"Like that, Sammy?" Sam gulped again and flashed his hazel eyes up to his brother's. He could all but hope they weren't too lust-filled. "God.." Dean ground out, "I can't wait to fuck you."

..Fuck you.

That was a new one.

Sam clenched his jaw a little. He knew it was going to happen, of course, and that he even enjoyed the thought; but saying those words still seemed taboo and it was weird and slightly terrifying, slightly 'not right' to hear them coming from Dean's mouth.

From his brother's mouth.

In a matter of seconds, Dean had lowered himself back down onto the bed and began to run a hand down over Sam's abs while those tempting green eyes stared down Sam's most prominent organ, as if staring would make it inflate even more.

(Dean was probably right.)

"Dean.." Sam drawled, gulping for what seemed the hundredth time that night. Feeling his brother's heated gaze on his cock was all Sam could muster; the feelings of wrong, of disgust, were being steadily pushed away and heavy lust and arousal were at the forefront.

"Yeah Sam?"

Dean looked back up at the taller Winchester and blinked. But the obvious need glimmering in Sam's eyes wasn't too hard to determine. Dean sprouted a smirk that Sam hadn't seen since the first time Dean figured out he could reach over one hundred miles per hour in the Impala.

"..Want me to suck it, Sammy? I think you'd like that. Huh kid?"

The nod came so fast Sam wasn't aware he was even doing it.

Dean's smirk became a grin and he ghosted back down Sam's torso, his hand clasping the hot member, and bringing the head to his lips immediately. The shudder that ran through Sam's body, and the way his younger brother's eyes shut almost immediately and his head lolled back told Dean he was well on his way to giving his bro- Lover, his first orgasm was quite tempting.

Pushing out a warm breath over the skin of Sam's dick, Dean wasted no time sucking in the head and nearly moaned around the thick length when Sam breathed out hard.

Dean began to take more of him down his throat, and the hotness of his mouth, the wetness of it.. Sam couldn't describe it in his head.

All he could manage were thoughts like 'fuckyessohotsowetdoitdeanpleasefuckyes.'

Soon Dean pulled away, earning an honest groan and he chuckled before dragging his tongue slowly up Sam's whole cock and loving how the groan became a moan so quickly.

"You gonna come for me Sammy? I want to taste it. I need to taste you, Sam."

For a moment there, Dean almost sounded like John-

NO. Sam's eyes snapped open. Having sex with his brother was embarrassing enough, but bringing thoughts of his own father into the equation and Sam was ready to heave-

"Sam?" Dean asked, quirking an eyebrow. "You alright man?"

"Yup." Sam breathed out quickly. "...Fuck Dean.. Keep going."

Dean was a flash of a grin again in no time and all but impaled Sam's whole dick down his throat, his lips reaching the base and Sam nearly screaming. Quickly, Dean began a rhythm of moving his head up and down, his hand moving down Sam's hard thigh to fondle and play with the soft testes beneath Dean's new pride and joy.

With the added sensation of Dean fucking around with his balls, Sam felt something hot pool in his belly, a coiling sensation, and he knew his time was near. He grunted out Dean's name, one hand landing hard on Dean's head and cropping into the spiky damp hair, forcing his brother's mouth harder and faster down upon himself.

Dean took the assault on his mouth more than well, inside, glowing with pride and excitement. And he got what he was waiting for.

In a matter of seconds later, Dean felt a sudden tremble surge through Sam's thighs and his baby boy's hips bucked into his mouth; filling the cavern with Sam's warm, salty come.

Pulling away from Sam's cock as the younger man began to pant, Dean swallowed the thick fluid and used his hand with gentle yet sure strokes to coax any more of the sweet-tasting juice from his brother.

"God.. Dean... Man..." Sam couldn't seem to form more than one-syllable words, so Dean finished the sentence for him.

"I take it I'm good, Sammy?"

"Yes.." Sam grumbled out, only just now opening his eyes to stare dazedly at the cracked ceiling above. Chuckling, Dean moved over Sam once again, and sat down firmly on Sam's chest, causing the taller of the two to shift uncomfortable and huff out a heavier breath.

