So, this all started with me wanting to write a bit of a Star Trek story after weeks of being addicted to PyroQueenOfFire's amazing Spock/OC fic "Can't Stop The World". (hint hint, go read it! It's seriously wonderful!)

I told a friend of mine what I was writing, and she decided to make it a challenge.

She picked out some keywords. (I gave her a limit of ten, but she kindly only gave me six)

Any kind of objects, words, sayings and emotions that she wanted me to use, I had to find a way to incorporate them all into the story somehow.

I got landed with:

Lollipop, Frustration, "Your Vulcan Mind", Flashbacks, Argumentative and a Bug.

Sorry if it's pathetically done and boring. I'm not very good at this sort of thing, heh..

...but there's fluff at the end, and EVERYONE likes fluff, right?! :D

If not, then I'm sorry. Don't blame me, blame her! *points in general direction of Lauren's house* xo

**********EDIT* A few people have asked for this to be continued, rather than being left as a one shot. So! I'm gonna be nice, oblige them and write a couple more chapters. If you like it, feel free to keep checking back for updates! :) xo ***********


The room was dimly lit as Ensign Alex Harvey packed her things ready for her away mission later that day. Tying her long, chocolate hair up into a messy ponytail and pulling on her boots, she let out a large, heavy sigh as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She had barely gotten any sleep the previous night, and her eyes were a dead give-away. She never did get any rest when she was chosen to go planet side.

During her first year, she couldn't wait to get off the ship and do some work on the ground, but pretty soon she realized more away jobs meant more things to go wrong. Over her last three years aboard the Enterprise, she'd lost count of the time things had turned sour off-ship. The missions always stressed her out. Hell, that was probably the reason Jim sent her on so many of them. He just loved watching his favourite cousin squirm. Not that she could blame him, they only had each other out there in space, and he was a mischievous bastard at the best of times. Turning away from the mirror before she got too thoughtful, she decided to reach over into her bedside drawer and take out a lollipop. If there was one thing any woman could appreciate, it's that candy always made everything better. Always.

After lazily throwing her data pad and a few loose power cells into her pack, she zipped it shut and clumsily dropped it on the edge of her bed. She stood there, surveying the room and enjoying the nice, strawberry smell now drifting through it, just as her door panel chirped indicating she had a visitor. She turned around just as the door opened, revealing a familiar Vulcan silhouette. Forgetting to take the lollipop out of her mouth she welcomed him, her words tumbling out rather messily. "Commander Spock? Please." while motioning of him to step inside. "What can I do for you? I was just about to replicate a drink, if you're at all interested?" Alex offered lightly, trying to wipe a tiny bit of saliva off her mouth discreetly. It wasn't unusual for Spock to take five minutes out of his schedule to check up on her before a mission. He regularly did so on behalf of the captain, whenever Kirk couldn't be bothered to move his cocky ass from the bridge, but she wasn't due to beam down for another twenty minutes, at least. This was a lot earlier than she would have normally expected him.

"That will not be necessary, Ms. Harvey." He declined, cocking his head slightly at her muffled speech, "The captain wishes to see you down in medical. He sent me to make sure that you are all set before you leave your quarters, as there may not be time for you to retrieve anything once you are done with Doctor McCoy."

"I see..Wait, what's going on in medical? Is everyone okay? Nothing's wrong, is it?" She asked, removing the lollipop from her mouth abruptly.

"No, not at all." Spock replied quickly, noting the young woman's fear for her colleagues. "The captain has just discovered that there may be a few harmful viral strains left over from the collapse of a nearby research facility on location. You will be administered with the right vaccines before beaming down to the surface. It is precautionary, nothing more." he clarified.

"Oh, okay then, good.. Please, don't do anything like that to me again, Spock." Alex said, trying to laugh off her concern.

"I apologize, I will try to phrase my sentences more carefully in the future. Now, as we are somewhat pressed for time, is there anything else you need to do before I escort you to Doctor McCoy?"

"Um..I'm not sure, just give me a moment, and I'll be with you." she said, and with a nod from him, she began to swiftly potter around, looking for anything she may have forgotten about. She moved to make a final check in her bathroom, knowing that with her forgetfulness, anything could be left anywhere carelessly. She looked in the mirror again for one last time, when she caught Spock looking at some of the photographs she had on her coffee table. Turning around to look at him properly, she began to study him.

