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Channel-Port aux Basques, NL, Canada
May 27th, 2009
9:43 PM

The heavy door of the Port aux Basques motel swung open with a crack, leaving way for two drenched men to make their way inside.

Dean grumbled and shed his heavily wet jacket while kicking off his soggy shoes. The carpet was thin, but warm against his feet and barely feel-able toes. Sam trailed in behind his older brother, his shaggy brown hair matted to his face with a combination of sweat and the reeving rain outside.

Also attempting to pull off his sodden jacket, Sam was vaguely aware of the frustration radiating from his partner and brother. It was only a matter of time, before he got what was coming to him...

After having just returned from a.. Slightly more complicated hunt, Dean wasn't in the best of moods. Not at all.

Channel-Port aux Basques is a small fishing town called the Gateway to Newfoundland. Sam and Dean didn't find themselves entering the Canadian territories often, but hey, duty called. They'd been drawn to the small dead-end circuit of a town through a series of rumors about a possessed fishing captain. Apparently he'd piloted three previous ships, all crashed against the rocks nearby the small community, and residents were growing weary of his next conquest.

'How do we follow him?' Sam had asked, confusion abound in his head.

'Simple; We're being fishermen today.' That was Dean's answer. 'Hope you brought the worms!'

Sam wasn't exactly too keen on the idea; but hey, all the past crews of the captain had died due to his reckless steering, so, Sam wasn't about to let innocent people get hurt. So he followed his big brother. Like always.

Once they'd confronted the old man,his eyes turned black as night and Sam knew immediately that getting the others on the ship into the lifeboats were what came first; then, the fun part.

Once the younger Winchester had made sure the crew was safely off the sailing ship, he returned to find Dean and the sea captain locked in a fierce wrestle, rolling about on the wooden deck with no one at the wheel of the ship. But of course, Sam's first concern was getting Dean out of harm's way.

Before the elder Winchester knew what had hit him, the possessed sea man was suddenly meters away from Dean, pinned strongly to the wall of the steering column. As waves crashed and bombarded the small boat, sea water stung Dean's eyes and the bleeding gash above his left eyebrow temporarily blinded him with his own crimson fluid.

He tried to push himself up off the slippery deck and gain back his sea legs when the boat gave a very violent jerk with an explosively loud boom. Dean barely had time to see his younger brother, arm outstretched toward the evil captain with a strained look on his face before he was thrown forward so quickly that he thought he'd flew.

As soon as Dean hit the water (and thankfully not the rocks of the shoreline) the harsh realization came back to him and he clawed for the surface of the murky depths, water seeping down his throat and squeezing his lungs tightly. Propelling himself upward, Dean was only a short meter away from reaching air before he felt a familiar hand grab his shoulder and tug him up the rest of the way.

Both Winchesters tried to stay afloat, chests heaving and lungs cramping in dislike of the abuse by the freezing sea. With a look to his responsibility, Dean noted that Sam was okay; so then both boys turned towards the shipwreck as fast as they dared look, just in time to see the captain fall to his ruined deck with a cloud of black smoke disappearing into the sky.

Sam was scared to look at his brother.

Minutes later, as authorities and other boats came to the aid of the captain and his vessel, Sam and Dean dragged themselves up on land miserably and tried to regain balance. Sam thanked God they'd payed a courier to drive the Impala over to Isle aux Mort earlier on that day and park her by the docks (though Dean hated the idea with a passion).

Isle aux Mort was a little community off of Port aux Basques, only about fifteen or twenty minutes out by road.

By the time both Winchesters had piled into the familiar black car and Sam felt the anger in Dean begin to stew, he could only wish that the drive would be even shorter.

As Sam draped his soaked jacket over the back of one of the shabby chairs, he was as quiet as humanly possible; anything, anything, to keep Dean from starting a fight. They didn't need that right now.

But Sam damn well got it anyway.

Dean turned around not two seconds later and stared his baby brother down, making Sam's eyes automatically trail downwards to the now-damp carpet. God, he was pissed.

"What the hell is wrong with you Sam!? You could've exorcised that damn demon before we were thrown overboard, I'm sure! Or, better yet, you shouldn't of even thought about using

your freaky psychic powers at all!" Sam scoffed.

