Author's Note: I wrote this several years ago immediately after reading Sarra Manning's Guitar Girl in one sitting. (Awesome book, by the way.) It isn't directly related to the plot—or anything, really—just more an "inspired by" piece. If you must, however, think of it as coming from Molly to Dean.

Disclaimer: I do not own Guitar Girl or any other published work which I may quote or reference. This work is purely for the enjoyment of myself and others, not monetary gain.


One last chance.

It's all we have

(and I hope it's all we need)

to fix this mess,

this overburdened, lumbering monster

that is so satirically termed

"a relationship."


One last chance.

I've said this before,

meant this before, but...

You look so sweet, so appealing

as you plead with me, so

one last chance.

(What can it hurt?)


One last chance.

No. I mean it.

This is the last time

that I'll tell you this:

You have to stop.

This has to stop.

I can't stand it anymore.


One last chance.

No. No more.

You've used them all,

Burned them all.

Keep your crap,

I don't need it.

I'm leaving.


One last chance.

It all seemed so simple.

A girl and a boy

and a love for forever.

It all seemed so simple

(though I should've known it wasn't).

One last chance.


I guess I should've read the fine print...