"Oh shut up Sammy it's not like I'm any heavier than you." Dean spat, but then he just smirked and bent down, claiming Sam's lips again and hoping to give his little brother a precious taste of himself.

Sam returned the kiss without any hesitation this time, and even let his hands move upward from gripping the scratchy comforter to hold Dean's dimpled ass in his big hands instead.

Dean broke the kiss and grinned at it, "Okay Sammy.. You listen to me alright? This is what we're gonna do."

The older Winchester bent down again and bit at Sam's ear lobe.

"When I get off, you're gonna go ahead and turn over for me alright? Then, you just let me handle all the rest."

Sam could practically hear the staggering smirk in his brother's voice, begging to become a grin of impatience and excitement.

Doing all of this made Dean so happy..

He could never deny Dean anything.

So he forced a small nod and listened to the soft 'whuff' of his own breath as Dean got off him, and Sam honored their agreement.

Hungry dark emerald eyes drank in the sight of Sam's sweat-slick, tanned back and the hot muscles of Sam's ass.

'So inviting, Sammy..' Dean thought, 'Can't wait to have you.'

Dean reached forward, gripping the hard muscles of Sam's thighs again and spread them apart, spreading his baby open for his enjoyment.

He swallowed down a gasp at the brilliance he saw, and nearly leapt forward to press a kiss to one firm cheek. Sam huffed out a gasp at the sudden movement, and his gasp only intensified coupled with a groan when Dean abruptly slid one finger into Sam's tight hole.

"Unnng..! Dean, stop.."

All movement halted immediately and Sam felt another kiss applied to the small of his back.

"That hurt, Sammy? I'm sorry.." Dean trailed, and Sam could feel the hurt in Dean's voice. Not hurt for having to stop.. But hurt for well, hurting Sammy.

The kind of hurt Sam heard Dean use so many times before.

"It's okay... Just.. Please, Dean... Go easy.."

"I will Sam, I will.. I'm sorry." Dean said again, before slowly, ever so slowly, sliding his finger a little farther inside Sam's tightness and hearing another groan unlike the first one. Dean didn't have lube unfortunately, because it's not like this was planned.

Not for that day, anyway.

Dean bit his bottom lip gently as he knelt between Sam's spread legs and let his finger sink a little farther again into Sam's ass. His brother shifted on the bed, sighed into the blankets he'd buried his head into outside of his crossed arms.

"Holdin' up, Sam?" Dean asked, his voice heavy with lust but still laced with concern for his younger sibling. Sam nodded weakly.

"Yeah, 'm good.."

Dean nodded despite Sam not being able to see it, and slowly brought his finger back out of Sam's ass, earning another shift. Dean's eyes roamed Sam's back for a moment before softly kissing a tanned shoulder blade.

"I'll slick em up this time Sammy."

Sam knew Dean was honoring his words when he heard Dean suck two of his fingers this time into his mouth, before trailing them down the crease of Sam's ass, and sliding them inside more gently then before.

Sam only groaned lightly this time, squeezing his eyes shut. Just two of Dean's fingers, and the foreign feeling of the fullness inside him was tantalizing. Not in a bad way.

It was sort of... Unexplainable. Like, forbidden fruit.

With a small move of his hips, Sam found himself pushing backward just right, good and softly against his brother's fingers inside him.

Feeling the man below him relax further, Dean refused to sigh in relief, and used his other hand to knead Sam's ass cheek, firm and muscled. The tall brunette sighed softer this time into the comforter of the soiled hotel room bed, and shut his eyes. Sam was more than content to just deal with the fullness he felt right now and to have Dean massage his ass.

But of course, that contact wouldn't be enough.

"Ready for one more Sammy? Huh?" Dean asked, using 'Sammy' this time with a plead. Sam could all but nod, opening his eyes briefly only to shut them again a few seconds later when the now-familiar burning from the ongoing stretch of his hole.

