuckle. Making every around them glare at him, not understanding that he was chuckling at her thoughts and not her pain.

"Mione, love, you can't remove that part of me. You enjoy that bit of anatomy touching you." He said sure she didn't mean it, though he was glad she didn't have her wand handy at the moment to attempt her thoughts right then.

Harry glared at Severus. "You are invading her thoughts? Severus I can't believe you would do that to her again, let alone at time like this." He had always wondered if his ex-potions professor had done that after everything was fixed between them to his friend who was more like a sister to him. He even thought of her as his sister and called her his sister.

Someone once ask him if that meant that Ron was his brother. He quickly said no, and seeing Ron's hurt look he explained why. He felt that if Ron was his brother and not just his best friend, then that would make Ginny his sister too. Meaning he married his sister and he just couldn't handle that thought. Ron had smirked and was okay with his answer.

Severus frowned at Harry, annoyed at what he had said. But it was Hermione that spoke as her pain eased. "Harry, I don't mind. I look into his mind too since he taught me how."

Harry's eyes widened as he looked at his sister. "He taught you Legilimency?" He turned to Severus with a grin. "Hey Severus, do you think you could..."

"No." Both Severus and Hermione said before another pain hit her. Making her cry out this time at the intensity of it.

Poppy checked Hermione with a wave of her wand, then proceeded to go about kicking everyone but Severus out. She doubted he would leave his wife even if she tried to get him to. Hermione asked thru gritted teeth if Harry could stay. Thinking Severus might need someone to restrain him if things got ugly. Harry was one of the few that could do it without Severus turning around and killing him.

Poppy wasn't happy but agreed, warding the doors so no one could try to come in. Hermione got in position with Severus behind her to help brace her to push and so she could lean against him to rest between pushes. Harry sat beside her, holding her hand, or more having his crushed by her.

Poppy gave her the stronger potion, it helped but still didn't take all her pain away. It took a few hours for the little one to finally come into the world. Severus's back was killing him from his position behind his wife, but he never even thought of trying to shift to ease it or move away. His hands on her belly, he felt every contraction and push.

He was kissing the top or side of his Mione's head after each contraction or push, which ever he could reach. Encouraging her with his words, while snapping at Potter to quit looking like Mione was killing him with her death grip on his hand.

With a final push, a healthy and beautiful baby girl was welcomed into the world. Her black hair from her father wet and slicked over her tiny head as her golden skin from her mother was starting to turn a bright red in her anger. The tiny thing wailing at leaving the warmth of her mother's body and brought into the cold world around her.

Hermione slumped against her husband in exhaustion as she watched Poppy quickly waved her wand, which cleaned and wrapped a pink blanket around the precious little girl. Waving her wand again to make sure all was well with the child too.

Neither parent had wanted to know the sex, so it was a surprise to both when Poppy handed the tiny bundle to Hermione. Introducing their daughter to both parents. Hermione was in tears as she looked down at her lovely child. Severus found his own eyes stinging, but after much fighting let the tears slide down his cheek as his chest swelled with love at seeing his daughter.

Harry tried to not notice his tears, but couldn't help but be awed by the man showing his emotions. After a quick glare from Severus, Harry looked away, and focused on his niece. Since Hermione was practically his sister, this little girl was his niece. Who cared about blood anyway?

Hermione smiled up at the man she loved. "So what are we going to name her love?"

Severus frowned for a moment then smirked. "Belladonna? We could call her Bella."

Hermione glared for a moment. "You want to name our daughter after something that's poisonous?"

Harry bit back a chuckle at the couple, his smirk breaking thru though and earned him a glare from both parents. He quickly schooled his features, and looked back at his niece. Thinking Belladonna would be fitting since the boys would find her a bit poisonous since any boy who thought of hurting this little girl might just find himself dying a painful death by her father.

Severus saw Harry's unblocked thoughts and smiled at his little girl. How very true. I would kill anyone who thought of hurting either of my lovely ladies. His wife or his new beautiful daughter. "How about Isabella then. We could still call her Bella."

Hermione smiled at him, raising her lips so he could kiss her. "Isabella Snape. I love it." She looked down into her daughters bright eyes. "Hi Bella."

The couple found themselves surrounded again by everyone who loved them wanting to see the new addition to the Snape family. Poppy let them visit for awhile before kicking them out again so the new parents could rest.

