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Summary: It's Haruhi's second year at Ouran. Everything seems normal, by host club standards anyway. Her ordinary life is shattered by an old 'friend' who awakens some unpleasant memories. Haruhi x You decide! (Review to leave your opinion, based on the story please. Not personal preference)

First day of the new school year, nothing seems to have changed, mom, Haruhi spoke to her deceased mother and sighed. Hikaru and Kaoru leant on her shoulders and Hikaru poked at her cheek trying to get her attention.

'Haruhiiiii,' he whined, 'why are you ignoring uuuuus,' Kaoru fake pouted and nodded to join in.

Haruhi sighed again, sometimes I miss my quiet life before the host club, she thought and turned to Hikaru.'

'What do you want?' she frowned slightly and looked up at Hikaru questioningly even though she knew full well he just wanted to annoy her. The twins grinned evilly as Kaoru joined his brother. Haruhi didn't notice their grin, she was too busy looking over his shoulder at a boy of medium height with dark, almost black medium length hair and narrowed hazel eyes. He started to smile at her,

'If I'm late Kyouya will make me pay, I don't want another debt,' she gabbled hurriedly then turned quickly on her heels and ran down the vast marble halls calling a rushed goodbye to the twins as she went. The twins exchanged glances and Hikaru raised an eyebrow. They turned around to see what Haruhi had been looking at. The boy was still standing there in the middle of the hall, smiling eerily to himself.

'Maybe Haruhi has a crush on him,' Kaoru joked. Hikaru stiffened.

'Don't be stupid,' he growled and turned away, walking in the direction Haruhi had fled to.

'Oh come on, when it comes to looks he's definitely host club standard,' Kaoru knew he was seriously pissing his brother off but he couldn't help it.

'Whatever, we're gonna be late,' Hikaru mumbled and kept walking. Kaoru sniffed but remained silent. The boy walked a few metres behind them.


'My daughter has returned! I missed you so much!' Tamaki squealed and glomped Haruhi, who was definitely used to it.

'You saw me this morning before class and at lunch,' Haruhi pointed out.

'Yeah, but,' Tamaki tried to think of a response, 'it's been two hours still,' he answered meekly.

'Here's our favourite toy,'

'Haru-chan! D'you wanna hold Usa-chan for me,'


'Don't hug my daughter you hooligans!'

A vein popped on Haruhi's head, or it would have if she had been concentrating but she was thinking about something and the expression on her face flashed between worry and fear.

'If you don't get into positions then we won't be ready for the customers,' Kyouya commented, already standing in position scribbling in his notebook. He glanced up for a moment and smiled, sending shivers down the rest of the hosts' spines. The hurried into their positions just as the door opened, but it was no customer.

'It's that guy from earlier,' whispered Kaoru.

'But what's he doing here?' Hikaru wasn't too pleased by the boy he thought Haruhi had a crush on appearing for the second time that day.

'Ah, Imutzu Hokari, class 3C, son of the manager of Imutuzu publishing compaines. What do you need?' Kyouya smiled his fake smile and his glasses flashed ominously.

Hokari completely ignored him and walked right up to Haruhi, bending down so his face was level with hers. Haruhi leant back as far as she could without being too obvious.

'I thought it was you,' Hokari grinned, 'what are you doing in a guy's uniform? You look hotter in girl stuff.'

'Eh?!' Tamaki shrieked although, as usual, nobody listened.

'I-Imutzu-san, what do you want with me, haven't you already had enough of me?'

'Nah, are you still sour about that time?' he cocked his head to one side grinning at Haruhi's discomfort, 'what's with the formalities. I told you before to call me by my first name.'

Haruhi scowled.

'Anyway, I only came to say hi,' just before he turned round he whispered in Haruhi's ear and she just stopped herself from letting out a terrified shriek. Kyouya, with his bat-like hearing, hid his shocked eyes behind his glasses. Mori side glanced at the small brunette's expression as she was bombarded with questions she ignored from Huni, the twins and Tamaki. He had never seen her afraid of anything although he had hear she was scared of thunder and lightning. Where was the storm that had shaken her so badly? Was it that boy? Was he The Storm? He decided if it was important he would find out soon enough.

'C-can I go make a call?' Haruhi stuttered to Kyouya and to her surprise he nodded.

'So long as you are back in time for you customers,' he stated dryly then went back to scribbling furiously on a fresh page of his notebook.

Haruhi staggered away from the four noisy boys who were still throwing questions at her and went into the dressing room. Once she had closed the door she sank to the floor, the composure she had been fighting to keep flew away and as the first tear trickled down her face she fumbled in her pocket on pulled out her phone, a gift from the twins. She knew the number by heart and punched them into the keys, her shaking fingers meant that she had to stop a few times and start again but eventually the number dialled.

She held the small device to her ear and tried to breathe normally as she waited for someone to pick up; it felt like minutes rather than seconds until she heard a click,

'Hello? Fujioka? What's happened?'

'A-Arai,' she whimpered, 'He, he came b-back,'


It had been a while since Haruhi had left to make her call but Kyouya pretended not to notice, he could let it drop this once. He had a few customers himself but he ignored them and watched Haruhi's customers sit chatting and worrying about Haruhi. Kyouya thought back to what Imutzu Hokari had said to Haruhi, what only he had heard,

'I know you like it as much as I did,'

Hokari had said, Kyouya thought he knew what the boy was talking about and Haruhi's pained eyes almost confirmed his suspicion. He would wait silently and see what happened; he would only do anything himself when he felt it was absolutely necessary.

He realised, after a few minutes that Haruhi had returned and was smiling and reassuring her customers that she was fine.

That smile looks fake, thought Kyouya and smiled slightly to himself at his hypocritical thinking. Then he turned back to his customers.

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