"You're pissed about getting wet?" Sam shook his head and decided to push past the mindless thought. "Look, Dean, I know you hate it alright? But really, it didn't look like we had a lot of other options!" The younger Winchester tried to plead.

"Screw options! You shouldn't be usin' em!" Dean yelled, taking a menacing step towards Sam, promoting the fear of ill-intent in the younger man.

"Well sorry I saved your life Dean!" This was the last thing Sam wanted; Really. But when Sam took time to think about it, during every moment he wasn't locked in some other altercation, he could only see fit that he shouldn't have to undertake Dean's cruel comments and opinions about his choices. So what? Sam could be sarcastic and mean too. Sometimes.

"Fuck my life, Sam! You should be thinking about your own and what it's gonna be like once you go all evil on my ass!" Sam's upper lip twitched. How many times had he told Dean..?

"Dean, I told you, I'm not gonna go dark side!" Sam edged forward toward his older brother this time.

Deep down, Dean knew that. Deep, deep down, Dean knew he'd never let that happen. Never, while there was still air in his lungs. Sam was... Sam was everything-

"Yeah, just like you said you and that demonic hellbitch Ruby weren't sneaking around behind my back." That just slipped out. He didn't like to push Sam any more than he needed to... So why did he mean it?

"I was doing what I needed to do! Like I just did! If I didn't distract that damn demon when I did who knows what might've happened to you!?" Sam blared. If only Dean could realize.. If only Dean could understand, that Sam wasn'tdoing all this blood-sucking and exorcising just for the fun of it! ..He was doing it for them. For him.

"I'd rather die, Sam, then see you just give in to this thing!.." Everytime Sam sold a piece of his soul, everytime Dean watched him cringe as he strangled his mind for power, the elder Winchester died a little inside. It hurt him. It hurt him terribly to watch who mattered most to him in this world slowly giving in to his own demise. And for what!? ...Dean didn't know.

"Just 'giving in', Dean, is that what you think I was doing!? 'Giving in' instead of tryna save your ass!?"

Dean would never understand it. Sam felt... He felt everything he'd never gotten to feel before. He felt powerful; Not the 'burden' he was used to being. Sam only saw positives for those around him, and, even for himself. He felt the pleasure of ingesting the boosting demon blood, he felt stronger for finally being able to save the one who'd been forced to save him again and again. And most of all, Sam felt independent.

"Well whatever it was it sure as hell didn't work!" At least Sam wasn't getting his ass kicked.

"Yeah 'cause what you were doing sure was working so much better." The tall brunette snapped, pulling off his drenched shirt and tossing it to the floor.

Dean clenched his fists to match his hardened jaw. It didn't matter if what Dean had planned wasn't really working out... At least he wasn't selling himself to the evil of the time bomb inside himself.

But one thing Dean did know, was that he wasn't going to tolerate Sam belittling him anymore and talking to him like that. Sam belonged to him... So Dean damn well wasn't going to let the only person alive he still Loved become something sinister and shady.

It had to stop.

"I'm tellin' you Sam, if this soon doesn't stop-" Sam stomped his heavy foot and glared at Dean angrily.

"What, Dean, what!?"

Dean didn't answer at first; the shorter Winchester just slammed his fist into the wall so hard he dented the coarse plaster. Sam shook his head in pity. Before Dean could turn around and spit back some hilarious threat, Sam cut him off.

"You won't do anything man and you know it."

That was about the time something inside Dean snapped; something bitter, scary, and downright unrecognizable as Dean Winchester. The pain radiating upward from his scratched knuckles was barely being acknowledged as a temper hotter than the fires of hell flooded through him.

"Do you? Do you really think that Sam? Because I've had it up to here", Dean raised his bleeding hand menacingly, "with your lame excuses and goddamn secrets related to this 'psychic child' shit! Come on man, do I look fucking stupid to you!? I wanna know why you think you have to do this all the time Sam! Because I'm supposed to stop the apocalypse kiddo, NOT YOU !"