Dean gulped down a lump in his throat, and began to shift the three fingers inside Sam back and forth slowly, not widening their stance or curling them, not yet. And even that was enough to coax the smallest moan out of his brother.

"Dean.." Sam called out gently, "..I need.. I want more..."

Sam could hardly believe the words had come out of his mouth.

"More?" Grin in his older brother's voice, "Sure thing Sammy-boy. Comin' right up." Sam moaned again, this time in slight aggravation as he felt the pain/pleasure mix of Dean's three fingers inside of him leave. "Just gimme a sec Sam."

"Okay.." Sam muttered, his voice muffled by the sheets this time.

Dean stroked a hand down over his hard cock, watching as a bead of pre-come fell to the bed sheets beside his Sammy's left foot. He fought back the urge to moan at the sight of his brother, who just before was about to leave, now lying all spread open and waiting for him.

And he really didn't want to wait. Spitting in his hand and using it to slick up his length, Dean bent over once more and softly kissed the dip in Sam's back.

"You gotta be relaxed, alright Sammy? Just take it easy, you really gotta relax.." Sam bit his lip at his brother's words, but nodded none the less.

It was only seconds later that Sam felt the head of his brother's cock at his puffed entrance. And then a more intense burning then before, as Dean slipped inside and slowly moved forward.

A loud gasp was torn from Sam's throat and Dean flinched at it, petting Sam's breath and coming to a stationary stop.

"Easy Sam, easy.."

"Y-Yeah.. I know Dean.." Sam hissed in mild pain as Dean pulled his hips backward just a little.

"Brace yourself, Sammy."

No matter of words in the world could have prepared Sam for Dean's first real thrust, and the slam of his cock against that special spongy bundle inside Sam mixed with the pain of tearing insides was all it took for Sam to literally scream.

Once again Dean stopped immediately.

"Okay Sam? God, I didn't hurt you did I...?"

"Jesus Dean... Do that again.. Fuck.. !"

Not quite the reply Dean had been expecting (not that it didn't please him) but his obliged none the less, and rammed himself into Sam's tightness once again.

The strict, unforgiving lack of space in Sam's ass was sending shivers of pleasure straight through Dean, and he felt his thighs quiver after each subsequent thrust. Gritting his teeth harder than he gripped Sam when his brother first died, he delivered blow after blow to Sam's prostate.

Sam was so lost in his pleasure/pain world that every word was either 'fuckyesfuckslowdownfuckharder' or 'Deannnnnn... !'.

And the older Winchester loved it.

"Sam... God,.. !" Dean shut his eyes tightly as his jaw and leant down further over Sam's back, bringing his hips into contact with the dip in Sam's back and continued to fuck his younger brother, loving how every word wrenched from Sam's flushed throat was for him.

And God, how close it brought him.

Sam pushed himself upward on his trembling arms, and turned his head as far as he could without twisting his sore neck muscles. His lip was bleeding once again, from the severeness of Sam grinding down on it with his teeth during Dean's first thrust.

But now, he never wanted Dean to stop.

"I'm gonna... Christ Dean... I'm gonna... !"

Before Dean would let Sam fire unaided, he wrapped one arm around his brother's waist and gripped his dripping cock, giving only two hard strips before Sam erupted in his hand, spurting hot and hard over the worn comforter.

Dean followed with one more hard thrust that made Sam nearly scream and muffled it with his own mouth. Tongues and teeth clashed and Dean came inside his brother, feeling Sam's passage with his essence and his right of ownership.

"..Always told you Sammy.... Told you you'd be mine..." Dean panted as he let himself slip outside of Sam's wide ass and tumble down upon his lover, bringing them both back down to the bed with two groans of contentment.

"....Your's Dean.... I'm your's.."

Dean smirked lazily into his baby brother's neck as he let his eyes fall closed. Sincerity; it was a nice thing to hear from Sam nowadays.

Once he was sure his brother had drifted off to sleep beneath him, Dean fell to slumber as well, a smile on his face.

When he woke up the next morning, Sam was gone.

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