Author's Note: I just don't see it with these two but I've had a few requests. Super short, but it's not too bad. Still working on my other fics, I've had some major life changes, so hopefully things will settle pretty soon so I can get back to writing more.

Brotherly Love: A Ron x Harry Story

Ron stares at Harry, mouth open, frozen in a moment of shock. Slowly, carefully, he lowers the butterbeer in his hand back down to the table.

"Sorry, mate," he says, rubbing a finger in his ear. "Don't think I heard you quite right."

Harry shifts uncomfortably, worry creasing his forehead. "I... um... I think I'm gay."

Ron's insides give a little jump. This is not something he is prepared for. "Right... right. Okay then." He tries desperately to keep his face neutral. Harry winces despite Ron's best efforts.

"Ron..." Green eyes beg him to say something more. Something comforting. Something accepting.

"It's fine, Harry," Ron mutters, feeling heat rise up the back of his neck and up to his ears. "Really. Just wasn't expecting it is all."

This doesn't do much to clear up the worry on Harry's face.

Ron smiles at him, just a little shaky. "Jeez, mate, relax. Give a bloke a moment to adjust."

All at once Harry releases his built up tension. "Sorry, Ron. It's kind of a big thing, you know?"

They sit for a moment, letting the importance of the moment calm into something a bit more normal.

Ron clears his throat. "So," he asks, unaccountably nervous, "anybody I should know about?"

"No!" Harry replies, a blush staining his cheeks. "Nobody. Just thought you should know. Being my best mate and all."

Something in Ron goes just a little cold. "Best mate, 'course."

Harry looks down at the table. "You aren't worried about me... doing anything, are you? I mean, I wouldn't... "

Ron clears his throat. "I know you wouldn't. I mean... best mates, right? Practically brothers." He ignores the clenching in his stomach. It was probably something he ate anyway.

"Yeah," Harry mumbles, not sounding the least bit encouraged. "Like brothers."