That was wrong. That was all wrong. Sam had been told, Sam knew it was his job. He would be the one to stop Lucifer from rising. Not Dean. His big brother didn't deserve that kind of responsibility.. Dean's head had been on the chopping block one too many times for Sam's taste.

"And how do you know that!? From the fucking angels!? The guys who -your words, not mine- come on like 'Shady Politicians' and have no problem destroying an entire town!?" Sam yelled, remembering each and every time he'd been reminded of the angels' dislike for him.

"Better than you trusting a demon Sam!" Dean just screamed back. Ruby. Fucking Ruby.

She wanted to take Sam away from him.

"See Dean? This is exactly why I don't tell you things."

..What did Sam mean by that?

"Why you don't tell me things!? I suggest you fucking start now!" Dean's hatred and anger upped another notch inside him. Before Dean could stop himself, he launched himself at his little brother, his hands planting themselves to Sam's chest and pushing him harshly into the wall behind him. It only took a second for Sam to surpass the pain that blind-sighted him and give Dean a shove backward himself.

But Dean only progressed forward again, his shaking body and quivering voice enough to make Sam's blood boil and chill all at the same time.

"Start. Now." The sandy-haired man cursed, his eyes almost gaining a dark, demonic tint.

Too bad Dean wasn't the only Winchester who could look scary.

Turning his puppy eyes from cutesy to deadly, Sam exploded. Vomit in the form of mean, malicious words (the truth) spilled from his mouth and into Dean's eagerly awaiting ears.

"You wanna know Dean? FINE! Because I FINALLY HAVE CONTROL OF MY OWN LIFE! For once it's not you runnin' the show! And you wanna know what else Dean? It's not so friggin' bad! It feels.." ...Sam almost couldn't bring himself to say the next few words. He didn't want to say them. 'Dean, please don't-'


Too late.


Those words flew out of Sam with such intensity that Dean staggered back. Out of surprise. Surprise, and, almost fear.

Then the anger and the fear overtook him completely, and Dean could've sworn his own eyes turned as black as the atmosphere around them.

Without warning to his unguarded baby brother, Dean swung away, his fist connecting tragically with Sam's jaw in a sickening crack and sending the younger Winchester reeling into the wall before almost falling down.

Those shocked puppy eyes that stared Dean in the face for a whole two seconds before they turned angry and rebellious were enough give Dean's heart a squeeze. He watched as Sam brought a hand up hesitantly to his bleeding lip and flinched, ruby droplets tinging his fingers. When Sam met his brother's eyes once again, they were no longer filled with surprise; almost a lingering sense of expectancy.

Sam sighed deeply, the air stinging his new injury.

"Yeah.. You're real fucking understanding, Dean."

Dean's fists clenched harder at his sides. How could Sam even know...?

"Well what do you expect me to do, Sam?? Sit back and watch as you turn more and more into a goddamn monster right in front of me!?"

That word. That friggin', cruel, misused word. Sam didn't want to hear that word...

In a matter of nanoseconds after the hard comment, Sam's hazel eyes began to sting almost as much as his lip with the burden of coming tears.

In a matter of nanoseconds after the hard comment, Dean began to realize his mistake. The whole thing was a mistake. How could he hurt his baby brother...? The older Winchester tried to decide if it was the punch or the word that hurt Sam more. Either way, he was afraid of the coming consequence.

Sam's possible departure.

Why did those things keep slipping out of his mouth!? Dean knew he was right, but he also knew he could've talked things through with Sam in better ways than with such brutality. And if only Sam wasn't so goddamn headstrong and stubborn...

There were so many different feelings and emotions running through Dean all at the same time that the room almost appeared to spin for a moment. Sam had said that the demon blood, drinking that cursed poison, was more exciting than anything they'd done together.

Surely, Sam couldn't mean that.......

Not after everything they'd been through together. Yes, Dean had to admit there had been times where he was hard on Sammy, almost a little cruel. Sometimes controlling but really, they'd always enjoyed the time they had together didn't they?

...Because Dean enjoyed it.

It was the only thing he had left in his world to enjoy; and he'd be damned if he was going to let that slip away.

Sam gulped down the bile in his throat intimidatingly close to overflowing from his throat and reached for his jacket that he'd laid down on the chair a few minutes before the fight began.

