These Fleeting Touches

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I can't help it... he makes me so hot and fluttery inside my stomach. The way his hands caress me, or how good he feels, when my hands touch him. Or how I enjoy it when we would share a dance with our tongues.

I just love the way she blushes when my hands caress the small of her back, or how I lean close, and my breath tickles the expose skin of her neck before I lay down tiny kisses. I even liked it when her cheeks would glow a soft red when my hands would move over parts of her anatomy.

He is my twin brother, and yet I am in love with him. This all began when we were six years old. We always did things together, and I would always be happy being next to Len.

She is my twin sister, and yet I am in love with her. We ate together, we played together, when we were little kids we sometimes took baths together. We even slept in the same bed.

I love the way he sings, the way he moves to the beat of the music, that innocent-like expression, or how he is growing up to become a handsome young man that turns the heads of other girls.

She's beautiful in my eyes, a beautiful singer, and I'm the only one who can see the beauty which allures my sister, or how she is growing up to becoming a beautiful woman that makes men stare.

My Len, my twin...

My Rin, my twin...

Oh how I love thee.


"Yes, Rin-chan?"

They were living on their own, having left their first home to tackle the adult world. Len felt a pair of hands slide slowly across his forearms, and then a head pressing against his back. The sun was setting, and here the two stood on the balcony of their small home they lived in. Len slowly moved Rin in front of him, and she smiles as Len keeps her within the protective embrace of his strong arms.

"I'm glad I'm not alone in this world."

"So am I..."

The two stayed silent.

"... Len?" Rin speaks up after a few minutes of watching the sun disappearing beyond the small green mountains in the distance.


"Can I feel those touches again...?"

Len does not respond, only simply move his hands down. She is briefly saddened he is no longer holding him, but he makes up for caressing other portions of her body. She begins to moan softly as Len touches her in ways that only she enjoys the most. In turn, she begins to do the same to him, sliding those hands of hers under his shirt, her fingernails trailing along the torso. Len's hands reach down to her rear end, and then they lean close and kiss. These fleeting touches they bring upon one another was something that has started since they were little. And as they grew up, those fleeting touches became more to them. Now, here they stand, having left their close-knit family to live together, and continue to touch one another in loving ways. On their ring fingers, they each wore a gold metal band...

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