She'd been through hell and back with this man countless times, and looking at him right now, there were still so many questions left unanswered. He was alien to her in many ways, and he intrigued her endlessly. Being related to Jim Kirk, albeit somewhat distantly, she'd heard about Spock a few times, whenever Jim regaled her with his awe-inspiring, captain-y stories. She had spent many days since her arrival engaging him in heated discussions, trying to provoke anything that could give her insight into his logic, his thoughts, his mind.

"Is there something I can do for you, Ms. Harvey?" she heard Spock's voice, stopping her train of thought.

"Excuse me, commander?" she asked, a little dazed, not entirely aware of his meaning.

"You appeared to be looking directly at me. I was merely inquiring as to the reason." he replied.

"Oh, I'm sorry." she said, feeling slightly embarrassed, " I..I was just lost in thought. This mission, it's pretty similar to something we've already seen. I was just having a few flashbacks. I didn't mean to stare." Alex explained hurriedly.

"I see. There is no need for apologies. Although I do not recall this mission you speak of." He said, marginally inclining his head as he tried to think back too.

"Well, I can't remember the name of the planet, myself. I do however, remember you lecturing me on the ethics of causality, all because I stepped on a bug." Alex said, a hint of amusement on her lips. He raised an eyebrow in response.

"It was logical to explain the theory to you, as it seemed you had no idea of the effects you had on their ecosystem. If I had not, it could have been detrimental to their survival." he replied seriously.

"The planet itself was detrimental to their survival, Spock. It imploded." she retorted like a child. Then followed a moment of silence as they both reminisced, before Spock stood up, gesturing that they were running out of time.

"The captain expected us at med bay approximately four and a half minutes ago. It would be in our best interests to head down there before he grows too impatient."

"Well then all the more reason to keep him waiting. Jim always did need to learn about patience.." she trailed off playfully.

"I do not deem it advisable to keep him waiting. I would elaborate, but it would be lost on you, no doubt, as you are related and have probably experienced his displeased attitude first hand." he remarked, and to Alex it seemed like he was being condescending. She hated being patronised.

"Exactly." she said, her temper beginning to flare a little, "therefore I haven't got anything to fear from him. If I'm being honest, the real reason I wanna delay this?" she offered, and he raised yet another inquiring eyebrow at her open remark. "Is because I really hate injections." she grinned goofily.

"If I may, Ms. Harvey, would it not be easier to get them over with, than prolong the procedure, and in turn prolong your fears?"

"Yes, of course. There's that, or there's the fact that 'getting them over with' means pain. Why settle for going through with it smoothly when I can get back at Jim a little for making me go on this stupid mission? He deserves to be kept waiting for being so petty. He knows I hate these missions. The needles are just a bonus for him." She stated almost bitterly, like a spoiled kid. She looked at him as he began to speak.

"As you are on board this ship, I believe it is obvious that it is your duty to perform whatever jobs the captain needs you to. His orders are orders, nothing more. Your attempt to retaliate is therefore, using your own terms, somewhat petty. Further more, you are well aware that the captain does offer a choice in your case, you merely feel obliged to accept as not to feel the favourite. It is highly illogical for you to complain about your situation, when you are indeed the one who put yourself in it." Spock told her, his voice laced with the faintest hint of frustration. Alex laughed inwardly. Not many people would be able to pick up on that, but she'd gotten to know him enough to notice the little things. Though his face would never betray it, he wasn't one to be taken away from duty lightly, even for a friend. She found that thought angered her somewhat; that even though she felt so close to him, he would never show a full indication of what he felt back. It wasn't like she was looking for a relationship with the guy, it was just as if he was merely putting up with her being around or something. Not that she would expect any less, but he could at least look like he was bothered being her friend. Sure there were little fleeting expressions now and again, but his emotionless mask had begun to take her toll on her. Fucking Vulcans. This only spurred her on, and she suddenly felt like playing a little mind game.

"You should know by now Spock, not everything has to be constrained by logic, right? Your choices are what affect you, regardless of whether they seem logic or not. It is also well known that it is often emotion that over weighs thought when one is under duress. Mine, in which case, just happens to be a stubborn, cocky, arrogant cousin." she said, clicking her lollipop against her teeth unnecessarily loudly.

"Yes, that is correct. You appear to forget however, that though I am indeed half human, I was subject to a Vulcan upbringing. Having been taught to subdue needless emotion, I am able to make decisions based on facts and statistics, rather than clouding my judgement with said feelings." He replied calmly, though she caught him glancing at the lollipop in her mouth, a flash of annoyance passing his features. That pleased her to no end.