Having enlarged the bed to fit both parents, she let them have some privacy too. Both parents marveled at the tiny bundle laying in a tiny crib beside them. They both fell into an exhausted sleep holding each other and smiling.

Neither parent had anything to worry about since between all three grandmothers, Molly, Minerva, and Hermione's mother, the child always had someone to happily watch her. In fact both parents had a hard time getting their child to themselves with the three older women wanting to hold and care for her all the time.

Over the years Hermione and Severus had another child, a little boy name Silas. Both kids had Severus's dark black hair, and Hermione golden skin. Both parents happy how it turned out since Hermione always hated her bushy hair, and Severus always hated his pale completion. Isabella got Hermione's amber eyes, but Silas ended up with Severus's piecing black ones.

Both children grew up on the grounds of Hogwarts, beloved by all of the staff. Even Filch was secretly nice since he adored them, but only when no other students or adults were around to see it. He let them help him with the grounds upkeep at times too.

Severus found that even though he thought Hagrid was a giant oaf, the big man was very gentle with his children. Teaching them about, as well as passing on to them his fascination with all magical creatures.

In fact, all the staff taught the children about whatever it was they taught in their classes. Being Hermione's kids, they had a constant thirst for knowledge and proved their skills early on. Becoming even more brilliant than their parents. Also, becoming just as much if not more of a know-it-all than their mother. Severus sighed, knowing he didn't stand a chance at stopping them either.

Every Christmas and summer the Snape family time was split between the Burrow and Grimmuald Place. Grimmuald Place their home away from Hogwarts. All the children of the trio of heroes more like siblings than cousins.

Hermione was watching as Harry was teaching her now eight year old son to ride a broomstick one day in the backyard of the Grimmuald Place. Severus came up behind her, seeing her nervousness for her son with her fear of flying, and wrapped his arms around her slim waist.

Hermione instantly relaxed against her husband, knowing all would be well with him here with her now. He wouldn't let their children get hurt no matter what he had to do.

It was something he vowed after finding out Hermione had been pregnant with Bella. He never wanted his children to have a lonely or painful childhood like his had been. Even if he had to move Heaven and Earth, his children would always be happy, healthy, and feel very loved.

"Severus my love, I can't imagine what would have happened if I hadn't come back that year to take my N.E.W.T.S." She said, feeling his warmth envelope her.

He smiled against her hair. "I would have found you one day Mione. I can't imagine my life without you or our kids in it."

She cringed as she saw Harry take her son into a sharp dive towards the ground, pulling back up at the last minute. She muttered curses at The-Boy-Who-Might-Get-Murdered-By-Her-Today for laughing as he flew her son back up into the sky.

Severus felt her cringe and held her tighter. "Don't worry love. Harry knows he will die a very painful and slow death if he lets even a single hair get hurt on our son's head. By both of us no doubt." His silky voice sending shivers down her spine as usual.

She turned in his arms. "Have I told you today Professor that I am utterly and totally in love with you?" She asked with a smile.

He kissed her softly on the lips. "Not today, no. Have I told you today my beautiful and sexy wife that I am utterly and totally in love with you?" Not the least bit ashamed or scared to admit his feels to her with all their years together and all they had been thru.

She shook her head. "As a matter of fact, you haven't." She slid her hands down his chest, her nails digging in just a bit, making his eyes instantly fill with heat. She smiled up at him. "You know, since Harry has Silas, and Ginny has the rest of the kids over with Molly, we have an empty house with our equally empty bedroom right now."

He smirked at her. "Is that so?" His hands sliding down her back, to rest at the base of her spine, pulling her tighter against him so she could feel his arousal beginning to form. He didn't wear his robes away from school so she could feel every lovely inch of him.

She leaned up to kiss him softly, nipping his lips before she pulled away. Hearing him groan at the soft bite on his flesh. "That is so. I wonder what we could do with an empty house and no kids that need attention?"

He growled and swung her up in his arms as he marched them into the house. Her giggles echoing off the walls as he quickly carried her up the stairs and into their rooms. Barely giving her time to ward the door and add silencing spells, just in case, before crushing her to him. His love and need of her just as fierce as it ever was and always would be. Just like her love and need for him.



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