He didn't want to stay there. Not that night. Not anymore. Sam knew damn well that Dean didn't trust him. Even after years of trusting his brother with everything, Dean apparently didn't owe Sammy the same respect. The shaggy-haired boy let his head dip low for a moment, the burning sensation in his lip seeming to intensify as he looked for a reprieve from what he'd have to say, and how to say it.

How to say that Sam had had enough.

Because Sam had other places to go. Other things to do.

He had to hunt down Lilith.

He had to stop the rest of the 66 seals from being broken.

And amongst all that, Sam had Ruby. Ruby, who had pulled him from the tempting darkness of depression and alcoholism when Dean couldn't be there. When Dean was dead and gone and Sam was left to stomach the pain.

He owed Ruby, so, so much.

And instead of listening to her, Sam stood here in this shitty town and this crappy motel room with his angry brother who wanted nothing more than to have the girl who saved him's head on a stick.

Maybe even Sam's head too.

"You know Dean, if this is the way it's gonna be for us from now on...." The forthcoming words nearly turned Sam's heart inside out. "Maybe I should just leave."

No. Nonononononono. Dean couldn't let that happen. The bigger brother gulped, turning his head away from Sam and looking at an ugly painting of a fisherman hung in the white room. Everything Dean had feared this fight would come to, was rising to the surface and threatening to smother him with unwanted oxygen.

Yes, Dean was mad; Yes, Dean was.. Dean was jealous.

But he damn well wasn't a pushover, and wasn't gonna let Sam see him threatened either.

"No, Sam, just knock off your whining." Dean said, more bite behind the words then he'd planned.

Once again, he saw Sam shake his head, causing the soft brown locks to bounce slightly.

"I shouldn't have to listen to this, Dean... I mean, I still have Ruby. I have Ruby, with her blood... And without, a lot of problems that I have with you."

Dean's heart nearly froze in his chest with dread. Sam was serious.. Sam was seriously thinking about leaving him...

And by God, it made him angry and even more jealous and sad all at the same time.

Sammy was his. Gritting his teeth and clenching his strong handsome jaw line, Dean followed Sam's tentative steps carefully as his younger brother stepped away from the wall and closer to the door.

"What do you mean by that, Sam?" 'Please. Just say you need a night away. At the most.'

"What do you think it means?"

'Sammy.. I'm sorry. But...'

"...You're not leaving."

Sam clenched his fist. No. Dean wasn't going to control him. Not this time. Pushing past his clenched teeth, Sam murmured, "Excuse me?" In that sarcastic, irritated way that made Dean's blood chill just a tad.

Dean gulped down the contents of his stomach threatening to emerge.

"I'm not letting you go, Sam." His voice lost the bite... But it held something new. Something Dean had been longing to release for a long time.

Something Sam narrowed his eyes at. He'd just received a domineering order.

"Do you really think you can stop me, Dean?" 'You try it, Dean. I know you won't.'

So Sam was really surprised when the older Winchester launched himself at the younger hunter, this time Sam falling back against the wall in a tight pin, rivers of pain shooting quickly up his spine and a bead of blood dripping down his chin from his quivering lip.

..Dean wasn't supposed to go this far....

Sam cast a quick, confused and almost frightened glance at his brother. Sam and Dean had fought before, but never like this... He felt all his bravery melt away.

"I won't let you leave me, Sammy." That tone of voice installed even more fear in Sam's tall body, streaks of a feeling he shouldn't feel shooting down to the cockles of his abdomen and belly. "You can't. I won't let you." Dean's grip substantially tightened on Sam's arms. It would bruise... Giving Sam a rough shake, Dean continued, "Because it's supposed to be ME AND YOU, SAM! ALWAYS me and you!"

Sam's fear grew into something more. Yes, the tremors of something unexpected happening still coursed through his veins, but something else was lighting up in his head. Maybe it was the way that Dean's eyes almost looked black, demonic..

And ..Sexy... In the dimly-lighted room of the motel.

"Dean..." Sam slowly rolled the name off his tongue.

Dean felt something deep down inside snap, and before Sam could do anything else Dean forced his lips onto Sam's and held on for dear life.

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