"Then tell me something;" Alex drawled, making sure to make any kind of noise with her candy as she spoke, "I remember you said to me once that your father explained something to you...about.." She pretended to think, "..about Vulcan's feeling more than even humans or something? So all this talk of suppressing your emotions must become hypocritical at some point, right?" she asked, trying to sound as vexed as possible.

"That is not a valid assumption, Ms. Harvey. You seem to feel angered by the fact that you are not gaining the answers you wish for. This once again proves my point that even you yourself cannot simply ascertain your goals without getting yourself worked up on trivial matters. If I were even to begin to explain how the ways of my people affect my feelings, you would not benefit from anything I could say." Spock retaliated, still as cool an exterior as ever. She was failing, miserably. She wondered about what she could do to recover the situation, when it hit her. It was a long shot, and it was probably saying a bit too much, but she couldn't afford to give up now.

"Indulge me then, Spock? One question, and I'll let you get back to your duties, you can escort me to medical and...whatever." she said, waving a hand in the air for effect.

He nodded silently, waiting for her to continue. She stepped closer to him, looking him right in the eyes, challenging him.

"I don't think your Vulcan mind can truly understand the vastness of emotion. Your race is too focused on being all superior and knowledgeable that you play down the importance of it. I know that on Vulcan, when you were young, you were conflicted about your human side. Your mentors taught you to ignore it, the bullies beat it out of you. I don't think you remember what it's like to feel, do you? Even more so I think you don't want to feel anymore, especially after Lieutenant Uhura."

She stopped. Still looking at him, looking for anything that would unconsciously show itself after she brought up his past ship-board romance, but there was nothing.

"Are you afraid of emotion, Spock?"

He stared at her, unblinking and unphased, as she searched his eyes for a hint or clue to show her what he was thinking about. If anything. To her, it seemed like he hadn't even registered any of what she'd just said; His face was as emotionless and void as ever.

After a long pause, she closed her eyes and let out a frustrated sigh, beginning to retrieve her bag from the bed so they could leave. It was like he'd shut down completely. A million and one thoughts flew through her mind. She'd taken it too far, and she regretted everything she'd just said. Why was she so stupid? That was so insensitive of her. It was those god damn Kirk genes, she bet. Alex had barely turned away when she felt him gently lay a hand on her shoulder. She turned back to face him, ready to apologise profusely, when he lifted his other hand and used it to take the lollipop from her mouth. No sooner had Alex begun to protest, when she was silenced by soft lips being pressed against her own. Her eyes widened in shock at the realization and utter confusion of what was going on. Her mind was blank, and after a moment her instinct took over she began to kiss back, as one of his hands lightly rested on her cheek. Before she knew what she was doing her hands had found their way into his hair, and as she moaned ever so slightly into the kiss, he took the opportunity to slide his tongue slowly into her mouth. It was a gentle kiss, and Alex began to feel light-headed as his own taste mixed with the strawberry flavour in hers. After a few, long minutes, she heard a beeping coming from over by the door; Somebody was trying to contact her. Spock pulled away while she kept her eyes closed, mentally cursing whoever it was, while still trying to understand what had just happened, and subconsciously trying to will his lips onto hers again. Neither of them made a move to answer the transmission. Then, Spock began to say something, bringing her out of her daze.

"Fearing them is indeed one way of putting it, Alex. A more apt explanation may be that I am simply incapable of comprehending my feelings, and displaying them in the correct way after so many years of repression. I trust my actions have assured you of that." he stopped briefly, thinking of how to continue, before speaking again. "We are now eight minutes overdue in medical. I suggest we leave now, and save ourselves the trouble of listening to the captain's remarks as to what took us so long." Having finished his explanation, Spock brought his hand and held Alex's lollipop up so that it was level to her face. She stared at it blankly. Her vision alternated between the little, glistening red sphere and the Vulcan's brilliant, dark brown eyes. She swore that for a millisecond, a familiar glint of mischief appeared in his eyes, and she saw his lips curl into a trademark smirk. It never registered fully, however. All she could do was nod slowly, her mind in a complete mess. A fantastic, lovely, happy one at that, but still a mess. She flinched slightly when she felt a warm hand take hers, but relaxed when it was lifted to take the lollipop from his grasp. Spock let go of her and casually walked over to the door. Opening it, he simply gestured for her to follow. His emotionless face looked back at her once, before exiting the quarters as if nothing had happened.

Fucking Vulcans.