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Luffy fell to the ground pounding on it as he looked over and saw robin laying on the ground defeated then looked to see Zoro laying on the ground also defeated. Two of his friends overpowered and he was unable to save them. He didn't know who those guys were that took chopper away were, infarct he only got a glimpse of them considering he couldn't see them at first, he didn't know why he couldn't see them everyone else could except for him. All of that didn't matter now, chopper is now gone to an unknown place and Luffy was too weak and too slow to save him. What was he gonna do he was surrounded, two of his best fighters were just defeated and he was out of energy and so was everyone else, he knew that he was done for. "Zoro!!!" he heard Usopp shout as he watched Zoro get zapped away by Kuma. He watched as every single one of his crew mates get zapped by Kuma, he felt so helpless and weak he couldn't save chopper nor anyone else "why am I so weak" he thought to himself. As Kuma approached an unconscious robin Luffy quickly jumped up in front of her in a last a attempt to protect her "I won't let you take her" he said mad. Kuma looked at him with his cold and lifeless eyes "you have no choice" he said expressionless as he knocked Luffy out of the way and zapped Robin. Luffy laid on the ground in misery "I couldn't even save one crew member" he said to himself. He heard Kuma's footsteps coming up behind him, Luffy turned over to see Kuma standing above him "please let me save them" said Luffy out of breath. "we will never meet again" said Kuma as he zapped Luffy.

Luffy flew through the air for what seemed like three days and nights. At one point things got strange like he was in some kind of vortex of something. Finally Luffy fell to the ground "Aaaaaa what the hell" said Luffy in a paw shaped hole in the ground. "where am I" Luffy said stunned. Luffy had never seen a place like this before it looked like a city but for some reason everything looked different it was like a dream. Luffy looked up to see a small boy with red hair pointing a bat at him "we don't take too kindly to strangers here" said the boy seeming to threaten Luffy. "hey whoa I don't even know where I am right now… and um… hey do you um… have any food" Luffy said to the boy. "what do you take me for a idiot" said the boy as he got ready to hit Luffy with the bat. "Aaaaaa" shouted Luffy. Right when the bat was about to make contact a tall man with a mustache and glasses pick the boy up stopping him, next to him was a little girl who seemed to look freighted and behind them was a man with a hat, a rob and sandals walking toward them "now Jinta is that any way to treat a guest" the man with the hat said talking to the boy. He turned to the other man "Tessai why don't you take them inside" said the man in the hat. The man looked at Luffy with a serious face almost like he's seen him before. He looked at Luffy's hat with the same look before talking to him "allow me to introduce myself my name is Urahara Kisuke, nice to meet you. You look tired why don't you come inside" he said to Luffy his face changing from serious to cheerful. Luffy without thinking agreed to go inside the mans shop and went on.

They walked inside revealing a small house like space inside the store "sit, sit it's not often we company you know" said Kisuke. "thanks mister" said Luffy. "oh Tessai! Could you bring our guest something to eat" Kisuke said. "yes sir" the tall man said bringing in a giant platter filled with lots of food. "foooooooooooooooooooooood" Luffy said with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. Luffy did not hesitate with his meal he jumped right into the food. The two children joined them all at the table both staring at Luffy "allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tessai Tsukabishi" said the man with the mustache and glasses. "I'm Jinta Hanakari" said the boy with red hair. "and I'm Ururu Tsumugiya" said the little girl. "bice bo beat bo" said Luffy with a mouth full of food. "Alright now that you know our names it's only fare you tell us your name," said Kisuke. Luffy took a big swallow "I'm Monkey D Luffy" he said. "aaaah welcome to our shop Mr. Luffy welcome to Karakura town" Kisuke said. "Kara what town" said Luffy just as it hit him "what a sec oh no where am I where is everybody we gotta find chopper" Luffy yelled in panic "Mr. Luffy are you alright" said Kisuke "hey Mr. can you tell me if I'm still in the grand line" said Luffy still in a panic. "the grand line? What the hell is your problem? Your in Karakura Japan" said Jinta irritated. "J-Japan" said Luffy with a stupid look on his face. "this guys a moron. Where the hell are you from anyway?" said Jinta. "the east blue" said Luffy. "never heard of it what are you some kind of drifter" said Jinta. "no I'm a pirate" said Luffy. Everyone looked at him like he was crazy "this guys nuts" said Jinta. "yea" said Ururu. "now lets not talk about our guest like that. Mr. Luffy why don't you start by telling us how you got here" said Urahara. "ok well me and my crew just got finished fighting this huge robot guy named Kuma and we were all exhausted. Then out of nowhere another big robot guy and a big guy with an axe attacked us. We tried to fight but we were too beat so we decided to make a run for it. When we started to run they came after us. Then out of nowhere at all an admiral attacked us and the last admiral I fought I lost at full strength so I was really worried. Just as my friend Zoro was about to die at the hands of that admiral my other friend Rayleigh an old man saved him. I thought we were in the clear until out of completely nowhere these to guys came and took my friend chopper away. At first only my friends could see them, and my friend Robin tried to fight them but got beat then they became clear to me. But before I could even do anything they disappeared" said Luffy all in one breath. Ururu and Jinta looked at him like he was a complete lunatic. "now I'm sure this guy is nuts" said Jinta. "I see well that was an interesting story" said Urahara. "indeed" said Tessai. "you guys understood that!" said Jinta surprised. "by the way Mr. Luffy do you know what the guys that took your friend looked like?" asked Urahara. " yea there were two of them, a big and a little one. They both had weird masks on their face and one of the them had a big hole in their chest, and the other had one on his neck" said Luffy. All of them look at him surprised "You don't think" said Jinta. "arrancar" said Ururu. "arrancar?" said Luffy confused. "Mr. Luffy what happened after that?" asked Urahara. "oh yea another robot guy named Kuma Zapped me and my crew and the next thing I know I'm laying on the ground in front of your shop" said Luffy. Urahara look at Luffy with a serious look "Mr. Luffy what if I told you… that you traveled to another dimension" said Urahara.

To Be Continued